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Arizona’s Immigration Law, Gun Rights, Law Enforcement with Dr. Sky

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property Investing (1)Jason Hartman talks with Steve Kates (aka “Dr. Sky”) who, with his brother Joe, are active with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in the Special Forces Unit and help to fight crime in the sixth largest metro area in the nation. Visit http://holisticsurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/. He has been engaged in the science of Astronomy for well over thirty years. His first true observations occurred while just seven years old, viewing the moon and planets in a ten dollar telescope. The first real event he saw, was the 1966 Leonid meteor shower from his home in New York City, atop a tall building. This encouraged him to make the SKY his passion and has been so ever since.

Starting in film and television and at a young age, Steve Kates has worked in many acting and model roles for major studios and had some roles in TV commercials of the 1960′s, through his agent. While a native of New York City, Steve Kates moved to the suburbs of New Jersey in 1967 and found the night sky once again. Having formed the Hackensack Astronomy Club, he and his friends did lots of research on the night sky and were regular contributors to the popular magazine, “Sky and Telescope”, specializing in Lunar / Solar observations and Meteor Astronomy.

During his days as a student at Paramus Catholic High, he began teaching an accredited class in Astronomy for credit. Once again, Steve had the public in mind when he and a group of fellow students had one of the largest public gatherings in NJ during the time of the late, and not so great comet, Comet Kohoutek in 1973! During his college days, Steve began his broadcasting career with a weekly update on radio station WBAI in New York, producing “Skywatch,” which still remains on the air to this day with host Robert Knight of the exciting program “Earthwatch” heard on WBAI on Wednesday evenings at midnight.

“Dr.Sky” also had a regular class on Astronomy on station WFDU in Teaneck, New Jersey, along with weekly reports on WFUV (Fordham University) and the popular rock radio station WDHA 105.5 FM, for which he served for well over ten years in his popular drive time “SkyReport. On the television side, he has worked with CNN as a special correspondent during the early days of 1982 (New York) bureau and has provided content for the superstation WWOR in NJ.

One of the most memorable events was his planning of a major “Halley’s Comet Watch” in 1986, from High Point State Park in NJ, for well over 5,000 people atop this small spot in NJ. This was covered heavily by the media. Having moved to Arizona in 1988, Steve Kates– “Dr.Sky” has continued to promote his love of the night sky and aviation/space science topics. He has formed a company known as Sky Source, which is the foundation of Sky Source Productions, specializing in video and audio programs on many special interest topics in the realm of Astronomy/Aerospace.

Locally, Steve Kates– “Dr.Sky” can be seen on a regular basis on such programs as 3TV’s “Good Morning Arizona” and Fox 10′s “Arizona Morning”, sharing the secrets of the night sky and other related events. In the radio realm– Steve Kates has been a contributor to such programs as KFYI’s Wake Up Arizona and has been a regular with KXAM’s 1310 AM radio personality Bill Straus, “Straus’ Place.”

Steve has also been a guest numerous times on the popular morning radio program known as “Beth and Bill on KEZ and with the evening drive time duo” Maggie and Marty” also on KEZ 99.9 FM in Phoenix and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. “Dr.Sky” makes the rounds on the Arizona News Radio Network, heard on some 20 radio stations throughout Arizona. He continues to promote the events in the sky with a recent public event centered around such films as “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” while showing well over 5,000 interested fans, the connection between asteroids and impacts on earth. “Keep your Eyes to the Skies.” His personal interest is to work with the Lions Club in the special area of helping people with all types of visual disabilities attain the help and comfort that they need in keeping one of the most precious senses, sight, knowing how wonderful the experience is to see the wonders of the SKY. Sight is precious!

