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Crazy Things People try to Take on a Plane

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Let’s put the following in the category of “some people just ain’t that bright.” It seems 2011 was a banner year for idiots and the things they try to sneak past airport security. Apparently the uber-sensitive scrutiny applied by airport security hasn’t quite made an impression on some dunderheads. Take for instance, the following:

Birds – Los Angeles TSA agents noticed a lady wearing noticeably bulky clothing, and decided to administer a pat-down. Found wrapped in socks and taped to her leg and chest were two birds. Flight risk? You decide.

Science Projects – What do many school science fair projects have in common? Well, there’s often a lot of metal and wire involved, which, in one case, looked enough like a bomb that TSA agents in Omaha closed down and evacuated a checkpoint when they noticed it on an x-ray monitor. This college student deserved an F.

Knives and Swords – Ever since the 9-11 terrorists employed box cutters in their skyjacking, airport security routines have done their best to weed out metal things with blades and sharp points. A selection of bladed weapons that were confiscated in 2011: tree saws, a 14-inch sword hidden in a cane, martial arts weapons, throwing knives, and a brass knuckle knife. Never overestimate the mental computing power of a real knucklehead.

ReptilesSnakes on a Plane was not only a movie of questionable value but it’s a bad idea when it comes to the TSA checkpoint line as well. A Miami man was caught with seven snakes, along with three turtles, stashed inside panty hose tucked into his trousers. There’s no truth to the rumor he worked for Samuel L. Jackson.

The list goes on to include:

1. Grenades and land mines – Both inert but what sort of person assumes either of these would be okay?

2. A stun gun disguised as a bright pink smart phone.

3. C4 explosives – Those crazy soldiers and their souvenirs.

4. 240 live fish – We’re not talking about a plastic bag with a little Nemo swimming around inside; this guy had 4 large suitcases filled only with fish and water.

The big picture idea to keep in mind is that messing around with TSA is not a good idea. Perhaps it’s time to administer IQ tests before selling airline tickets.

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