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Abiotic Oil – Is It Everywhere?

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property InvestingJason Hartman is joined by author and World Net Daily staff reporter, Jerome Corsi, for a discussion about abiotic oil, population control, the origins of the ACLU and many other topics. Listen at: www.HolisticSurvival.com. Jerome Corsi has authored many books, including The Great Oil Conspiracy, Where’s the Birth Certificate?, Unfit for Command, and The Late Great U.S.A. In the first part of the show, Dr. Corsi shares research about abiotic oil, which is a theory that oil is formed from chemical reactions in the Earth’s mantle, a process discovered by the Nazis and suppressed by the U.S. Government. Dr. Corsi says there is abundant naturally occurring oil and natural gas supplies, using as example oil that is seeping up from the Earth’s mantle in Saudi Arabia.

Jason and Dr. Corsi talk about population control and population growth, how the extreme environmentalists say the Earth cannot sustain its current population. Dr. Corsi says the Earth is not dying; the Earth regenerates and naturally controls population. He explains how liberal tendencies, such as fascism, Marxism, socialism ideals, cause depressions, lead to wars and dividing populations, and are usually combined with eugenics that lead to genocide. Governments won’t acknowledge that people do not need to be controlled. They stifle human creativity in the name of spreading the wealth.

Dr. Corsi also discusses the origins and intentions of the ACLU, which has resulted in a perversion of liberty, enforcing a kind of socialism under the guise of civil rights. He explores the holes in evolution, referencing the extinction and reappearance of the Cambrian Period in a relatively short geological time period, rather than the millions of years in which Darwinism proposes evolution occurs between extinct species.

Dr. Corsi received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Political Science in 1972. He is currently a Senior Staff Reporter for World Net Daily, where he works as an investigative reporter. He is also a senior managing director at Gilford Securities, a full-service boutique investment firm providing financial services to institutional and retail clients.

For 10 years after getting his Ph.D. at Harvard, Dr. Corsi taught in universities, the last being the University of Denver in 1981, and conducted university-based research under federally funded contracts. For nearly 25 years beginning in 1981, Dr. Corsi worked with banks throughout the United States and around the world to develop financial services marketing companies to assist banks in establishing broker/dealers and insurance subsidiaries to provide financial planning products and services to their retail customers.

Dr Corsi is an expert on political violence and terrorism. In 1981, he received a Top Secret clearance from the Agency for International Development, where he assisted in providing anti-terrorism training to embassy personnel. In 2004, Dr. Corsi co-authored the #1 New York Times bestseller, Unfit for Command — Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry (Regnery Publishing Inc., 2004) with swift boat veteran John O’Neill. The success of Unfit for Command permitted Dr. Corsi to make a career change into full-time writing on politics and economics, two fields in which he has considerable expertise and experience. In August 2008, he published The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality (New York: Simon and Schuster Threshold Editions), which was a #1 New York Times Bestseller for a month and remained on the NYT Bestseller list for 10 weeks. Dr. Corsi has authored and co-authored several oterh non-fiction books, including titles such as, Where’s the Birth Certificate (2011), Showdown with Nuclear Iran (2006), America for Sale (2010), and his newest book, The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People.

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Start of Interview with Dr. Jerome Corsi

Jason Hartman: My pleasure to welcome Dr. Jerome Corsi to the show. I’ve been a follower of his for many years and I’m a big fan of his work. He’s got five New York Times bestselling books and a huge body of work. And we’ll delve into some of that today as well as a couple of new works that are very, very interesting. Jerry welcome, how are you?

Jerome Corsi: I’m great Jason. Good to join you, thank you.

Jason Hartman: Well, the pleasure is all mine. So maybe we’ll start off with your work about oil that you have coming out. Is it the oil conspiracy?

