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Biological Warfare – Survival Tactics Not Necessary

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biological warfareWe should all be making preparations for a biological attack by terrorists. Seems like a commonsense statement. Except that the number of successful biological attacks in the past 110 years have been so inconsequential that the loss of life pales in comparison to that incurred routinely driving a car, taking a bath, or spending time in a hospital. The truth is it’s much harder to create and disperse a biological agent for maximum effect than one might think.

And though vicious and mostly unsanitary, the average terrorist cannot be accused of possessing the intelligence necessary to conduct biological warfare. In fact, most appear to be outright dunderheads only adept at sawing off the heads of hogtied victims and then only with a bunch of buddies standing by to help. Here are some interesting facts. The National Defense University conducted a study of the 100 most recent biological terror attacks and found that they resulted in a grand total of 10 deaths 990. Not to dismiss the threat but it seems to be given a level of credence much higher than warranted.

The U.S. State Department lists seven countries as sponsors of international terrorism and five are suspected of having a biological warfare program. Working in the general public’s favor is that, to date, there has been no hard evidence that any country has supplied biologic agents to a terrorist organization, and without access to the resources and technical expertise of a nation, most terrorists are simply unable to mount the sort of focused effort that results in massive contamination.

The point here is there are better ways to spend your time and effort when it comes to modern survival than worrying about a biological attack. At this juncture in time, the odds are not in favor of it happening. You might as well swear off cars and swimming pools for all the sense it would make to obsess about contamination suits and safe rooms.

What you should be worrying about is inflation! Just our two cents – which is only worth about one by now.

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