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4 ways to thoroughly screw up your finances.

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Now, more than ever, it’s critical that you not make – err, how shall we put this delicately – STUPID financial decisions. Before you can even conceive of a plan to invest in a manner appropriate to these entropic times, you’ve got to at least be starting out in a good position.

So, from your good buddies here at HolisticSurvival.com, ponder these four surefire ways to screw up your financial life before you even get started.

1. Charge up your credit cards to the max and don’t bother paying them off. This guarantees you won’t get a good interest rate when you want to buy income properties.

2. Ignore Murphy’s Law. Guess when you’re certain to get into a car wreck? We all know the answer to that one. The day after your automobile insurance expires. Go ahead – try it at your own peril. Or health insurance. Or disability insurance. The list goes on.

3. Co-sign for loans. Lots of them. Friends, family, casual acquaintances. Doesn’t matter. You can be left holding the bag when the skip out on the obligation, which is now YOUR obligation. When someone asks you to co-sign, politely sprint in the other direction. You know why they’re having a hard time getting a loan on their own? It’s because they’re NOT credit worthy. Think about it.

4. Get into an “upside down” car loan. Buy an expensive car and finance it for five years. With the rapid depreciation of cars, it won’t be long until your car is worth less than the outstanding amount of the loan. Won’t that be sweet? Come on, if you can’t pay for the car in cash, you need to set your sights lower.

There you go. Four guaranteed ways to screw up your finances so thoroughly you might never recover. Do you see yourself on this list anywhere? Get off it! Quick!

The Holistic Survival Team