Jerome Corsi: Right, it’s called The Great Oil Conspiracy. It’s out now in an EBook version and it will be out in September in a hard cover version in the stores. And I’ve written about this before. It’s about abiotic oil. It’s about the theory that oil is a naturally made product of the Earth. Earth is still making it on an ongoing basis. Abiotic means not caused by or created by biological forces. In other words I’m saying that oil has nothing to do with fossil fuel. It’s not a fossil fuel; it’s not a biological product. It’s a synthetic process that the Earth creates naturally in the mantle of the Earth. And our geologists have just been wrong about it. Everybody’s been taught nonsense on oil in the United States. Around the world, the abiotic theory is much more accepted.

Jason Hartman: Well I’ve read about the abiotic theory before and when I first heard of it years ago I looked it up in Wikipedia and such. And I guess if it is true, it would really blow a huge hole in the peak oil camp. However, even if it is true and the Earth does make oil in that way, which would be fantastic, the question then becomes does it make oil fast enough and can we get to it fast enough to meet our consumption needs.

Jerome Corsi: Well, I think the point of the abiotic oil theory is that oil is abundant in deep levels within the Earth. I’ve been predicting for years that what we’re seeing now would happen. That there’d be offshore oil found. Also there’d be many processes to make, for instance, the shale oil that’s being developed, tar sands in Canada. All of these are processes that are synthetic and natural processes.
And if you think about it, the fact is we’ve only looked for oil on the continental shelf. There’s no reason there shouldn’t also be oil deep under the ocean. And 70% of the Earth’s surface is under water. So at deep levels you’re going to be finding oil in just huge quantities. It doesn’t mean it’s unlimited, and it doesn’t mean it’s made so fast that it’s instantly replenished, but there’s just so much oil. As opposed to the idea of the fossil fuel. There are only so many fossils, there can only be so much oil. Instead of a limiting concept, there’s so much oil that I can’t imagine that we’ll ever expend all the oil that there is, it’s inconceivable to me.

Jason Hartman: Sure and the other thing is though, this shortage seems to be even with current understanding and technology. Even if one doesn’t buy into the abiotic theory, if we could drill in the gulf, in Anwar, if we can have the keystone pipeline, but the Obama group and the other – I call them Green Weenies – they keep blocking every move and it seems like they’re in cahoots to keep prices propped up.

Jerome Corsi: Most of the restrictions on the development of oil are political and that’s correct. One of the things that I point out in the great oil conspiracy is you’re going to be surprised to find the United States is becoming one of the leaders in oil production, where we should be. We were told we were running out of oil, that we’d expended all of our oil, it’s gone. Well that’s not true. Even today we’re becoming a world leader in oil production and by something like around 2035, 2025, the United States will be completely independent of foreign oil. There’s no reason we should have foreign oil being used at all.

These are going to be startling ideas to Americans that have been conditioned to believe that the use of oil is harmful, that it’s limited, that we’re going to run out, that it comes from dinosaurs. Where are the dinosaurs ten miles under the Gulf of Mexico? It’s not the case at all the dinosaurs at the end of the Mesozoic era heard of the Saudi Arabia, and died in a big heap…it’s not why we’ve got oil in Saudi Arabia.

If you take a look at the book I showed the fractures in the mantle of the Earth under the Saudi Arabian oil fields are responsible for the oil seeping up in Saudi Arabia from the mantle of the Earth and pooling in sedimentary rock. And the conspiracy part of the book is that the Nazis really had developed the formulas, the Fischer-Tropsch formulas which they were using only to produce synthetic oil, oil from coal. But the Nazis knew when we suppressed the information that those formulas explain how oil is naturally created. And once you understand those formulas it’s compelling to look for oil at deeper levels, which we’re doing now. I think the major oil companies have largely abandoned the idea that oil is fossil fuel. They just haven’t bothered to tell the American people.

Jason Hartman: Well I guess it’s not in their direct interest to do so, right?

