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Agenda 21 Affects Everything

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property InvestingOn this episode, Jason Hartman interviews author and Executive Director for The Post Sustainability Institute, Rosa Koire. This is an incredible interview regarding UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, a plan that was designed by the United Nations, signed on by George H. W. Bush in 1992, to inventory and control all resources, human and natural, including all means of production, land, and information resources. “There is no aspect of your life that is not impacted by U.N. Agenda 21,” says Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask. Listen for more details at: www.HolisticSurvival.com. Rosa describes this agenda as the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world, in which it twists public opinions so that we think we’re having some impact on the government plans that are being imposed on us, when in fact we do not. It’s affecting us now.

Rosa provides some history on the origins of UN Agenda 21, a plan with the goal to ultimately create a world government. Many of the projects are happening already, such as transferring private property into public hands via a program called “Growing Smart.” It puts restrictions on the ability to use our private property. As with every other government policy, this is being done under the guise of protecting us and providing sustainability through political jargon. Rosa emphasizes that this is a plan to take control of us, our physical bodies, not just our real estate, and it is happening all over the world. Rosa talks about planners being taught how to deal with dissenters who are speaking the truth, schools putting sustainability principles into every course (indoctrination of our children), and exhausting our military with wars and drugging us for mental illness diagnoses. Jason and Rosa then cover land use and urban planning, where the goal is to move people into cities. Rosa also explains SmartMeters, municipal utilities, new appliances containing chips, smoking laws, people being watched and monitored, etc. This is an interview you don’t want to miss.

Rosa Koire, ASA, is the executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute. She is a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. Her nearly 30 years of experience analyzing land use and property value enabled her to recognize the planning revolution sweeping the country. While fighting to stop a huge redevelopment project in her city, she researched the corporate, political, and financial interests behind it and found UN Agenda 21. Impacting every aspect of our lives, UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a corporate manipulation using the Green Mask of environmental concern to forward a globalist plan. Rosa speaks across the nation and is a regular blogger on her website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 dot com. Her new book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 is available on Amazon and at her website.

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Start of Interview with Rosa Koire

Jason Hartman: My pleasure to welcome Rosa Koire to the show. She has a background in commercial real estate appraisal for many years, but she has written a book called Behind the Green Mask which is about UN Agenda 21 and you are going to hear some amazing things. As I have been reading the book over the past 2 weeks, I have been shocked, awed and amazed at this material. It is scary to say the least. But the nice thing is that Rosa really provides some nice action steps that any of us can take at a grass roots level in terms of being involved in our town meetings and so forth. And I think you’ll really like what she has to say. So, Rosa, welcome. How are you?

Rosa Koire: I’m great, thanks so much.

Jason Hartman: Well, my pleasure to have you. This is really, really some heinous stuff that the powers that be are trying to implement in order to control land, food production, access to information, just control our lives in virtually every way. Tell us more about UN Agenda 21.

Rosa Koire: Great. Well, UN Agenda 21 sustainable development is a United Nations plan and it was signed onto in 1992 by George H. W. Bush for the United States along with 178 other heads of state. And basically it’s a plan to inventory and control all resources, human and natural. And of course that also includes our resources, our inventory and information resources as well, and all means of production in the world. So there is no aspect of your life that is not impacted by United Nations Agenda 21. And you’ll hear that discussed as something that is kind of a tin foil hat thing, conspiracy theory, but it isn’t. Everyone has heard of sustainable development and this is sustainable development. What I call it is the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world. Because, in fact, what does is it actually uses a method of twisting public opinion so you think that you’re actually having some impact on these government plans that are being imposed on you, but in fact you really do not. And I’ll go into that.

But this is really a plan that affects all of us. And it’s not that it’s out there in the future or that it’s out there in some other area. It’s affecting you right now.

Jason Hartman: So when did UN Agenda 21 come about?

Rosa Koire: Well, originally, the United Nations have been I should say scheming to sort of rest more control over individual nations across the world and to sort of create a global government. And I’m well aware that this sounds like kind of a French point of view. I personally am a liberal democrat, and politically this comes from all ends of the spectrum. It’s not a left to right issue. So what you have is the United Nations has initially in 1976, 1972, 1976 for their Habitat 1 and 2 summits, they said that private land ownership was essentially a threat to the concept of social equity to people all in the world having as much as everyone else, and that all land should be owned by the public. And so to that end you find that what you’re seeing now when you look around in your own community, you’re seeing the plan to actually transfer ownership or property out of private hands and into public.

