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Conspiracy Theory vs. Institutional Analysis

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survival skillsIt used to be that conspiracy theory was a neutral term used to describe any alleged civil, criminal, or political that it was believed used underhanded methods to accomplish its goals. These days, the descriptor has been subverted to refer to those inhabiting what might be referred to as the lunatic fringe and believing in vast secret plots that culminate in superhuman feats of cunning and power.

The flip side of conspiracy theory is known as institutional analysis, which might also be called the “company line.” This is the “sane” viewpoint espoused by the scientific, academic, political, and (often-times) media pundits who routinely dismiss those who distrust their proclamations as conspiracy theorists.

One of the most important survival skills modern man can develop is the ability to discern the truth from spin. Without the analytical skills to arrive at truth, how do you even know what you should be protecting yourself from? At HolisticSurvival.com we have a few ideas about human nature and can break down Conspiracy Theory vs. Institutional Analysis like this:

1. Follow the money. It will lead you on an unerring path to the truth.

2. Everything is not a conspiracy. In most instances, humans aren’t talented enough to pull off vast complicated plots.

3. Political, academic, and media pundits will only tell the truth if it benefits them (see #1). If it benefits them, you can trust it. If it doesn’t, look out!

For modern survivalists who prefer not to spend their lives shrinking from shadows, we hope these three points help clear up your thinking when it comes to filtering the daily tsunami of information spilling from various sources. Learn to figure out what’s a legitimate threat and what’s hot air and you’re definitely ahead of the game.

Stay safe out there!

The Holistic Survival Team

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