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Dirty bomb survival tactics

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The phrase “dirty bomb” is frequently bandied about in the media as a weapon of choice for terrorists. But what exactly is a dirty bomb? In simple terms, it’s a bomb filled with radioactive material to varying extents. Back in the days of the Cold War, the United States and Soviet Union each had hundreds of nuclear warheads mounted on long range missiles. As of yet, terrorists don’t have such advanced delivery systems. Instead, they pack a traditional bomb with radioactive material and detonate it at the intended target.

While not yet successful on a large scale, the dirty bomb could be very effective in a major urban setting. As a John or Jane Q. Public, you need to know what actions to take in the event you’re going about your daily routine and you hear a nearby explosion. If you have no knowledge about what the source of the explosion is, assume it’s a dirty bomb.

Covering your mouth and nose with a dust mask or even cotton t-shirt can help, especially if there are radioactive materials floating in the air. Of course, if you’re too close, the blast itself might kill you. There’s not much anyone can do about that. How dangerous is a dirty bomb? Outside the body count in the initial blast zone, a certain number of people may develop radiation sickness over the years. It all depends upon how much of the radioactive stuff the terrorists put in the bomb. The idea that it will kill everyone within five miles and make buildings uninhabitable for years may or may not be true.

You best shelter would be in an airtight below ground room with thick walls. A basement or cellar works well – without windows is even better. Seal it off for several hours but take care not to suffocate yourself. And, yes, quickly getting far away would be another option.

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