Jerome Corsi: No but whether it’s in their direct interest, I think in the book makes a compelling argument is to get out of the way of the oil companies. I think T. Boone Pickens is increasingly right, we’ve got abundant natural gas at cheap prices. If we let the oil companies produce the oil and natural gas they’re capable of, we can have cheap energy and safe cheap energy. And these are the kinds of issues I’m raising and compelling people to think about. The Nazis knew this. If we have to go back to the formulas, I show how we even brought the Nazis to the United States. We had their knowledge, it’s just that we used it in a very limited capacity to make oil from coal and why bother making oil from coal? It’s expensive, when oil itself is abundant as it was in the 50s and 60s. so the German knowledge got largely ignored and I want people to go back to these formulas to understand that this is the basis in which the earth creates oil naturally and constantly.

Jason Hartman: Very interesting. This whole idea of scarcity, I read an interesting blog post on that, I can’t remember where about a year ago Jerry, and it talked about how we’ve got to get out of our minds this scarcity issue with all our resources and they compared it to the great progress makers of the past like the wright brothers. And they said, do you think the wright brothers were sitting there worrying about not doing this, about conserving that? They were moving forward. The whole idea of progress is to move forward and to break new ground, and when you break new ground you’re going to change the dynamics to some extent. I just finished the book abundance and had the author on my show last week and the future in so many ways is so bright with technology but there are forces that really want to keep things kind of the status quo, don’t they? And limit supply, and create artificial barriers, like you say the oil shortage is basically a political phenomenon.

Jerome Corsi: Well you have a kind of Malthusian bias that’s gone on in human thinking where you see it, it’s current today in the environmental movement.

Jason Hartman: Oh sure it is. Malthus would be revered today.

Jerome Corsi: He is revered today, even though he was fundamentally wrong and the theory was disproven. But you see it over and over again, the agency 21 agenda or the agenda 21 of the United Nations…these are all just socialist ideas designed to hurt people in the cities, control populations – if you left it up to the environmentalists, they’d like to kill people. They want to say 6 billion people, let’s kill 4 of them. Of course the environmentalists never include themselves in the ones that are going to be killed. It’s like Holdren who is science czar of the white house has proposed all kinds of euthanasia and other outlandish kinds of thinking.

And with Paul Ehrlich – he’s been an author with Ehrlich and Holdren – these are the kinds of people that we’re allowing to form federal policy right now in the Obama administration. I’m much more of a fan of Julian Simon in terms of his understanding of resources. He was an economist, now deceased, very brilliant guy. And he would argue for instance that more population expands human capability, we have 6 billion people on the face of the Earth. We could have many times that number of people and we could feed them. We could live comfortably and creatively. It’s the politics that limit us. The Marxists, the Socialists, the Environmentalists, the Malthusians, the people who want to control economies and resources with government.

Government’s the worst thing. You get rid of government; Julian Simon has some brilliant analysis. He even looks at the Roman empire and shows that as it had immigration and expansion of the population, creativity occurred within the Roman empire. Nations die when populations begin to be restricted. And right now with population growth at zero or near zero in Europe and United States, I think we should be welcoming robust immigration into the Unites States. Legal immigration, but we should be welcoming it. Because an expansion of the creativity of the American people will occur with more people here and more talent to develop and utilize.

Jason Hartman: Well, let me tell you Jerry, I interviewed Peter Sale on my show and he is the author of a book entitled Our Dying Planet. And I let him speak, it was about the most balanced conversation you will hear on environmentalism I think. I let him say everything, we have too many people and species are going extinct, and toward the end of the interview I said to him, how do you know? In the late 60s or mid-60s, I believe I have the copy of a cover, a Time Magazine cover that says the population is too large because we had I think 3 billion people. Who gets to decide what the right number is? And then when you decide on the right number, whether it’s 7 billion or 3 billion or 45 billion, who gets to commit the genocide to get rid of the unwanteds right?

