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Come on! Die already.

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Oh, come now. We all knew it was going on. It can’t help but happen when the government puts itself in charge of health care. A recent article in the UK Telegraph yanked the cover off this disturbing trend – terminally ill patients are having food and water withheld so they’ll die sooner.

Why on earth would the government (in the form of medical professionals) care how long a terminal lives? The reason is that their inefficient and completely clueless managerial style leaves too few resources for too many people. They can’t afford to let a lingering sick person hang on too long, not when there are a dozen newly sick people needing that hospital bed and various tests.

The problem is, and all but the very dimmest among us realize this, we can’t hope to predict with anything remotely approaching certainty who is ready to die and who might fight on for months or years longer.

The scheme was hatched to “help” dying patients in their final hours by withholding fluid and drugs and keeping them continuously sedated until the end. However, some physicians say this approach could mask signs that the patient is getting better.

Do we really want gramps or mom to leave this world with a doctor at the foot of their bed tapping his foot and glancing at his watch? What does all this have to do with Holistic Survival anyway? To us, it sounds like you better give the United Kingdom a wide berth from now on it, especially if you want to keep breathing. Catch a cold. Break a leg. End up in the wrong hospital bed, go to sleep, and you might never wake up.

The Holistic Survival Team

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