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Back to the Stone Age.

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Remember the gallows humor joked about the United States being nuked back to the Stone Age? Turns out that it wouldn’t even take a direct strike and accompanying fallout to send us into a technological wasteland. We’re not going to try to make everyone in the audience an electrical engineer in 300 words or less but, as a modern survivalist, you should be aware of the idea of an electro magnetic pulse generated at sufficient magnitude could transform most of our modern electronics technology into useless lumps of circuits.

Imagine a very bright, mysterious flash high in the sky. No one is injured but suddenly all your modern conveniences are dead: radios, cars, telephones, electricity, everything electrical we’ve come to rely and depend on for comfort and convenience – inoperable.

Nice, huh?

Scientists theorize this sort of widespread failure could be the effect of a series of nuclear detonations 250 miles above North America; the resulting electro magnetic pulse would effectively fry life as we know it, even though we’re still alive and perfectly healthy in the physical sense.

There are even rumors of more sinister weapons technology, weapons designed specifically to create a targeted electro-magnetic pulse with the aim of reducing our technological lifestyle to rubbish. How can you protect against something like this?

Well, if society gets taken back to the Stone Age, life becomes very, very simple. Not easy, mind you, but simple. Food, water, shelter, protection. You better have been taking care of your food storage and self defense.

Don’t worry. Even though technology has been erased, we’ll get everything up and running again eventually. That’s what humans do.  For one interpretation on what life would be like, watch the 1997 movie “The Postman” with Kevin Costner.

See you on the other side!

The Holistic Survival Team

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