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Facebook and Survival

You can almost hear the FM DJ radio voice reading the tag line to Hollywood's latest attempt to mine an idea anywhere except their own heads: “You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” So maybe Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can lay claim to half a billion compadres but...

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Peter Yanev

HS 33 – How to Save Your Home, Business and Life by Peter Yanev

Jason Hartman talks with Peter Yanev who has more than forty years of experience in earthquake and structural engineering, and risk management. In 1981 he co-founded EQE International, a global risk management provider, and grew the company to 750 professionals before leaving in 2001. He currently advises...

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protecting profits

Protecting Profits In The Final Days Of US Economic Supremacy

If you haven't been overly concerned with protecting profits so far, now might be a good time to break out the worry card because prices in America are getting set to rise while inflation readies itself to lay waste to your carefully built nest egg of savings and investments. Problem number one: Prices...

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Masters Weekend Contest

Swankify Your Life!

Holistic Survival is about protecting the people, places and profits you care about. Today we're focusing on the profit part of the equation and have the privilege of unveiling a contest that awards the winner two free tickets (valued at nearly $3,000) to the October 16 & 17 Masters Weekend: A Gathering...

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Lisa Bedford

HS 32 – “The Survival Mom” with Lisa Bedford

Jason Hartman talks with The Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford from Arizona.  Lisa says that deep inside every mom is a "Survival Mom" whose passion for her family drives her to make the best of the present and prepare for the future.  More at: https://www.holisticsurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/ and...

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desert survival

Simple Desert Survival

Think you'll never have to survive in the desert? Are you willing to bet your life on it? David Alloway teaches desert survival for the Texas Parks & Recreation Department. His first recommendation is to not give in to fear or think of the environment as the enemy. The human race emerged in arid...

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emergency survival

Emergency Survival – Gunshot Wounds (Part 2)

If you read Part 1 of the Holistic Survival Gun Shot Survival Guide, you remember our initial suggestions for emergency survival are 1) get the victim away from continued live fire 2) stabilize 3) get them medical attention ASAP. This next issue we thought needed an entire post of it's own, which is...

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emergency survival

Emergency Survival – Gunshot Wounds (part 1)

As you might imagine, getting shot by a gun is painful and dangerous, though, if you live in Miami or Los Angeles, not all that uncommon. What can you do for the gun shot victim in the immediate aftermath of the incident? Here are some emergency survival tips for that very scenario. Medical Attention:...

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birther movement

Birthers Aren’t Going Away

In case you haven't heard, the birther movement is still going strong and presently trying to align itself with the Tea Party. You may have first heard birthers kicking up a fuss in the final months of the 2008 presidential campaign, when allegations were made that Barack Obama was not a natural born...

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survival books

Survival Books Worth the Paper They’re Printed On

You won't live long enough to read all the survival books out there, so why not focus on the few that deliver a legitimate bang for the buck? There are three general categories Holistic Survival likes, each with it's own strength, though you might want to steer clear of those claiming to teach you how...

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