And the way that came about is when Clinton took office he created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and that was made up of cabinet level secretaries and also captains of industry including Ken Lay from Enron and the Sierra Club and other environmental groups. And what they did was they gave a multi-million dollar grant to the American Planning Association to come up with a way to get Agenda 21 land use principles into every single university, college and city and county and state in the entire US. And that in fact happened. By 2002 that was all over the United States. It’s called Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook: Model Statutes for Planning and the Management of Change. And that’s why you’re seeing an impact on your ability to use your land all across the country whether it’s urban, suburban or rural or agricultural. You’re finding that there are more and more restrictions on your ability to use your property.

Jason Hartman: It is amazing, Rosa, that this is coming from a self-described liberal democrat, because most people would view this as a left-right issue. The left side of the spectrum have been known for environmental issues and things like that. And all of these things always have to be done under the guise of protecting us from ourselves because it can’t be sold any other way. It would have to be just done with outright force. But to get people to agree with this stuff, you have to sell it under sustainability, environmentalism, that kind of thing. And this is just an insidious kind of slippery slope, isn’t it, to where we have less and less control as the years go on and over private property. I mean, it’s all about private property rights. And you may own the land. Of course, you have a perpetual lean on your land through property taxes, but with wetlands regulations, we saw it with that. With endangered species regulation, we saw it with that to where you can’t build on your own land, you can’t use your own land. If you have a body of water on your land, the government can come in and inspect your land. They have basically a perpetual search warrant, a preemptive search warrant I should say. It’s amazing that we are tolerating this as a society, isn’t it?

Rosa Koire: Yeah, I agree. And it truly is not a left-right issue. It is being couched that way because it is what I call the green mask. That’s why I called my book Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21, because the green mask is environmentalism. In fact, people on the left especially are vulnerable to this because they’re being manipulated through jargon and through the sense that they are a threat to the planet. And if they don’t restrict their use and restrict other’s use of their property, then we’re facing certain destruction. And I want to say for sure that, as you know of course, your ultimate property is your body. And this plan controls your body as well, your mind, your body, your thoughts, your expressions. It is a plan designed to destroy any potential for descent. And as Americans, all of us, regardless of our political affiliation, we should all stand against this plan because it is actually a plan to take control of us, not just our real estate but our physical bodies as well. And it is designed in that way. It is designed to share information through domestic surveillance, the National Defense Authorization act is part of the United Nations Agenda 21, and in fact all of these regional plans that you’re seeing in your city, in your county, in your state, these are all the same plan, not just all across the United States but all across the world.

The San Francisco One Bay Area plan is the same as the Hanoi Center Regional Plan. This should really ring some alarm bells for all of us, regardless of our political affiliation.

Jason Hartman: I understand in reading your book, but the listeners don’t because they may not have read it, how they’re trying to quash descent, how they’re trying to make people think they’re having an impact but not really which is very interesting how you point that out. But how are they trying to control our body and our mind? I mean, I think Obamacare is controlling our bodies more than I want it to. But tell us more about that aspect of it.

Rosa Koire: As I said, this is really impacting every aspect. It’s a whole life plan, so it impacts your educational system, your food security, your food independence. Of course, the collapsed economy is entirely part of it. And what you’ll see, as I said, it’s really essential. The other thing that the President’s Council on Sustainable Development did is they also put out a book. It’s called Sustainable America: A New Consensus. And that’s a word you see all the time now, consensus. And if you just get a dictionary you think, well, consensus means agreement of all parties. But really what it means now, the new consensus, is neutralization of the opposition, neutralization of your enemies. And in this case, that’s anyone who’s speaking the truth about this plan. The American Planning Association just put out a 12 week communication boot camp to teach planners and elected officials how to deal with people like me and other people across the nation who are telling the truth about these plans.

