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Cash flow is king.

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Maybe you count yourself among the millions of hard-working Americans who have had their 401k or other nest egg accounts dog-slapped by the economy of the last two years. We’re not here to tell you it’s been a fun ride but maybe there’s something more important – cash flow!

Now is the time to hang like heck onto that job. Your retirement funds can be addressed at a later date but right now you need to do everything possible to keep cash flowing into your hands to pay the monthly bills. Think of it like this – a low 401k will not likely result in your homelessness. Dwindling cash flow might.

It makes sense to do everything in your power to be the last man laid off, and don’t willingly change jobs unless you see the hatchet coming down or you happen to be in a high risk profession. What do we consider a high risk profession? How about something like a mortgage broker? New car salesman? Follow the logic. During tough times, people tend to cut back on big purchases like, drum roll please, new cars! But with more people holding onto their old cars it could be time to segue into the field of auto mechanics, if you have the skills.

At Holistic Survival, we believe the best way to increase cash flow and even build wealth is with rental property. You might be surprised at how inexpensively you can begin this style of investing. Find free information on the topic at www.JasonHartman.com.

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