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Jason Hartman: Welcome to the Holistic Survival Show. This is your host, Jason Hartman, where we talk about protecting the people, places, and profits you care about in these uncertain times. Today we’re going to talk with Steve Kates. Steve is very active in gun rights and gun ownership and constitutional stuff, and I think you’ll like his show. He’s also got a past background in law enforcement. And he’s a big astronomy buff as kind of a sideline. You may have heard him on the radio. He’s a frequent guest on Coast to Coast, the very famous evening radio show. And I think you’ll enjoy this interview. And our next show, I think we’ll have very famous radio personality John Ziegler on the show. He’s written a couple of books about free speech and so forth. I think he’ll enjoy those. And of course we have future shows on some of the more practical and logistical aspects of Holistic Survival as well, like our last show, #35 on survival communications with amateur radio, ham radio, and I know a lot of you found that interesting.

It’s my pleasure to welcome Steve Kates to the show. He is the host of A Call to Rights radio show. He works closely with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a very famous man of course. And he is on the Maricopa County Special Forces Posse. And I think you’ll get some interesting insights into having a plan to protect yourself and your family and just learn a lot about Sheriff Joe and kind of what’s going on out there. Steve, welcome.

Steve Kates: Well, thank you, Jason, good to be with you on your program.

Jason Hartman: Pleasure to speak with you. I first became familiar with you when I actually heard your show, when I was driving around the Phoenix area looking at properties. And I was in the rental car and whenever I’m in a new area that I’m not usually in all the time, I’m listening to the radio and I think that was you I heard.

Steve Kates: Yes, Jason. And thank you so much for listening. The show is A Call to Rights of course. We do a weekend show, but I think it’s two hours, in my opinion, jam packed with information on the radio station in Phoenix, KFNX, News-Talk Radio 1100. But Jason, the real motivation behind doing this kind of show is taking what I’ve learned for the many years that I’ve been a volunteer with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and that particular Sheriff as everybody I’m sure knows today is Sheriff Joe Arpaio, really taking a lashing out there from many of the folks out there that do not believe that illegal is illegal with the interesting bill that’s come to Arizona, SP1070, on how to effectively deal with the illegal immigration situation. But thanks for listening and I’m glad to be here on your show.

Jason Hartman: That’s great that you bring that up. I mean SP1070 was so controversial. I don’t think it’s controversial at all. I think the definition of illegal is self-explanatory, but many people don’t. Just give us an update on what’s going on with that right now.

Steve Kates: Well, it all started actually about maybe a year or two ago when the state of Arizona realized that so much of our funding is going to support the illegals that are here in the United States. And believe me, Jason, as much as the Sheriff is not, in my opinion, a prejudicial man, nor the primary sponsor of the bill, Senator Russell Pearce, who I know personally. He also was involved in his career as part of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. So he understands, boots on the ground, just what happens as we see this whole phenomenon getting out of control where so many illegals are coming primarily from Mexico. And I’m sure there’s other countries involved in the mix, but south of the border is where the activity seems to come. The intent of the bill was to make sure that by the end of July of 2010 that law enforcement would have the opportunity. If they were doing the legitimate traffic stop, let’s say, in one part of the bill, where they do have the legal right to question the ability of somebody to be in this country by either providing us or law enforcement with a driver’s license or some other form, a green card or some other form of identification, let’s say issued by state or the federal government, and that if individuals were found not to have this they could simply be detained and the process which we call deported would eventually happen where these individuals would return to Mexico. And what’s so amazing about this, and I’ve talked with so many of my friends that travel to Mexico and they say you know Steve, it’s so incredible. Here in the United States we’re trying to enforce something that the Mexican government is way stronger on. So that if we as “American citizens” decided to go to Mexico and decided that we didn’t think we needed to have ID, we would be in a world of trouble. So I think it’s only fair to say that it should work both ways. But SP1070, the brakes were put on that by the judge Susan Bolton, I believe, at the end of the month. So there’s a lot of confusion here in Arizona, but the point being this, Jason, that this particular Sheriff, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has tried to champion, along with other legislators, the same concept that illegal is illegal. There shouldn’t be any misgivings or misunderstandings about this. And I am amazed at the protest that’s coming from this, that in my opinion a totally misguided view of SP1070.