So what they do is they use something called the Delphi technique which was developed in the 1960s by the Rand Corporation. It’s a mind control technique and it’s used in those government meetings that you go to. When you’re invited to a visioning meeting or a charetee or a workshop or you’re asked to come on down and give your opinion of your town 2040, in fact you are being manipulated. Public opinion is being created. This is manufactured consensus. And the reason that it’s being done, you think you have some input in that plan but in fact you don’t hat all. The plan is fully designed before you walk in the room, maybe there’s some very minor changes that can be made, but it’s being implemented and it’s on a timeline and there’s nothing that you can do as far as their concern that’s gonna stop that train.

So what you see now is that people, their opinion is being solicited and that is only to quell descent. And this is something that is really, truly frightening in the United States now because people are very much either unaware or not paying attention to what is going on. And we are finding that it’s a whole life plan, it doesn’t just impact you in your government controlling your land use, but it is indoctrination of your children with this sort of neurotic belief that they’re destroying the planet. They’re revamping the university system by putting sustainable development principles into every course. And you’ll find us across the board exhausting our military with an endless war, drugging us by diagnosing us with mental illness. This is all part of United Nations Agenda 21 sustainable development.

Jason Hartman: It is just incredible how many aspects of our lives. I mean the control freaks are everywhere. It’s like we live in a world of control freaks and media campaigns, things that are designed to look at one thing but really are another. And I don’t know, maybe that all went on throughout history, but I just didn’t notice it from studying history. It seems like it’s so omnipresent nowadays.

Let’s talk a little bit about land use stuff. Because if you looked at any art form, I’d say that the one that impacts us most, well maybe the two, would be music and architecture – and in the world of architecture because you live in it, you interact with it, that’s your environment. And part of architecture I’d also sort of include urban planning in that. And when we are being pushed into dense areas where we are forced to live on the grid and cannot be independent at all because when you live in high density type of development you can’t have a garden, you can’t have a water supply, all of these things, and all of the media and marketing messages and access to areas and locations can be restricted so easily and controlled so easily. Talk to us more about that stuff. I mean, I read a lot about it in my book.

Rosa Koire: Great. Well, here’s the thing is that part of the United Nations Agenda 21 is basically divided into 2 elements and that is the urban one which is smart growth and the wild lands which is out in your rural areas. And the plan is designed to bring everyone out of the suburban and rural areas and into the city centers. And the way that that’s done is multifold, but one way is to say that there’s not enough money to support the infrastructure out in the suburban and rural areas, pulverize the roads, close the postal offices and sheriff’s offices out there, and effectively, through many different means, move people into dense city centers. And what you have is your tax increment financing which is redevelopment which your property tax dollars then actually pay for this by giving huge subsidies to developers to develop that vertical sprawl that you’re gonna be living in.

Jason Hartman: Vertical sprawl meaning high rise living.

Rosa Koire: Yes. If you’re keyed in to their rhetoric which grabs you emotionally, they are talking about all of us living out in sprawl. And it’s such an ugly sounding word. And essentially it means if you’re living in a single family home on more than a couple thousand square feet, which most of us are, you’re destroying the planet – it’s unsustainable, single family residences. So to bring you into those basically stacked condos in the center of cities on top of one story single, what it is is ground floor retail with a couple of stories or more of residential condos or apartments on top of that. And that requires a lot of infrastructure – sewage, water lines – and that gets paid for with property tax dollars and for 30 to 45 years. And so there’s no money then for services like roads and lights and police and fire, etcetera.

So you find that in the center of cities in just a few years you’re gonna see a huge collapse because those bond brokers want to get paid and they have to get that money. So when you’re seeing restrictions on your usage, if you’re out in an off the grid area, well it’s not so impactful. But if you’re living in the city and you have a smart meter and those smart meters can be turned off remotely – I don’t know if people know that, but that’s my big beef with them that they can be shut off from the central office. No one needs to come to your property. They also can be used to slow down and shut off individual appliances in your home. As of this year, new appliances are sold with a chip that can be remotely regulated from outside of your home with no impact from you.

You’ll lose your privacy rights. If you’re living in an apartment and you want to smoke here in Sebastopol, California and many other places, that is against the law. It is a violation of an ordinance to smoke in your own apartment. So you lose your independence, your opportunity to be free, to be private. If you want to have a garden, it’s gonna be a public garden. You’ll be monitored, you’ll be controlled and observed. And this is something that, as Americans, we have a fundamental objection to. As Americans, our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is in threat from the plan. And it is being implemented by our government now.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I get what you’re saying about the smart meters and everything. But I’m not sure I really understood what you were saying about the infrastructure, the sewers and so forth being funded by property taxes of course, and then the bond brokers – what you’re saying is the municipality floats a bond issue to pay for the infrastructure and the bond brokers want to be paid back.

