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Are you ready for civil unrest?

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Civil unrest is a scary thought. It calls to mind  old Frankenstein movies where the villagers have tired of the good doctor’s marauding creation and head for his castle with pitchforks and torches in hand.

The surprising thing about civil unrest in America today is that there hasn’t been more of it on a widespread basis yet. Yes, there have a been the sporadic tea parties erupting around the country but these are modest little shindigs, a few upset citizens merely going through the motions of rebellion.

Where are the people taking to the streets? Where is the mass resistance? Where is the fearful governmental crackdown by jack-booted thugs? Where are the riots?

With a recent unemployment report placing the number at 9.8%, maybe it’s time to sit up and take notice. That’s a lot of people sitting around out there with extra time on their hands. It wasn’t so long ago that France suffered the trauma of night after night of rioting by workers hoping to win economic concessions from their government, so there precedence in the modern world.

The politicians should be nervous except…the one thing they’ve got going for them, the anesthesia of the masses, is television, the greatest narcotic ever invented. As long as our shows make it on the air week after week without interruption, well, there’s really no need for civil unrest after all.

The Holistic Survival Team