Jason Hartman: No question about it. It’s interesting, I’ve always heard, Steve, that Mexico does an extremely good job of controlling its own border to the south with Guatemala and yet they think they should just export their poverty from their corrupt government to the United States. And it is really, really wreaking havoc. I mean these people come over our border. They’re looking for a better life. Most of them are great people. We’ve all dealt with them. But there is certainly a criminal element and that has impacted Arizona in a particularly negative way. And countries have a few things that define them as countries and one of them is borders. And every country on earth has the right to protect its own borders. Yet in the United States, the political correctness crowd wants to malign motivations, they want to tell lies, they want to brand people as racists and that instantly shuts down dialogue. Ad it’s unbelievable that we’ve come to this.

Steve Kates: Jason, you’re absolutely right. And just to add what I think is just more of a common sense explanation to this, for many years I was close to a Chinese family here in Phoenix and they of course came here the legal way, acquired the green card. And I’m so proud of these two individuals. It’s a mother and a son. The father had passed on. They came here with little or nothing. So the land of opportunity, I love that expression, which I still believe like I’m sure you do that this is obviously the land of opportunity. But here’s my point. They came here legally, paid the necessary fees. They’ve obviously gotten their green card, acquired it legally. And what I’m so proud about is the young boy and the mother soon to be within the next month or two will efficiently be a United States citizen. And having tied myself closely to the Chinese community here with these folks over the years, I was the guest speaker. And I’m saying this very proudly in front of the major court, the Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse here in Phoenix where about 400 people are sworn in on a regular basis. And one of the gentlemen from the Chinese cultural center that I know, he asks me, he says you know Steve, you’re out there in the media promoting all the things about our freedoms and stuff with Call to Rights. He says we’d love to have you as a speaker to talk about what it is to be a citizen. And I kind of felt like wow, why me? And I really mean that, Jason, to be very humble about it. But the point is I was asked to do this in front of this group, but the main point of my conversation today is if these folks did this, how can we then accept the fact that people who believe that they should come here and just, you know, throw their middle finger to the wind on this, illegal is illegal. And I’m so proud of these folks here that have done this the proper way.

And the young boy who’s now a man has gone into the United States Army to serve our country and he’s gotten a full scholarship to the University of Arizona. So there is great stories, but it makes me very angry to hear the other side, just like I’m sure you were gonna throw our middle finger to the wind and say “Hey, it’s racist. Don’t pick on me.” Look at what these other folks have done and I think everybody should do that, no matter what the race, color or creed.

Jason Hartman: And this isn’t what this whole episode will be about, but it’s very topical so I’ll just talk about it for a moment. I have a friend in Phoenix who is Muslim. And he sent out a bulk text to all of his friends, and I was on his list, so I got this text. It was about three or four weeks ago and it said “Hey, come down and support the rally against SP1070, it’s a racist blah, blah, blah, blah.” And it’s interesting because I started asking him questions just via text. I just replied back and said “Why is it racist?” and he says “Oh, they’re gonna do racial profiling and all of this stuff.” And I said “But that’s not in the bill.”

Steve Kates: Exactly.

Jason Hartman: And then he said “Well, police are just gonna pick on people” and I said police don’t have that right and they’re under tremendous scrutiny. They can’t pull people over without a valid reason. There’s no profiling. Tell me where the profiling is.

Steve Kates: You’re exactly right.

Jason Hartman: And I mean you know every civil rights group on the planet is gonna jump all over the first little inkling of an instance where three is any sort of profiling or harassment or anything. The media, the ACLU is just waiting in the wings.

Steve Kates: You’re right, Jason. And to add more current information from the boots on the ground here in Arizona, I would send some law enforcement friends of mine some pictures that the media obviously did not put onto television. Obviously the pictures don’t go on radio, but for mainstream television…And I like to refer to sometimes the mainstream media is the downstream media. That’s one that I kind of coined.