What’s the issue there? What do you mean?

Rosa Koire: Okay, great. Thank you for asking me. The way this works, this is redevelopment and you see this across the United States in every single state except for Arizona. And what it is is an area of the city, and it could be up to 80% or 90% of the city, is put into a redevelopment area which means that land either is declared blighted depending on the law there or it’s just that property tax dollars are used – instead of to go for your services, they are used to subsidize certain kinds of development, and particularly smart growth which is the preferred development model for agenda 21.

And so what you find is that in your cities, and this could be any small city or large city across the US, you find that of course if you’re building very dense developments, high density apartments stacked on retail, it costs a lot of money to build that and it costs a lot of money to upgrade the Trump alliance for sewer and water. So, the city, what they do, or the county, what they do is they actually get a bond and they don’t have to go to the voters for this kind of a bond. It’s the only kind of bond that they can float without a vote of the people. So they get this money from bond brokers and they’re getting you and your property tax dollars for the next 30 to 45 years. So they have that base year, whatever year that they decided it was a redevelopment area, and then the increase of property tax dollars over the next 30 to 45 years goes to pay off these bonds. And it benefits, of course, the crony developers who are gonna build this development that there is no demand for.

So you’ll find this all over littering the center of your cities all over the US. You’ll find these vacant ground floor retail shops with bankrupt apartments and condos on top. And this is a way of controlling and monitoring and regulating and surveilling our population. It may not be full of people now, but it will be in the future. This is the future for us if we don’t stop it now.

Jason Hartman: So do you think that the bond brokers won’t be repaid and that will lead to services being interrupted somehow? Is that what you’re getting at here?

Rosa Koire: No, well, you’re finding that now in California where redevelopment has been ended and there are cities that are saying you can’t get blood out of a turnip. We’re not gonna be paying off the bond. And this completely upsets the financial system if a state or a city renigs on its bonds. It loses its ability to function.

But where I’m going with it really is if you expect services from your city over the next 30 to 45 years and your city looks at you with your pockets turned inside out and says “Well I’m sorry we can’t provide those services for you because we essentially have to pay this bond off.” And so they’re telling you that these redevelopment areas are gonna look better, they’re gonna be nicer, they’re gonna gentrify your area. But, in fact, what they do is they actually destroy your independence because in a short time they will run down and there won’t be any money to pay for those services. Your property tax dollars won’t provide services for you.

Jason Hartman: I first learned about the way highways are being controlled and the way the government is shutting off exits on highways to small more rural towns as a way to sort of limit access to them but also keep money out of them in a way to really starve them, to make them die off. And talk to us more about this concept of getting the population in one area so it can be controlled and what they’re doing with that kind of thing.

Rosa Koire: I just want people to realize I’m aware that this sounds crazy. The plan is crazy, I am not. This really is under way right now.

Jason Hartman: Hey, listen. Many new ideas throughout history were thought of as crazy at first, and they came to be thought of as very sensible or brilliant later. You’re just talking about what’s going on. You’re a commentator.

Rosa Koire: Right, I’m a reporter. And this is essentially the erection of a corporatocracy and we’re watching the beginning of a global totalitarian state that is in process right now. So what I’m seeing, of course, I live in a rural county. We have 1384 miles of rural county roads. And the county is seeing that they simply don’t have the money to maintain those roads and they will be pulverizing them to gravel. So, if you’re out in a rural area and you need to get to your property and that road has been pulverized to gravel and you no longer can access it or it’s completely falling apart, you’re finding that the plan is to actually move people out of rural areas through restrictions on their land use, through identification of wetlands for land that is not wetland, and land that’s being identified as wildlife corridor, as endangered species habitat, land where you thought that you had a certain zoning but in fact your underlying general plan has been changed without your knowledge and you’re a legal nonconforming use and can no longer use your property.

