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Buy land in Montana or shoot yourself now?

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emergency preparednessDecember 21, 2012, is a big day on many calendars. If you happen to be an ancient Mayan, your calendar will be ending then. What happens next? Are you a believer in a cataclysmic disaster such as a reversal of the north and south poles, an incident that last happened 740,000 years ago, according to scientists.

Some people think the earth will begin rotating the opposite direction, causing volcanic eruptions, severe cold, monumental hurricanes, land shifting beneath our feet, and impossibly long lines around the block to buy lottery tickets. If ever it was time to begin your emergency preparedness, this would be it.

Lame Hollywood movies aside, whether or not anything disastrous actually happens on 12/21/2012 doesn’t matter. If the poles are going to reverse, there’s not much we can do about it except store up water and MREs, invest in a good generator, as well as a pistol and rifle with plenty of bullets.

Maybe you’ll want to buy 35 acres of vacant rural land in Montana for $19,000 and hope a tectonic rift doesn’t swallow it on the big day. Remember how the build up to the Y2K was perhaps the biggest letdown in human history? The fringe survivalists were wrong then and there’s a solid chance they’ll be wrong again about this one.


One day they will be right, maybe not to the extent they’re planning but something, some day will come along and knock us for a loop. Might be a financial meltdown. Could be a large scale successful terrorist attack. Possibly a natural catastrophe like we’ve never imagined. Then you’ll wish you had done something to prepare…anything.

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