Jason Hartman: The downstream media, that’s great.

Steve Kates: And I think it really comes as we know the end process of a river or the end, all the material that’s garbage is gonna be floating around at the end, but on a serious note, they sent pictures to me. And I know these are legitimate because they were stamped in whatever agency sent them to me.
Here we have these protesters standing on the American flag, having sprayed swastikas on top of the American flag. Racist flag was on one. The Arizona flag, which by the way, is equally a beautiful flag like the American flag, a beautiful sunrise with the star, was also desecrated. And in the bottom of that, there’s some commentary, like a blog, and it’s basically law enforcement to law enforcement, and they’re saying basically this “Hey, how come you guys don’t arrest those people?” And basically the response was well that’s a federal thing if it’s a desecration of the flag. But obviously, that’s not something that the federal agents were there. It was state and local police. But the point is look at what some of these demonstrators are doing. I stood right next to the radio station, and we handle large protests here in Phoenix, upwards of $200,000 protesters.
I read signs that I cannot describe to you here on your show because they’re that profane. I saw the Black Flag, which to me is the Black Flag of Al Qaeda, rolling down the streets of Phoenix with people protesting with their fists in the air. This is a dangerous situation and by no means, Jason, is this the end of it obviously.

Jason Hartman: It’s just amazing to me. And so just to tell you the end of that story about my Muslim friend in Phoenix, he said in this text, it’s a very long text back and forth, he said “Well, you can’t imagine what it was like to be here as a Muslim in America after 9/11.” And I said what happened to you? I just asked a very simple question. I said “What happened to you after 9/11?” and he never replied. A lot of people, it just really seems like they are trying to create an issue where one doesn’t exist.

Steve Kates: Absolutely.

Jason Hartman: I mean nothing happened to him after 9/11.

Steve Kates: Right. And I don’t want to pick on the youth here, but I’m gonna say this. It seems to me, Jason, I’ll be 55 and I guess that qualifies as a senior citizen, but I certainly don’t want to think that, but seriously I think a lot of the things I see going on in the colleges, I’m sure you see this today, we’re not being taught, that is the students, the full value of the true American history. I see most of the professors that I’ve come across…I mean it wasn’t so bad there in the days that I went to college, but talking to young students today, I mean there seems, in my opinion, this is just my opinion, to be a leftist slant, always challenge, always question, and any way they can get a dig here on some American traditions and values, it seems like that’s what’s going on. And it seems like a lot of these kids today, and I say this, I hope I’m wrong but it seems like those are the type of people that were at the protest. But what about all the other good students that you didn’t see at the protest? So I don’t want to just blacklist all the other students. But it seems like a lot of the ways that we’re being taught today in the schools today, there’s an encouragement for this type of dissent and I think a lot of these professors think this is cute to have these people go down there and desecrate the flag, and obviously the students are doing it. But Jason, seriously, from the law enforcement side of the equation, I see a lot more.

And what I’m seeing is a lot of hatred. And that’s a shame because I have compassion for people just like I’m sure you do and a lot of other good folks listening to the show. But illegal is illegal and I wonder where that line in the sand is going to be drawn or what’s going to happen? Because I can imagine a lot of trouble, not only here in Arizona, but across the country on this big issue which will not go away good folks listening to the show. But illegal is illegal and I wonder where that line in the sand is going to be drawn or what’s going to happen? Because I can imagine a lot of trouble, not only here in Arizona, but across the country on this big issue which will not go away soon.

Jason Hartman: We are living in a real challenging time in America, there’s no question about it. So let’s maybe switch gears a little bit. That’s interesting to talk about the topical thing, but what should people know, Steve? You’ve had a long career in law enforcement. First of all, maybe tell us what does this special forces policy do?

