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Average people ready for anything.

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It used to be that the word “survivalist” conjured up images of crazed, camo-clad citizens skulking around out in the woods outside their cabin, eating MRE’s and waiting for the next poor sap to stumble into their razor wire perimeter.

These days things are a little different. Sure, there are still a growing number of the fringe element trying to cut all ties with civilization. At Holistic Survival, we don’t believe that’s necessary. Not yet anyway. Our mission is to help the average guy or gal with a job and a family prepare for and survive the next national trauma. You can bet it’s coming.

In the aftermath of 9-11, hurricane Katrina, and the incredible vanishing 401k, it just makes sense to be ready to survive on your own during an emergency. A recent article in the Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram quoted Jack Spirko as saying “I refer to myself as a modern survivalist, which means I don’t do without,” Spirko explained. “I have a nice TV; I have nice furniture. We are not living in the sticks, but I take all these things very seriously.”

What does he take seriously? Spirko is just one of thousands of regular people with regular jobs who know they can’t rely on someone else to help them when something goes awry. Not the government. Not anyone. It’s simply the reality of modern life.

Don’t snicker at the modern survivalist. It makes a lot of sense to be one.

The Holistic Team