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Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property InvestingThe United States is ranked No. 49 in healthcare by the World Health Organization – below some so-called third world countries. Why is this? According to Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, author of Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs: How Surgery Can Be Hazardous to Your Health – And What to Do About It, nearly all surgery is elective surgery, and germs do not cause disease. Most doctors focus on treating illness and disease with surgery and drugs, “fixing” rather than curing patients. Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Dr. Bigelsen regarding his more nontraditional approach to medicine. Listen at: http://HolisticSurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/ for a discussion of Dr. Bigelsen’s simple, if radical approach to healing chronic inflammation, why germs do not cause disease, and how even so-called “non-invasive” surgeries and procedures can harm you. Learn what Biological Medicine is and how it differs from alternative, functional medicine and modern scientific medicine, and why the AMA and Big Pharma are threatened by non-traditional medicine.

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., served his country in Vietnam as a commanding officer in charge of mass casualties and as a trauma surgeon. He had a successful ophthalmology practice in Princeton, New Jersey, before moving to Arizona and following a more nontraditional medical philosophy. He co-authored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act, and was appointed by then Governor Babbitt to establish a board, and while acting as president, to set the standards for holistic medicine. The law gave homeopathy equal legal status with allopathic and osteopathic medicine. He continues to consult in Nevada City, California. Bigelsen is no stranger to controversy. For more than thirty years he has been bucking the medical establishment with his more nontraditional or Lamarckian approach to medicine, and he has paid a price for his opposition. But this trailblazing medical maverick has refused to be silenced, doggedly advocating an approach to health that avoids unnecessary surgeries and drugs.

Though he trained as a medical doctor and surgeon, Dr. Bigelsen grew frustrated by his inability to help patients through the traditional methods of Western medicine. Dr. Bigelsen’s work is based in biological medicine, and involves a revolutionary approach that evaluates every patient as an individual, and develops a rational therapeutic plan based on his/her past medical and surgical history. He believes that if the patient is not getting better, it is the practitioner’s fault, because “miracles only happen when you know what you are doing.” This philosophy has been the foundation of Dr. Bigelsen’s work and drives him to find the real cause of each patient’s unique problems. Only when a cause is found, can one find a cure.

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Start of Interview with Harvey Bigelsen

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Harvey Bigelson to the show. He is a doctor and he is going to talk to us about his book Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs: How Surgery Can Be Hazardous to Your Health – And What to Do About It. Harvey, welcome.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: I’m glad to be here, Jason.

Jason Hartman: Well, it’s good to have you. This is quite an interesting topic. And tell us a little bit about your background and how you became interested in this. I assume it was treating patients and that’s probably how it evolved, but I don’t know for sure.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: That’s basically how it evolved. I went into medical school to help people. And I came out, I was a travel surgeon in Vietnam. And I was an eye surgeon then in Princeton, New Jersey. I got frustrated after several years no matter what I did, no matter whether it’s surgeries that I did or I gave them medications, people were never happy. You never got them back to normal. You always were doing something to them. And very frankly, I get very, very upset with the whole thing until one day a patient came into me and she said she was gonna be healed by a psychic. And I said, okay, I’ll watch that. It was the most interesting thing that came into my office. And I wanted to do surgery on her because that was the name of the game. At the time she had bad glaucoma. Within 6 weeks she was healed. And I was just blown away.

I eventually went up to see this guy. My wife went up first, then I went up to see him and he started telling me about a whole concept about holistic medicine. I had never ever heard of that concept, I never knew what that was. And he sent me to an MD named John Diamond, who’s written a lot of books back east, a fascinating physician and he just opened a whole new universe to me and within several months I had quit traditional medicine and I moved to Arizona and I started to search for other ways to look at life and how can I improve the health of the body instead of stopping the disease. How could I function better?

Jason Hartman: This is a pretty amazing statement coming from you who was trained as a surgeon, I mean and yet now you advocate that patients avoid surgery if at all possible, and that’s a pretty big switch in your thinking wasn’t it?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Oh it’s a major switch. First of all number one, crisis surgery is necessary. Let’s separate crisis surgery from elective surgery. Big difference. You break a leg, you’re in a car accident you need surgery. But elective surgery, I mean there are right now 20% of new medical students are going into plastic surgery. 20%, I mean that’s unheard of. Plastic surgery I don’t call. . .I call that barbaric cosmetology, okay. Go to a spa and get that done. I see plastic surgery if you’re in a car accident and your face is cut apart I do plastic surgeries, but to go and do this now cosmetic surgery just to make yourself look better that’s not medicine. We’re taking this body and I don’t care what you think of this body, but this is no accident, this is a magnificent creation, whether you believe in god, or nature or evolution, it’s a magnificent machine. For you to have the nerve to cut it apart and say you’re gonna approve it, incredible. Absolutely incredible the arrogance of the system. It frustrates me what’s gone on with medicine today. It’s become so money dominated , PR dominated and curing a person has never been done by traditional system, that’s the whole other story.

