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Airguns – The Ultimate in Urban Survival Hunting

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Crosman 1377 airgun with butt-stock

It is early in the morning. You’re walking alone. You are aware of all the little noises around you. Back home cupboards are bare and you know that you need to provide something for the family.

There is a chill on the air as the sun begins to rise.

You finally arrive to one of your prime areas, the abandoned park behind a dilapidated apartment complex. You take up position and wait.

More of the sun starts to rise and you begin to see more and more activity. Finally your patients pays off…. there it is…. and PPppffffssst … and you have gained your prize. A nice fat squirrel that has been feeding on this fall’s acorns. This will make a good stew and you can add some of the wild onions that you spotted down by the river. The family will eat well tonight.

One of the best things you did before the SHTF was getting this airgun. It has served your family and you have been able to provide where others have not. It is quiet, easy to conceal and man if it isn’t so “James Bond looking” too.

You feel good and once again the hunter in you is successful.

Crosman 1377 airgun with butt-stock

The Airgun – The Ultimate Urban Hunting Weapon

I believe that this is one of the best hunting investments that someone can purchase. They are inexpensive and they are effective. You can use BB’s or pellets. In fact pellets today come in an array of different sizes and shapes. Flat head, pointed, darts, you name it. Personally I find the steel pointed pellet to be the most effective when one is hunting.

Crosman-1377-airgunMy Recommended Airguns

First is the “Crosman 1377 American Classic Variable Pump Power Bolt Action Airgun”

Vital Stats…

  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity Up to 600 FPS

This is my first pick for a stealth urban environment hunting weapon. This is a great single shot pump hand gun and in the BB / Pellet gun world the Crosman 1377 is considered the “V-W Bug” when it comes to customization.

With it being a Crosman you are able to take parts off of other Crosman pellet guns and odds are pretty good that you can fit them to the pistol.

There are detachable stocks, folding stocks, collapsible stocks and even fixed stocks that you can add on.


If you are customizing, and it is hard not to do that with one of these airguns, one of the first things you will want to do is add a steel breech. Once this is installed you are able to mount a weaver rail to you weapon. You can order one of these directly from the Crosman website or get it off of Amazon. Once you have the rail, then you can attach a red dot scope or mount a telescopic scope.

The power of this airgun is really good too. It will easily take down small game, even taking out a cat or dog with a well-placed head shot.

If you utilize steel darts or pointed pellets, then you could feasibly take out game weighing about 80 -100 lbs. I recommend the H & N Sport Hornet.

airgun-hornet-pellet-177The H & N Sport Hornet is a medium-weight, accurate hunting pellet. It gives you high impact and good penetration. The aerodynamic design and the smooth brass tip will give you a very easy 100 + foot shot that will easily bring down small to medium sized game.

This is a BAD BOY of a pellet. A well-placed head shot with this from your airgun on game 40 – 80 lbs and you could bring them down. Now I do not recommend this at 100+ feet, but it can be done.

Now, this is where the steel breech & scope come into play because you do not want the game to suffer, so shooting small game, cat or dog you will want to shoot them almost right in the ear canal. This will take the prey out instantly and not cause the animal any undue suffering.

You would be amazed at the following the Crosman 1377 pistol has also. There are many hobbyists out there making custom parts from hand grips, back caps, even single point sling attachment points. If you can think it up, someone has probably done it.

My Second Choice

The other pellet gun that I highly recommend is the Crosman 2100 airgun. This is a multi-tasker in that it holds up to 100 BBs or you can also use it as a single shot pellet gun. Because it holds the ammo in the butt-stock of the airgun, you are able to feed a slot on the left side of the weapon. The feed sleeve hold 10-12 BBs. This helps in having to reload quickly if you have multiple shots available. Because this is also multi-pump weapon you can take down small to medium sized game without any problems or modifications. If you used a steel dart, pumped it up 10 times, which is the manufactures suggested limit, you could feasibly take down game at a close distance with a well-placed head shot.  So a small doe is a possible target within these sort of parameters.


Vital stats …

  • Caliber .177
  • Pellet Velocity Up to 725 FPS
  • BB Velocity Up to 755 FPS

This was my first BB/pellet airgun that I owned and I loved it. It performs really well. It has built in weaver rails so that you can easily attach a scope or red dot to weapon. This is a really fun airgun, but for urban use, I like the pistol better just because of concealment purposes the pistol offers, but due to the length of the 2100 it is harder to stick under a jacket if you are out hunting in an urban setting.

Both of these weapons sell for around $65 – $75 dollars and just about anyone can afford one.

The pistol airgun is my recommendation out of the two because it has so many features you can modify and you can quickly conceal it. Attach a single point strap to it, wear a coat and just let if fall / drop into concealment if one has to hide it quickly.

Ray and the Holistic Survival Team



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