When you’re out there, you might be agricultural, you think you can farm out there but in fact you’re losing your ability. In fact, the federal government, the EPA, has declared dust as a pollutant. So when you’re seeing this – and this is all part of Agenda 21 – when you’re seeing this, eventually you will find yourself moving into the city. You find your well is being monitored and restricted, many other ways that they move people out of the rural and suburban areas. And then when you are moved into the city, you find that you are very much restricted in how you can move there, your mobility is restricted. Private car ownership and use is considered unsustainable under United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

Jason Hartman: Let me take a brief pause. We’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: What are the reasons that the UN is pursuing this? And who maybe specifically are some of the players behind it? Certainly, the corporatocracy is going to benefit from this. Certainly large coroporate style developers will benefit. Large corporate style food providers will benefit because people can’t do their own thing. I mean, there are a tax on food co-ops around the country, all sorts of things like that. So, the money benefit is pretty apparent for the big corporate players, probably in that the bankers. Talk to us more about some of the devious motivations here.

Rosa Koire: This is one thing. When I go around the United States and I talk with groups about this, I’ve spoken with of course libertarian groups, republican groups, tea party groups, and going to universities as well.

Jason Hartman: I’m surprised a university will hear from you.

Rosa Koire: I know. It’s funny but I’m really glad to be reaching out to people on the left because it is really essential that all of us get together. We can’t be pointing fingers at each other. And, of course, a huge motivator is money and power. And of course some people don’t need much but a pat on the back. So what I like to do is stay focused on local, on where this is being done to you locally because you’ll find what this is is public/private partnership, unelected boards and commissions that are making your rules and your laws for you, nonprofit organizations that are partnering with huge corporations and they’re being funded through them. These are environmental groups, bicycle coalitions that are actually working in concert. And I’m talking about at the top levels.

Your average guy on a bike doesn’t know this but bicycle coalitions are working with low income housing developers, huge affordable housing developers that get tremendous subsidies through these plants. Walmart is a partner in this, the AFL-CIO, your lung associations, the League of Women Voters.

Jason Hartman: Talk about strange bedfellows. I mean, that’s just an odd mix.

Rosa Koire: Mhm, it is. And of course you see it in universities and in your K-12 and right up all the way through school because people have been indoctrinated. As I mentioned, the American planning association has a publication that is studied by every single planner in the United States and it’s in universities, in college and then in our planning departments. And it’s an ideology, smart growth. So it’s not just a building style. It’s actually an ideology that basically it’s a plan to create social equity by impoverishing populations and creating total dependence on government. And we see examples of that, for instance, in the EU. What we’re seeing is you’re being told that it’s all for the common good. And if you’re focused on your individual rights and freedoms, then you are selfish and you’re not thinking about what’s good for everyone else. And this is how you’re being shamed and embarrassed and losing your opportunity for descent through this plan.

Jason Hartman: Talking to you, Rosa, I can’t believe I’m talking with a democrat. I gotta just point that out. It’s really surprising.

Rosa Koire: I hear that from everybody.

Jason Hartman: And I don’t mean that in a negative way. It’s just surprising, that’s all I’ll say.

Rosa Koire: Well, thank you. I am definitely a democrat. I have voted democrat in every election, although this last time I did not vote for Obama.

Jason Hartman: Are you a Ron Paul democrat? You sound like a Ron Paul democrat.

Rosa Koire: No, I’m not declaring at this point, although I think it would be very interesting if everyone in the nation wrote Ron Paul in but I mean we’d definitely see them have to scramble to steal another election. But I think that what is really essential for us to recognize is that although we may or may not agree on certain issues politically, what we do agree on is the fact that our nation is worth saving and worth fighting for. And we need to find those places where we come together.

And as I was going to mention, I forgot, one thing you can talk to your liberal friends about is with the smart meter issue, food independence, domestic surveillance, and corporatocracy. All of these things are part of Agenda 21.

Jason Hartman: Yep, they sure are. They sure are. What I love about your book, Rosa, is it gives some action steps. I found it particularly interesting how specific you got about telling people to look in the local paper, read the local paper, keep track of what’s going on at a local level and go to meetings. And if you want to become organized, sit in the audience in a diamond shape and how to act and how to dress and how to conduct oneself and what to say, give us some tips on that. I think that’s really great stuff, real action steps, very granular and very specific.

