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Be Prepared During Special Circumstances

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pregnantThe whole point of emergency preparedness is to plan ahead for any potential situation. Yet in reading, researching, and studying about survival, 72-hour kits, food storage, and other preparedness information, people sometimes forget to take into account common exceptions to the rule. So while making your plans, consider the following circumstances and how they may apply to you and your family members.

Pregnancy: Fathers may have to help with any heavy lifting, such as carrying your wife’s jump bag, during an emergency, as pregnant women should not lift anything too substantial. Sights and smells may affect her or repulse her. Plan to pack extra food and proper vitamins to ensure the baby gets the right nutrition.

Infants: If you have infants, plan on researching exactly which and how much extras you should prepare for, such as extra pacifiers, if that’s the only thing that will calm your crying baby. Perhaps consider switching to cloth diapers, which are not only better for the environment, but are reusable and take up less space. Plan for extra food and vitamins for a breast-feeding mother to keep her healthy.

Young children: Plan to bring a favorite blanket or toy to help calm the child in an emergency. Perhaps even practice for such an event. Encourage your children to try different foods, or be prepared with their favorites in a crisis, or your child may not be willing to eat. Also, bring activities that you child will not grow bored of, so that he or she is entertained.

Elderly: Keep in mind that the elderly may have special needs that you should consider when planning your emergency preparations. The elderly may need medication, glasses, oxygen, and other medical needs. Additionally, plan for special food requirements, such as may occur with diabetics. Mobility is another issue to take into consideration. Does this person use a wheelchair or cane? Be prepared to accommodate them in your planning.

Individuals with Special Needs: If you or a family member has special needs, be sure to include them in your planning. This includes medical conditions which may require crutches, packing extra hearing aid batteries or a back-up aid, or prepping for the needs of a visually-impaired individual. Don’t forget any medicines, ointments, or therapy equipment. Plan for food allergies, including gluten-intolerance, nut allergies, lactose-intolerance, and other food-related issues.

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