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Hard Money Loans Thrive in Obama's Stagnant Economy

Hard Money Loans Thrive in Obama’s Stagnant Economy

A funny thing happened on the way to the upcoming November American presidential election: the economy didn't recover like it was supposed to. Unemployment remains high, house prices depressed, and it's still not easy for many folks to qualify for a mortgage through traditional channels. That's where...

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Jim Palmer

HS 90 – “It’s Okay to Be Scared” with Jim Palmer

Whether your biggest challenges are in your business or personal life, pushing through the fear and challenges to success begins with realizing you’re not alone and adopting the attitude of never giving up. Jason Hartman interviews co-author of It’s Okay to Be Scared But Never Give Up, Jim Palmer...

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Craig R. Smith

HS 89 – The U.S. Multi-Trillion Dollar Debt with Craig Smith

Join Jason Hartman and Craig R. Smith, Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation, for a discussion of the U.S.’s monetary policy, distorted pricing, creating money out of thin air, the outrageous national debt, inflation, and more. Craig says he is thoroughly convinced that governments around the...

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Charlotte Iserbyt

HS 88 – “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” with Charlotte Iserbyt

Teaching basic reading, writing, and arithmetic has been systematically replaced with an agenda-based curriculum run by government organizations, shifting America’s educational system from one of learning facts and figures to changing values and beliefs, i.e. brainwashing. Join Jason Hartman and whistleblower...

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Paul Wheaton

HS 87 – Explaining Permaculture With Paul Wheaton

Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Paul Wheaton, founder of Richsoil.com and Permies.com, on the benefits of permaculture, which is a different way of gardening without irrigation. Listen at:  www.HolisticSurvival.com for more details. Paul’s definition of permaculture is  creating a more symbiotic...

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Supreme Court Expands Unreasonable Search Doctrine to Include - Everything!

Supreme Court Expands Unreasonable Search Doctrine to Include – Everything!

We try not to be too alarmist here at Holistic Survival. We're not Chicken Little running around every day in a panic that the sky is falling, even though sizable chunks seem to be hitting our heads with more frequency these days. For instance, we recently noticed that the Supreme Court appears to have...

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Susan Saladoff

HS 86 – “Hot Coffee” with Susan Saladoff

We all remember the famous McDonald’s hot coffee case where Stella Liebeck sued McDonald’s after her scalding coffee spilled and burned her.  But do we know the actual facts?  Jason Hartman interviews Susan Saladoff, former attorney and producer of the documentary “Hot Coffee,” regarding the...

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