Jerome Corsi: Well, the planet will take care of itself. There’s natural population control which occurs in natural processes. People decide to have fewer baby, different circumstances, etcetera. But government control of these kinds of issues is the worst possible thing. It leads to genocide. Eugenics movements always do. And always are Nazi based. And the Earth is not dying. In terms of species extinction, the Earth has undergone multiple, 7-8 times where virtually all the species on the face of the Earth were wiped out. There weren’t any human beings around to be responsible for it. The Earth regenerated and came back. We’ve had multiple instances where in terms of resources being depleted, the British were worried in the height of the industrial revolution that coal was going to be expended. We were running out of coal.

Jason Hartman: They were worried before that about whale blubber being scarce. I remember an article, World To Go Dark, Whale Blubber Scarce.

Jerome Corsi: It’s conceivable that all the life on the planet could be extinguished, but if it happens it will be because of some kind of natural catastrophe that no one’s contemplating. And that’s probably being the case in the geological time. But the point is that human beings are minimally responsible for what goes on in the planet. We should be good managers but that does not mean agenda 21, that does not mean environmental scares. Paul Ehrlich has been predicted just like Malthus originally, we’re going to run out of this, we’re going to run out of food, we’re going to run out of this, that… and their solutions are always killing people.

Jason Hartman: But they never say that. Ultimately that has to be conclusion is that people have to go because people are the problem in their eyes.

Jerome Corsi: People are not the problem; people are the solution.

Jason Hartman: Oh I agree with you. But I’m saying in their eyes.

Jerome Corsi: In their eyes of course. I think it’s going to be a major awakening, the reason I wrote The Great Oil Conspiracy is for people to understand they’ve been lied to again by being told that oil is scarce and that it is a fossil fuel resulting from dinosaurs or plankton or some sort of biological material. Biological material does not deteriorate into oil. We don’t bury people. Bible doesn’t say dust into oil, it says dust into dust. Because we don’t deteriorate into a higher form of energy. Living tissue deteriorates at death into constituent chemicals. And that’s why we bury people because that process is smelly, and the end result you get a handful of ashes or a handful of chemicals, but you don’t get any oil.

Jason Hartman: Well let me ask you something. I want to talk about your work on the ACLU, the bad Samaritan stuff and so forth. But just on this environmental movement issue, how did things get sort of turned around? Because if the ultimate goal of the environmentalists has to be, and I agree with you that it has to be, is to reduce the population. Which is a eugenic Naziesque type of ordeal. If that has to be the goal, how is it that the left, that the liberal left picked up the environmental movement? And not the conservatives that they portray to be so evil. Of course the Nazi party is the national socialist party. Very few people bother to remember that.

Jerome Corsi: Jonah Goldberg wrote a brilliant book called Liberal Fascism in which he pointed out that fascism is a liberal tendency.

Jason Hartman: Sure it is. Of course it is.

Jerome Corsi: And in fact the idea of government control, no private property, all the Marxist ideas that the radical left today will not acknowledge they believe in, redistribution of income, expanding central government, these are ideas that inevitably cause depressions, lead to wars, divide populations and they’re usually combined with eugenics that leads to genocide because the left would say well, the left is not interested in the first amendment. The left is interested in thought control. And that’s where you see it over and over again with these. Go with Pol Pots which ends up killing thousands of people or millions of people – the revolutions supposedly in southeast Asia that were going to be so tremendously liberating for people ended up killing millions of people. It always does. Our founding fathers were correct.

That’s why I wrote the book on the ACLU, is that the ACLU is another one of these leftist organizations dedicated to eliminating God. A book will be out again this fall; it will be called The Bad Samaritan. Because it’s hard for the left to say we just have to let people go and be creative. We don’t need to manage people. Sure, you have to have laws so people can’t be criminal, but basically you can have human initiative with private property for people to benefit themselves. Let people go. And yes there’s going to be inequality; there’s going to be some that do better than others. But the overall wealth that can be generated in this kind of formula, gives the basis for helping those that do less well. The idea from the socialists, they want everybody equal, manage the use of environmental resources etcetera, always end up destructive. Because human intelligence, our creativity, our management is not sufficient to manage on that kind of a global scale. It’s fine if we have individual enterprises and create businesses, but let bureaucrats decide how much wheat we can produce, and you’ll be sure not to have any bread.

