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China’s not getting smaller.

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Part of being a modern survivalist is having the foresight to look at what’s happening around you economically, make an educated guess about where events are headed, and adjust your investing strategy accordingly. The future is always uncertain but seems especially so today. One thing we can say is that China (and India) are experiencing explosive growth, especially when it comes to the middle class.

It’s a safe bet that new arrivals to the middle class are going to have a few things on their mind. First of all, they’re probably going to want an iPod but, after that, expect them to take their suddenly prosperous selves down to the local real estate agent to buy a house to call their own. It’s basic psychology.

It’s going to take basic building materials to build the armada of new houses to satisfy the growing demand. LOTS of building materials. Seems to us that investing in these commodities might be a good idea. Take that idea one step further and invest in a packaged group of commodities such as…land with a house sitting on it!

After all, what is a house but packaged commodities? Concrete, copper, bricks, wood, etc. The worldwide demand for commodities is already high and going higher. With severely uncertain events poised on the horizon, why not make the best investment the world has ever known, real estate in the form of income properties? When strategically tied to a fixed-rate, long-term mortgage, you’ve just entered the only investment we know that profits during inflationary times.

Think inflationary times are coming? We do.

The Holistic Survival Team