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Commodity investing the old fashioned way

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At Holistic Survival we like to talk about Packaged Commodity investing, which is simply another way to refer about real estate investing. After all, a house is simply a collection of basic commodities arranged in a particular structure that looks like, well, a house!

While we firmly believe Packaged Commodity investing is your best bet by far in these inflationary times, even old school commodity investing would be more profitable than stocks. At least that’s what commodities guru Jim Rogers told CNBC recently. Rogers believes the true effect of the current financial crisis will likely be reflected in the agricultural market as food shortages in the coming years.

He points out that agricultural market is very short on funds right now, which means a better return on your investing dollar than the stock market. Inventories are lower than they have been in decades. Chances are good worldwide food prices could skyrocket. Especially good bets seem to be sugar, which is 70% below its all time high, as well as cotton and coffee.

So it seems commodities are poised for a run up which, by the way, means your Packaged Commodity real estate investment strategy should be soaring along with them. Of course, our method also includes the added benefits that come with real estate like tax breaks, high leverage, using other people’s money, and historically proven high ROI.

The Holistic Survival Team