Jason Hartman: We’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: Talk to us more about the ACLU and what they’re doing. Of course, most of the time I disagree with the ACLU, but I’d say maybe five, ten percent of the time I kind of like them. You may disagree with me or whatever, but I think some of the things they do are time wasting and crazy and just clogging up the system but there’s a few things that I kind of agree with them.

Jerome Corsi: Well, I’m sure there’s a few things you can agree with anybody on. But the point is that…what I do in the book The Bad Samaritan is go through the history and the origin of the ACLU to make it very clear that the people who found it were originally Marxists and Communists. And the organization was founded in order to utilize principles of freedom in order to eliminate the type of freedom our founding fathers had in mind. So in other words, one of the principle arguments of the book is the ACLU has waged a war on God to eliminate God on the public square. And in doing so, they’ve argued that well, it’s because of religious freedom that they want to eliminate God. In other words to preserve, so your religious freedom is not impinged by the state allowing the expression of the belief of God in the public square to your dislike or detriment.

And they’ve taken this idea from Jefferson of separation of church and state, which is not in the constitution and Jefferson never meant to be utilized to attack religion. It’s an entire perversion of the idea of liberty that is typically argued by the ACLU to, in the name of advancing liberties, to restrict liberty. And this book is designed to get you to see through that public relations ruse that they use and to get down to the basic agenda of the ACLU which is atheistic, except that they’re happy with Muslims at the moment.

Jason Hartman: Right. They only attack Christians and Jews probably right?

Jerome Corsi: Judeo Christians. They hate Judeo Christian religion. It’s atheistic and it’s goal is to enforce a kind of socialism under the name again of civil rights. And a key part of that has been to put forth the social agenda, sexual agenda aimed at destroying the family.
If you go back to the fundamental roots of Marx and I named the ACLU founders who were involved with Marxism, it was always a [0:23:04.6] attack – a guy like William Z Foster was writing books called Toward Soviet America. These were openly proclaimed communists that founded the ACLU, who were members of the communist party. And the basic principles have remained in the organization which is attack on God, an attack on the traditional family, an attack on any of the economic liberties that would be fundamental to people in terms of advancing their own private enterprise. But the book focuses largely on the moral attacks and shows how at base, the ACLU is currently and continues to advance this atheistic sexual agenda. Which is a value relativism. Anything goes…

Jason Hartman: Yeah the moral relativism agenda, sure. But just out of curiosity…I get what they’re doing. They’re promoting secularism, they’re promoting moral relativism, but what do they think is the net result of that? That there will be just less community? Certainly if you promote secularism you destroy community because religious organizations are very communal.

Jerome Corsi: Also, they don’t want God expressed in the public arena. They’re atheists. They think God is detrimental. Remember I go through some of the cases that made the ACLU. The Scopes Monkey Trial, where there was a vicious attack on the belief in God, with the argument that scientific materialism established the theory of evolution. Again, there’s been a continuing attempt since the scopes monkey trial to argue that evolution is an established science. I think evolution is largely nonsense, especially the way that Darwin proposed it. The theories actually to me appear pathetically silly and not founded.

We’ve had, as I’ve mentioned, any number of extinctions. The Cambrian extinction was probably the most important in making this point, and that is where the species vanish and then within a relatively short period of time in geological history, the species reappear. They didn’t take forever and ever and ever from one cell to two cells to three cells, and natural selection, no. when the Earth repopulated after these extinctions, the species just came back pretty much whole, overnight. And of course the Darwinians don’t want to take this into consideration.