Steve Kates: Well, this is interesting. And I want to make sure that everybody understands that Sheriff Joe Arpaio championed the program many, many years ago called the Posse Program. This is a volunteer program. Now most people when they hear a volunteer program say “Oh, you’re not police officers”. Well, Jason, this is what is going on here. There’s over 3500 of the volunteer posse type reserve program here in Phoenix, and what it is, you obviously apply, they do an extensive background check because not every single person would qualify for this. Just because you might have an interest in “Doing something to stop crime”, they want to make sure that the people doing it don’t have the problem themselves that they’ll be locked up in jail for prior offenses that are not going to let you in. But you go through a serious program, 300-400 hours of training.

There’s another level of the Posse Program where you can actually become what they call QAP, which is a qualified armed posse person, meaning that you can legitimately illegally carry a firearm in the course of your duty. And you’re right out there. I mean you’re under the direction of a regular deputy. I’ve served warrants and assisted in arrests and do all that kind of stuff, and I think this is important to note that everyone listening to your show, please do something. I mean you don’t have to go out in the front line if you’re not physically capable or want to carry a firearm, but there’s always something for people to do. I mean literally, you can call your local Sheriff’s department and volunteer some time. You can help with children that their parents have been taken into custody where they need some advice, whatever your specialty is. But this particular program is great because look at all the money that it saved the taxpayers for so long. And we hear in this country, Jason, about the armed citizen. We hear about the individuals that are the militia. And you know something, I feel comfortable knowing the level of quality training that we’ve all received and it’s ongoing by the way. We have to do what’s called defense simulator, which is a justification for deadly force video training scenario that every Arizona law enforcement officer goes through, we must qualify no the range with rifle, shotgun, and pistol if we choose to carry all three of those type of firearms, but minimum with pistol, and it’s amazing that the Sheriff has come up with this program. It’s been emulated in all parts of the country, and truly Arizona was one of the great champions of this and I’m so proud to be part of it, put in our time. We do so many things.

But in my own personal way, Jason, I’ve become a firearms instructor, and obviously with A Call to Rights a firm believer in our second amendment rights, but one that gets great guest like you have on your shows that talk about these constitutional issues.

And I want to appeal to your listeners out there that when you’re looking at setting up your own financial program and investing, which is ever so important in these very difficult economic times as you know best, I would like to add my little bit of salt and pepper to the discussion about personal protection, because I think too many people, Jason, take it for granted that the police, believe it or not, that the police are there literally to protect and serve. And I’m not trying to dig law enforcement here. I mean I just talked all about how good it is with this, but the interesting thing about this discussion is the average time across the country for people wanting a response from 911 could be upwards of 6 to 7 minutes and maybe way more than that. And depending on the nature of your “emergency”, you need in my opinion to take and grab hold an understanding that is of your constitutional rights when it comes to say the second amendment, even more important, the ability to learn how not to be a victim, because as we say on the show, Jason, A victim is simply someone with no options, a great definition.

So these are some of the things that are going on, and we can get into the details if there’s time, if you’d like to get into more of these. But it’s a mindset.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, absolutely. It’s first a mindset, you’re absolutely right, Steve. But maybe a couple of tips on what people should do to be ready to protect themselves. If they don’t have a firearm, they should get one. They should exercise their second amendment rights there. But they’ve got to be trained, they’ve got to be safe. Anything you want to mention there?

Steve Kates: I think the primal one, the very first one that I’d like to talk about, it’s not just that everybody needs to go out and get a firearm. That is obviously not true. I would say do a professional site survey of your own home. Look at it from the aspect as if you were the burglar or the predator. What are the weak points in your home? I mean how simple would it be for somebody, if you have low lying windows around the side of your house, where somebody could simply break the glass? Well, there’s maybe many things you could do. Install an alarm system. Maybe there’s a way in a sliding door that a lot of people have a steel bar in the brace, anything to deter the element of crime to get into your home.

