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Beat inflation with free investment advice

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HolisticSurvival.comNo amount of free investment advice will stop inflation. The trick is to beat it at it’s own game.

Finding a way around the debilitating effect of inflation is tricky because it seems to be everywhere. The problem is there is too much money in circulation. It’s an oversupply of dollars and euros thanks to the hyperactive printing tendencies of our weak and spineless leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. All together now, too much money causes a rise in prices while, at the same time, diluting our purchasing power.

Guess what else gets diluted? The value of your investments – stocks, bonds, mutual funds – they’re a dead horse running that hasn’t hit the ground yet, but they will. Thanks to inflation, your Wall Street portfolio is losing real purchasing power right now. This very second.

And that brings us to the free investment advice segment of this post. Get out of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as soon as you can! Yesterday would be preferable. Like wrestling an 800 lb gorilla, you’re not going to beat inflation with a head-on bull rush. You have to use it’s intrinsic nature and momentum against it. That means you need an investment that thrives under inflation, rather than one that loses value.

Sounds too good to be true, right? If there was such a thing, surely it would be trumpeted from the rooftops by our trusty media financial advisers. Umm…not quite. To learn about the hidden power of income property investments, and to get free investment advice of a whole different sort, visit JasonHartman.com and claim your free financial independence education.

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