I explore these ideas very deeply because that the ACLU wants to do and wants people to think is that if you’re a believer in science, which is atheistic, then you’re really smart and you’re really sophisticated. If you believe in God and have any religious view of life or creation, then you’re about one step smarted than a turnip. And they ridicule this kind of intelligence because the agenda is to put man, not God at the center of the Universe. Put man and human reason on the throne of God. And a lot of what my work is dedicated to making the point that as smart as we may think we are, there’s limits to human intelligence. And part of the limits are the need to acknowledge God and a recognition that our management skills are just not all that great when you come right down to it.

Jason Hartman: Right. Yes, very good point. Well it’s in the news recently with Sheriff Joe. I live in the greater Phoenix metro area and he recently sent a little posse out to Hawaii to examine Obamas birth certificate. And from what I understand he didn’t get very far. But you wrote extensively on this. Maybe just update us on the issue. And I’ve got to say just before we start this, I cannot tolerate how people that ask a question about this are so marginalized in the mainstream media. Or as Sarah Palin called it, the lame stream media, which I think is pretty appropriate because it’s a valid question.

Jerome Corsi: Well first of all, I wrote a book. It’s another ebook on Saul Alinsky, The Evil Genius Behind Obama. And the left does demonize anything they cannot otherwise defeat. [00:27:43] posse made great deal of progress. You’re wrong on that. I accompanied them to Hawaii, they haven’t yet reported on it. There will be another press conference.

Jason Hartman: I can hardly wait.

Jerome Corsi: And this is an issue that is growing in intensity. There are a number of people in the United States, likely voters, who believe that Obama was not born in Hawaii like he claims, is large and growing. I’d say well over a majority if you honestly surveyed them. Obama even had his publicist for 16 years put out for his books, a biography that said he was born in Kenya. Obama himself is the culprit for the born in Kenya idea and there’s ample evidence. Hawaii won’t release any of the original documents. The hospital Kaui Keolani where he was supposed to be born, won’t release the patient records of the mother. Maybe they don’t even have them. There’s lots of holes in this and it’s legitimate to ask the questions because article 2, section 1 demands that the president be a natural born citizen and the democrats asked these questions extensively about McCain and even rolled them out again with the Washington Post asking them, and the New York Times about George Romney.

So you’ve got to recognize that when people are criticized as birthers and demonized is because the left uses these Saul Alinsky techniques. It’s all they know how to do in answering a question they don’t like. And second the left is intrinsically hypocritical. They will turn around and use as an attack the question that they just demonized and couldn’t answer, applied to one of their own.

Jason Hartman: Yeah I couldn’t agree more. Every time you get into a debate with someone on the left it seems like it always devolves into basically I hate George Bush.

Jerome Corsi: I wrote the Obamanation in 2008 and I made some specific predictions in the book. I predicted that the economics would never be worse than they are under Obama, that we would enter into a global depression. I predicted that we would end up a more divided country, not a less divided country.

Jason Hartman: We’re definitely more divided; there’s no question about that.

Jerome Corsi: I indicated that we would abandon Israel or marginalize Israel on a middle east that would become extremely more radical and extremely more dominated by extremists among the Muslim religion, which has happened. The Arab Spring, how nice public relations effort has turned into the control of northern Africa and now even Egypt and other states by radical Muslim brotherhood, which is determined to return to Jerusalem as its capital. I predicted that Obama would try to reduce if not all together eliminate nuclear weapons unilaterally in the United States. I suggested that he would attempt to redistribute income and that he would eliminate any enforcement of immigration rules to try to open the borders. And he’s done all the things I predicted.

Now I’d say for those who still hate George W. Bush, if they want to do some measures of what the accomplishments were under each administration, I think one of the reasons you’re going to find Obama’s still attacking George W. Bush is even despite four years in his presidency, he cannot run on his own record. And this is again, what I’m predicting. It’s symptomatic of the left if you allow these globalists, socialists… both Western Europe and the United states since the end of World War 2 have moved into social welfare, social democracies of a leftist nature. And the only inevitable result of these economies is that they will bankrupt themselves. Because you cannot pay for all the social welfare benefits that the far left can think to spend.