And then have a family plan. I always teach this. I teach both Arizona Concealed Carry, for your concealed carry permit, I teach the Utah Concealed Carry Permit, and I teach the NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim Program. And that program, the NRA Refuse to be a Victim Program, is really not a firearm type of class. It’s basically just talking about your environment. If you’re a man or a woman walking out to your car, let’s say, in a covered parking garage at night, what’s your ability to respond to a deadly force threat? I mean are you looking down and looking at your Blackberry or your phone instead of looking around? And this may seem a little bit extreme to some people. Do you look under your vehicle, around? And then if you’re the kind of person who wants to take this even one step further, in many states, I believe in California, it’s required that you take a class, I even think a test to carry pepper spray. Well, go do it, folks. But understand that if it’s taken from you, it can be a great detriment used against you.
So always have a plan. I mean we can get into so many simple things. But even in the home, I really take exception, and I don’t want to name a company because that would be wrong, but you see this on mainstream television or downstream news during the commercial breaks. There is this particular company that goes ahead and has an alarm system and you see all these people friendly as they are and they all say goodnight, and simply this, somebody then tries to break back into the house, and this person has no covers on their windows, and immediately that predator who comes into the door might want to kill that person, might want to rape or attack them, and immediately this person in the home presses a button and magically the other person on the line says “Hey, can we help you? Help is on the way.” That, to me, Jason, might be a false sense of security. It might be good to have that in the event that the door was left open and the alarm notified somebody to come back to lock the house. But please, don’t use that as your first line of defense, ladies and gentlemen.

And I recommend that people get training if they choose to go to the level of a firearm. They can also look at TASER which is still a civilian legal device in many, many states. And if you choose not to carry any personal protection devices like firearms or pepper spray, just have a better awareness of where your children are and what would you do in the event that the home was broken into. Simply have a safe room that you know that you could be well protected or at least stop the attack while police would come if you choose absolutely not to grab sticks, stones, or anything like that to defend yourself.

Jason Hartman: That’s great advice and especially good advice on surveying your home from the eyes of a burglar, from the eyes of a criminal. One thing though, between Tasers and pepper spray, I have never really been a fan of the Taser idea. I like the pepper spray idea and certainly I like guns as well, but it seems like the Taser, a lot of things could go wrong at the moment of truth because you’ve got to actually hit the criminal with those darts. If you don’t, it’s over, right?

Steve Kates: Well, not necessarily. And again, I’m not paid, nor is TASER a sponsor of my show from what I’m about to tell you, but in law enforcement, we’re trained obviously that like if the police officer is going to stop an individual, a suspect, and they say they pulled their firearm, they obviously have to say the challenge which is police don’t move. And that’s a legal challenge. But with the Taser, law enforcement would say Taser, Taser. Obviously, they would fire their cartridge. And you’re right, you need to hit the target. And a lot of those Taser cartridges, by the way, a lot of your listeners may not know, they have distance limitations by the color code on the doors that are on the outside. In other words, if you hold up on this yellow, it has a certain sense of blue and silver. So the point is, yes, you could as a civilian, miss your target. But what people fail to talk about, and this is the value of the Taser, is that you’re still able to go with the Taser in your hand because if you dismount the cartridge from the system, it takes away the electrical current. So you’re still able to what they call pressed on someone if they were actually coming to charge you on.

Jason Hartman: Actual contact, though.

Steve Kates: Right. In other words, it’s like having…You see the little electrical bolt coming out of the side of it. But the point is it’s not over if you missed, but the truth of the matter is, you really need to be cognizant and aware because you don’t want that to go off in your pants or on your side if you’re just reaching into your purse as a woman or you’re reaching into your pocket or vic versa. We want to make sure you can hit the target.

But pepper spray also has limitations and I think this is also interesting to note, too. Let’s say it this way It’s a windy day.

Jason Hartman: Wind is a big limitation of pepper spray, yeah.

Steve Kates: We’re common sense guys, but we could have a wind coming into my face with the perpetrator standing in front, and if I don’t aim it right, I’m gonna get a blast of that stuff. And Jason, I know from experience, it’s pretty wicked.

