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Advantages of Dual Citizenship

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“We’re all citizens of the world,” hocus pocus aside, is it a good idea to have dual citizenship? Maybe the first question to answer is, exactly what is dual citizenship anyway? It’s a very simple idea. It simply means being a legal citizen of two countries.

Say you were born in Mexico. You’re automatically a citizen of that country. Maybe later in life you move to the United States and become a naturalized citizen of that country. You now hold dual citizenship. You carry two passports and can live, work, and travel freely within both countries.

While the United States government tolerates dual citizenship, they would prefer you pick one or the other. Pay no attention to that. The primary advantage to dual citizenship is the freedom it allows. Let’s say the tax burden of living in America becomes too onerous to bear. If you have dual citizenship, it’s much easier to pack up your things and head somewhere the wealth redistribution system has not taken firm hold yet.

There are many reasons we can imagine one might want to consider leaving the United States at some point in the future. Being a citizen of two countries just might make that decision simpler. More countries are beginning to see the wisdom in allowing dual citizenship. When they have people with a vested interest in both countries, it broadens the economic base by promoting trade and investment between the two.

Got a country in mind besides the one you live in? Jason Hartman suggest you do the research and find out if dual citizenship makes sense for you.

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