And then by the way, come back onto another part of our conversation, the environmental agenda and all the rest will be implemented once you get universal health care. Because then health care will be rationed so that those who are considered useless eaters or whom they consider to be less [0:32:13.1] politically, will be denied the medical benefits needed and it will hit the aged first.

Jason Hartman: And there we have the death panels, don’t we?

Jerome Corsi: Sure. Inevitable. The left will have death panels. They’ll deny it all the way and they’ll demonize anyone who points it out. The same with open borders. As I said earlier, I’m for aggressive immigration. But controlled and legal immigration. The problem is if you just willy-nilly open your borders, no human being is illegal, in other words we’re all citizens of the world so get there and you belong there. We have that kind of thinking in our mentality.

Then the United States will have an influx of people to the point where again, the tax burden will be enormous just in earned income tax credits. Education of children in Hispanic in schools that are already struggling. Competition for jobs at lower pay scales and competition for scarce positions at universities with positions given to students that can’t afford to pay. There are the kinds of consequences of unlimited, and the opening the border to criminals and other elements that otherwise you could have kept out. We should have, take the same number of people that are coming here illegally and bring them here legally, you’ll have a fundamentally different phenomenon – one of growth, one of reasonable expectations, one of people wanting to become citizens.

But the left wants to utilize and free trade agenda to create a global economy in which there are no borders, there are no governments except for them, who are managing the super government and the super-regional. The bureaucrats in Luxemburg and Brussels are where the left always aims to impose their fascism. And anyone who’s lived under bureaucratically determined government understands that it is the worst possible form of government.

Jason Hartman: Yeah even in Scandinavian countries they know that the big government, the socialists, it’s just not as good as it sounds. It just doesn’t work. It has to collapse; it always does.

Jerome Corsi: bureaucrats impose their own petty set of ideas, typically with no experience and a lot of book learned ideology that they don’t themselves often realize was Marxist based.

Jason Hartman: Well it’s even worse than that. It’s that they do it out of their self-interest. Look at the state of California where you’ve got the public employee unions. And you’ve got it to a lesser extent in the federal government, but they’re just running roughshod over the tax payers. It’s unbelievable what they’re doing.

Jerome Corsi: They’re going to go bankrupt left and right.

Jason Hartman: They’re already bankrupt. They just haven’t formally filed.

Jerome Corsi: And the same with the European Union. They can print all the money they want, they can do everything they’d like to do but eventually the [0:35:08.6] comes back and [0:35:09.2] comes back. Because you can’t manage these regional economies when you go back to Jean Monnet. I’ve argued this when I wrote The Late Great USA, the attempt to create a North American union, which again, I criticized George W. Bush for doing. He was a globalist; a globalist of the left and a globalist of the right. It’s internationalists that want to eliminate borders, eliminate families, all of these things that they consider limited and artificial. Remember, [0:35:41.9] argued that God believers, anyone who dares think that families are precious or that people need nations or that, all these antiquated ideas, which of course, they’re so intelligent and superior they’re beyond and we’re stupid.

Jason Hartman: Right. Of course they are. They’re elitist intellectual snobs, I mean it’s John Lennon’s song Imagine. It never works.

Jerome Corsi: It never works.

Jason Hartman: It’s been tried everywhere throughout history and everywhere geographically and it’s just never worked in any place.

Jerome Corsi: They end up killing everyone that doesn’t agree with them because they can’t stand to be criticized. It’s unfortunate. Now Obama has essentially tried, gonna pander to the Hispanic vote. He basically put the Dream act into effect by fiat, at least provisions of it and now he’s saying despite the Supreme Court ruling on 1070, he’s not going to deport anyone who’s even picked up and found to be illegal by state or local. So he’s going to enforce the immigration law.

Jason Hartman: And he’s not going to allow Arizona to do it either.