Jason Hartman: I accidentally discharged it once, too. And it is pretty wicked. And it didn’t even hit me. It was in the room and just being in the room with it really irritated my sinuses for a long time.

So let’s shift gears here, Steve, and let’s talk a little bit about some of the topics you cover in your show and any interesting points about what listeners here today should know about really the topic of A Call to Rights.

Steve Kates: Well, I think it’s important to first mention the website. It’s simply this: www.CallToRights.com. But to answer your great question, we cover everything since we’re talking about the Bill of Rights. We’re talking about 1 through 10 in amendments. We’ve got a lot of guests on the 10th amendment, about state’s rights. And every so often, we have these very special guests. I time this often with the publisher pretty heavily, called Regnery Eagle Press. And they, without a doubt, from Newt Gingrich to all these other great guests out there, they have people on there that I think are so much scholars in their field. And let’s say when we talk about the freedom of speech, get of course great national guest senators and congressmen talking about things we all hear, Jason, about will talk radio cease to exist as we know it, because there might be some governmental action on trying to control or curb the first amendment.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, the ridiculously named fairness doctrine which should be called the unfairness doctrine.

Steve Kates: Sure, absolutely. What we should call it, you’re right, is the unfairness doctrine, but having the senators and congressmen that champion these subjects, people from think tanks all over the country, the best guess possible, where as I like to say, Jason, it’s really not so much about the host. And I really mean this humbly, it’s also about the great guests, because I like to try to think of this show. And you yourself have heard it and other people out there that we would encourage to listen to it, we want to make sure it’s something like NPR but more for the right side of the brain. Because the thing that both of us I’m sure would agree on, I never would want to become one of those talk show hosts that’s screaming at the people that are calling. Because that’s certainly not my style. And really, Jason, if it’s not going to get me the best ratings, I must stick to my guns on this that I will always, for as long as there’s breath in the body of Steve Kates, always do this show with the respect of knowing that it’s an honor for people to call this particular show and let them ask the good questions and let the guests be the ones to answer it. Certainly, we won’t tolerate any profanity or anybody doing any kind of a con job on us, as many talk shows can have that perpetrated on them. But the truth is we cover everything that we can in the Bill of Rights. Our firearms rights are so important.

We broadcasted live last year from the NRA Convention, when NRA had their convention here in Phoenix. We had 7 or 800 people at our booth, but it wasn’t because they were there to see me. There was really two good reasons why they were there. We honored this particular individual from the Heller case. Mr. Heller himself we had come to the radio show and the rifle manufacturer, a big company called Patriot Ordinance Factory that’s a big sponsor of my show. We presented to Dick Heller, the man who was told that he could not own a firearm in the District of Columbia because the federal government there and the District of Columbia would not permit him, even though he’s a federal police officer. At the Supreme Court, during his daytime job, he was not permitted to have a firearm in his home. And in the event that he were to use it for personal defense against someone who may be breaking in illegally, the Supreme Court, God bless the Supreme Court on this one, back in June I believe of 2009 with a decision of course, that 5 to 4 decision, in favor of this particular story that this man fought for so hard, Heller vs. The District of Columbia.

We presented a rifle, inscribed on the side of the rifle, “A hero of the second amendment”. And as I presented it to Dick Heller, another guy who is very famous, we all know of course Ted Nugent comes across the floor of the show and says “Hey, Steve, give me that rifle.” And I looked at him, and he sat down in the seat and he’s on the air and he says oh, I want to present that rifle tomorrow and again present that to the big crowd with about 5000 people on stage because there’s all people out there, whether we’re just beginners in this and learning about our constitutional rights, this particular event we’re so proud to be part of with Dick Heller and we’re certainly going to continue here on A Call to Rights, talking more about what people need to know, Jason, about how to stay free and never be a victim is the main theme of our show. That’s what we’re all about.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, absolutely. Any other good guests or points that you want to talk about that the show covers? I mean that was great.

