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Dangerous geniuses.

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It’s only a matter of time before the great breakthrough happens – cheap energy for everyone. It’ll be the end of high gas prices and usher in a new age where the rest of the world can finally tell OPEC to go pound sand.

Or maybe the great breakthrough is already here but has not made its way to the mass market yet. We’re betting that this scenario is the true one. Take a look around this oh-so-modern society of ours. Lightning bolt leaps forward in technology in almost every field. Except one. We’re still driving with internal combustion engine technology, basically unchanged, from one hundred years ago. Do we take our entertainment on century old television and radio sets? No! Are we still jabbering on ancient telephones? No!

So what’s the deal with fuel technology anyway? Well, it seems that all the leaps forward in cheap fuel have either found the inventor bought out, threatened with death or both. Here are a few examples.

Water-Powered Car – This long time staple in the classified ads section of Popular Mechanics was actually built and tested by a gentleman named Stanley Meyers. His design allegedly would power a car from New York to California on 28 gallons of water. Unfortunately for him, his was conscripted to work for the Pentagon and died under mysterious poisoning circumstances while toasting to success in powering tanks by hydrogen extracted from water.

Magnetic Energy – Here’s a cool one. Back in the 1920’s, John Keeley figured out how to power a car by using magnetic energy generated by the planet itself. He simply collected re-radiated energy through a receiver mounted on his house and broadcast it to the car. The Detroit Auto/Oil Monopoly offered Keeley $35 million but wouldn’t guarantee to market it. He turned them down. Later, Henry ford bought and successfully suppressed the invention. After Kelley’s death, his notes and research were never found.

These are just a few examples among dozens. How far do you think certain corporations would go to protect their interests?

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