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Certain Investments for Uncertain Times

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Rather than to complicate matters, emergencies, disasters, and uncertain times tend to make things very simple. Superfluous trappings fall aside and what remains is what we need to survive. Three basic needs that always remain unchanged are:

1. Food
2. Shelter
3. A place to sleep

Recognizing these needs could be the key to creating and preserving your wealth in the future. How does that work? It seems obvious to us that when push comes to shove, some of the very first institutions to fail will be financial in nature. We’ve already seen evidence of that during the recent recession. Who’s being hit hardest (besides the consumer)? Banks, mortgage companies, stock markets, that’s who. How can you protect your money?

In the first place, if you still have any of your money at risk on Wall Street, you haven’t been paying attention. Do names like Enron, Madoff, or WorldComm ring a bell? The stock market is one of the most scandal-ridden, conspiratorial gang of thugs you’ll find. You have virtually no hope of making money there.

Where do you go then?

We actually do have a suggestion and it’s income property investing done the right way. Why income properties? Look up at the list above to bullet point #3. Even in uncertain times, everybody needs a place to sleep. Who will make out like bandits? The landlords! For a complete education in innovative ways to invest in real estate that will allow you to create wealth no matter how bad the economic upheaval is, log onto http://www.JasonHartman.com.

Once there, check out The Creating Wealth Show, hosted by Jason Hartman.  It’s a quick way to get up to speed.

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