Steve Kates: Well, yes. We get into the history of espionage very heavily. And I had a retired KGB general just on a few weeks ago, Oleg Kalugin, who now teaches in Washington, D.C. at a rather prestigious think tank about how for the CIA, not directly for them, but teaches classes that a lot of CIA employees I’m sure would benefit from about the role of counterintelligence. And we get great gifts like that, talking about the history of espionage, what is happening in this country today, what the patriot act looks like. What is going to be the strength of 10 or 15 years from now? Are we all going to be forced to have a national ID card? Is the second amendment going to be going away any time soon? What can we do to keep and preserve all of our Bill of Rights?

But coming up shortly, we are going to be also, from my visit as you know, Jason, I was invited by the United States Navy with our crew, both video and still photography to go out to the USS Carl Vinson out at sea to see exactly what our Navy men and women, the proud people who serve our military, what they do. And coming back from that, not only was it a roller coaster ride landing on the plane and blasting off with a catapult exit off of our day and a half visit, you gotta love what those people are doing.
And I’m so proud to say that we saw this, I’m so fortunate to be able to see. But we’re going to have one of the commanders on live, the Carl Vinson is continuing to steam out somewhere in the specific off of California, way out there. Talk to Len Lim about some of the things that we couldn’t ask on the particular time we were on the ship, but great guests like that. And we also cover, in closing, all of the political things that are going on here. Who’s running for governor? We get all the congressional candidates, people running for the gubernatorial race and everything to do with every office that’s important, from constable all the way to governor and United States Senator. So we encourage people to check out CallToRights.com and the radio station is KFNX, we’re on Saturdays, noon to 2, and Jason, I didn’t want it to be a commercial about that, but I’m proud of it.

Jason Hartman: It’s a good show. I’ve heard it myself. So thank you, Steve.

Steve Kates: I hope it comes through.

Jason Hartman: Alright, well hey, what would you like to just say in closing that people should really keep in mind, that they should do, action steps they can take. The show is really about protecting the people, places, and profits people care about in uncertain times. And these are very uncertain times. I mean there are people out here who think we’re going to have civil unrest…

Steve Kates: Let’s hope not.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, let’s hope not, but we may see some little instances of that here and there. Just wrap it up for us.

Steve Kates: Well, Jason, thank you again for having me on your program. And I think in the short time to wrap up, I would just like I think in the short time to wrap up, I would just like thse bits of encouragement to folks. Always be on the positive side no matter how bad things are. If we listen traditionally to downstream media we’re going to have our heads down, we’re going to need to take prescription drugs. We don’t need that. Just have a good balance in our lives. And I’m striving for that. I’m not the expert at it, a good mind, body, and spirit balance. And of course in the financial area, with your expertise, guiding as to what ways to invest and do it properly, we need that plan in my opinion.

So not only does a Call to Rights with Steve Kates try to at least offer some solutions, but even more important than the show, Jason, have a plan. Never be a victim. Refuse to be a victim. And what does that mean? It’s a broad based statement Have a plan. What’s your food preparedness in life? How are your children prepared to deal with any situations that may come their way? They’re not going to hear this information in the schools. And if people do feel a necessity for firearm, by God, by all means, for God’s sakes, get training, go to a qualified instructor. There’s so many of them out there, and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to guide people through the legal and judicious use and noble uses of firearms such as hunting. That’s a noble use of a firearm. We’re always hearing the bad things.

This is time now to get prepared. If you do need to feel that you need to provide yourself with a little ammunition, just have a, how do I say it, a go bag or something like that in the event that things were going bad. But always try to think positive. Let’s pray and hope that in our great country that it never gets to that. But never be a victim is the basic summary.

Jason Hartman: Good advice. Well, Steve Kates, thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate the thoughts.

Steve Kates: Thank you so much, Jason, for having me on your program, and good luck to you.

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