Rosa Koire: Yes, I know. I’ve been fighting this now for over 6 years and this is time tested and we’ve worked on it, and believe me we’re out there in combat all the time. We’re the resistance and so are you. And if you’re listening to this, you’re part of the resistance too. So, of course, we know we’re not running the world and we probably don’t know anyone who is but we do know that we are local. This is a global plan but it’s implemented locally and that is where we have our power is locally because the thing is lots of us get the New York Times or the San Francisco Chronicle or something. Get your local paper no matter how lousy it is because you need to find out what’s going on. If these meetings are happening, let’s say the public’s invited to a visioning meeting and you go down there and you recognize you’re gonna be Delphied, that’s as I was saying that you’re gonna be manipulated with a mind control technique that’s gonna give you the illusion that you have some input, but they’re not gonna give you any options. They’re just gonna give you clean air, clean water. You want that? Then you want smart growth.

So in my book I tell you how to anti-Delphi a meeting. And Delphi works from one person all the way to the entire world is being Delphied now. So ways that you can actually get into those meetings and effectively take them over, one way of course is by making your flyers in advance, and I show you how to do that in my book and also on my website and that is DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com. You want to make these flyers up so that people understand what it is that’s happening to them in those meetings. You want to tell them about the Delphi technique. I like to give those flyers out as people are going into the meeting so that if they glance at them when they’re getting ready for the meeting, then when they’re sitting there in the meeting and they see these techniques being used on them, it instantly politicizes them to realize that they’re being manipulated right then in the meeting.

And so, anyway, there are ways to stop it. You meet with your group ahead of time the night before. You agree that you will not acknowledge each other at the meeting. You will not speak to each other, you will not have any communication because in this way what you are going to do is support each other when you start to ask questions. And you don’t want the facilitator who’s running that meeting, it’s professional meeting runners, they’re hired by your government consultants, you don’t want them to get to know who’s who at the beginning of that meeting. You want to pop up like a whack-a-mole from all over that meeting and start asking me the heavy questions, and I’ve got those in the book, questions you want to ask.

Also, you want to go your planning commission meetings. You want to show up at your city council meetings. This is not a time to be sitting on the sidelines. This is a time to suit up with your armor and go down there and speak out because, you know, I talk about the good German syndrome. You don’t want to be a good American in that way. You want to be someone who is really a good American and breaks that code of silence that we have when we all feel like we have to be polite.

Jason Hartman: And I just want to point out that what you mean when you say the good German syndrome or those who saw what Hitler was doing and didn’t do anything about it.

Rosa Koire: Yeah, just the go along to get along people, those days are over. We are really in a very heavy fight now. And I’m sorry if you’re just hearing about it, but you know what, there’s time we can all get together and stop this. And we have to do it together because this is the institution, the implementation of totalitarianism. And this is what it looks like. People think it can’t happen here but in fact the National Defense Authorization Act, the Patriot Act, many other things that are being implemented now in the United States, domestic surveillance, this is the plan and moving us into an area, tighter city areas where we can be surveilled and managed is part of this plan.

Jason Hartman: Wow, it really is. It’s amazing. Well, tell people where they can get the book and any other resources you want to share, your website, any other sites that people should know about or action steps they should take in general.

Rosa Koire: Well, you know I so much appreciate that you’re putting this information out because we are not seeing it in the corporate media. You will not see this unless they find a way to of course marginalize those of us who are talking about it. So I would love it if people would get my book. It’s called Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21. And you can get it on Amazon.com, you can also get it on my website which is DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com. And, by the way, that’s called Democrats Against UN Agenda21 because so much of the opposition was coming from the right primarily and I wanted to create something that would break that paradigm and that’s why I used that, democrats. But people will find on that website a huge amount of information, source information, resistance fighter information, a great blog, and then we also have the Post Sustainability Institute, and of course our boots on the ground group Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition. And you’ll see on that site SantaRosaNeighborhoodCoalition.com all kinds of flyers and everything that we’re doing locally here to fight this plan.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, Rosa Koire, thank you so much for joining us today. Again, the title of the book is Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21. And there’s an old saying that I’d like to go back to and that is green trees have red roots. So be very careful about losing your freedom under the guise of something that is supposed to be good for us. So, Rosa, again, thank you so much for joining us today.

Rosa Koire: Thank you, Jason. I appreciate it.

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