Jerome Corsi: No. So now we’ve suddenly abandoned the fundamental principles on which this country was founded. Our founding fathers, first we the people are sovereign. Then the states are sovereign. The federal government was created for limited purposes. We just got the Supreme Court reading logic that was used to take the commerce clause and expand it to anything you conceivably do into saying the control of immigration laws is federal. So the states much bow to the federal government. That’s completely antithetical to the principles on which this country was founded.

Jason Hartman: Of course it is. Yeah. Of course it is. Let’s hope tomorrow that the Supreme Court does the right thing, especially on the individual mandate. Can you imagine? We have gone so far to the leftist craziness side here that the government actually wants to dictate how we spend our after tax dollars. That’s never been done before. That’s completely ground breaking.

Jerome Corsi: It’s only because the leftists haven’t reached the point where you don’t own your dollars. You don’t own your property. It’s a public good. And that’s what redistribution of income means. The public good has the ability to determine what happens to your money and your property. Of course, don’t expect Barack Obama to move people into the white house to live with him. Or to devote entirely his earnings, to have them taken away and redistributed to the poor. Always, the socialists want to redistribute your income and own your property.

Jason Hartman: Scary, scary stuff.

Jerome Corsi: It is and unfortunately I think, well fortunately I think we’re going to come to a point where it just doesn’t work anymore and the social welfare states collapse into bankruptcy, the world will go through a massive global depression. But maybe at the end of it people will realize a need to stop rejecting God, to go back to the fundamental principles of private enterprise and the inalienable freedoms our founding fathers sought to preserve and protect. Inalienable meaning God-given. So these I think are the points that we’re going to have to now see played out as the left grand dream once again of European union, North American union, free trade moving into regional governments, social welfare states, all these things collapse in bankruptcy.

Jason Hartman: They ultimately do. They ultimately have to or they just collapse into massive inflation, which is just another form of bankruptcy.

Jerome Corsi: And largely the left hates my work and does everything they can to keep me off of the media, because I speak frankly about this stuff. I write it out and I write it clearly and my writing is always extremely well documented. And unfortunately my predictions end up being true and they have for years as I’ve been writing about all these issues. And the left hates it. But again, that’s again the attempt to demonize my work or to marginalize me, I point out is again symptomatic of what I wrote about in this EBook Saul Alinsky, the evil genius behind Obama. It’s intrinsic to the left to demonize anyone they don’t agree with.

Jason Hartman: It’s the Saul Alinsky playbook and everybody follows it to a T. The Chicago thuggery. So just in closing here, tell us what you think about Mitt Romney. The media and the powers that be and the corporatocracy in the government will never let us have Ron Paul or any other third party it seems. What are your thoughts on Romney?

Jerome Corsi: Well I’m sure I’ll be opposing Romney the same way I opposed George W. Bush on a whole variety of issues. But Romney is not a socialist; he’s not a communist, he does have some fundamental understanding of America and it’s going to be easier to argue with him, and it’s going to be possible hopefully to get the country to wake up before it self-destructs. If Obama is reelected, my hope for the country diminishes dramatically. My expectations will be that we will suffer major cataclysmic economic depression, war, and etcetera. And I don’t have those same anticipations with Romney.

Jason Hartman: I would agree with you. Obama in a second term without a chance of having a third would be a very, very dangerous…

Jerome Corsi: Yeah you might as well rip up the constitution; you might as well make him dictator for life.

Jason Hartman: That’s about the way it is. Well, give out your website if you would and tell people where you write…

Jerome Corsi: A number of websites. I write on WND.com, I’m senior staff reporter on wnd.com. I’m increasingly doing a lot of work on 1776nation.com. And I’ve set up a company called Constitution Consultants, ConstitutionConsultants.com, to help fund the work that we’re doing with Sheriff Arpaio. So those are three websites that you can take a look at.

Jason Hartman: Good stuff. Well Dr. Jeremy Corsi, thank you so much for joining us today. Really appreciate finally getting you on the show and talking to you. Keep up the good work.

Jerome Corsi: Thanks Jason, I really appreciate it.

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