Jason Hartman: One of the interesting things that I heard you was before was that in the last hundred years the medical industry has not cured a disease.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Yes, let’s break them down go crisis and chronic. Not one chronic disease in a hundred years has traditional AMA backed allopathic medicine found a cause nor a cure in the one hundred years. Now, if you’re a one hundred failure what makes you an expert okay think about at. And you hear that on the news that expert say this, expert say that. I tell my patient you know if your car’s transmission went out and you went to the mechanic and he said he never fixed a transmission in his life. A) Would you leave the car there? Of course not. B) Would you listen to his expert advice?

Jason Hartman: Makes total sense, but I do want to just drill down on that a little bit. I mean didn’t the cure polio, or I guess not cure it but vaccinate against it?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: That’s an infection disease. Let’s not talk about it, that’s a whole other. . .we can do a whole show on that.

Jason Hartman: Okay.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: But I have a major question on curing polio because something goes on. We have a small pox epidemic in the 1940s we start to give a small pox vaccine to everyone. Small pox disappears completely, but in the 1950s polio becomes an epidemic. Now, polio before that was spot or mix, now it’s an epidemic. We then come up with a polio vaccine and polio is completely gone. But MS sky rockets in the 60s. Is it just changing? Is the vaccine working? I have major questions about that. We give vaccine now, I think the average 18 year olds have 37 vaccines. Measles, mumps, rubella, I had those as kids you don’t need vaccine for that. I have real questions about what we’re doing to the system and what’s going on and how the body’s reacting. I tell you that even though we got rid of small pox and polio, has is loft? Again that’s infectious disease versus chronic disease.

Jason Hartman: Speaking of chronic, you talk about chronic inflammation and how it effects a patient’s overall health. I mean what is the big thing about inflammation first of all. That is a disease isn’t it.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: No, it’s not disease it’s the way the body heals. There is a chart, which took me years to study the chart and I think it’s based on Nobel prize winning work called homotoxicology. There are 6 phases to disease. The first thing the body gets if you get a noxious agent it tries to flush it out, excrete it. If it can’t excrete it, it will create an inflammation to heal it. If it can’t get healed, now the problem will start to get impregnated in the system, deposited in the system, the tissues will start to weaken more and more. A hundred years ago we didn’t have that many surgeries. The average Medicare patient today has had 9 ½ surgeries. And surgery, as I said before and I say this a lot, it’s theoretically, you know it’s a knife hitting into the system. Just because you’re asleep your cells are not asleep. They know the cell wall has been cut. There has been a dam now formed, a scar will form. And the body has actually got 5 diaphragms in it that is constantly expanding and attracting. And scars block this and pull this. So the worst injury you can receive, I’ve asked around, it’s not things like broken bones, it’s surgeries. Some of them are necessary, but today a lot of them are not necessary at all. You know they tell women you don’t need your uterus at the age of 50 and everyone do a hysterectomy. Horrendous concept. If someone, our creator didn’t want that, they would have made something so you dropped the uterus out at the age of 50. Nature does nothing in vain.

Jason Hartman: So what happens? Take the hysterectomy example. I mean my mother had a hysterectomy many years ago, what is the downside of it?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: You’re causing a massive scar, A. B, that scar, the pelvis is actually the diaphragm and so the pelvis, the pelvis is expanding and attracting 1 ml 8 to 10 times a minute. You’ve just now scarred and locked that pelvis down. The tail bone actually moves 8 to 10 times a minute and pumps up the cerebral spinal fluid which is very nourishing for the nervous system. It pumps up the spinal canal. The meningeal membranes are actually in motion. They are expanding and contracting 8 to 10 times a minute, about a millimeter. We get waves of fluid that are coming up to our skull. Our skull is 22 bones that are interlocked, they are not fused. MDs don’t understand that, osteopaths do. As fluid gets up there the skull expands, pressure comes through, great it contracts. We got a whole hydraulic pumping system. The scars block that, they pull that, they torque that, they do all sorts of things. And you think of the injury, I’ve asked people many times what is the worst entry?. If you were awake and someone wanted to take your gallbladder out behind 7-11 you would know for the rest of your life how damaged you are. But because they do it in OR you think you’re okay.

Jason Hartman: What about the anesthetic part of it? It’s interesting that you say you may be asleep, I guess your brain and nervous system right, but to some extent is obviously anesthetized. But your cells knows that there is an attack, and you call surgery a legal attack with a knife. That’s a very interesting way to look at it. A rather big statement.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: It’s a pretty brutal statement but that’s you know I’m trying to wake people up. Before you go and run and get this elective surgery. . .I have a note on my desk here about a woman that the doctor wants to get her and the nurse repeat to me get your uterus out now, get your ovaries out now, because the ovaries you don’t need them now, you’re in your early 50s. The only thing it can do is cause cancer, we get it out now to prevent cancer. They’re forcing the woman to do this. To me what’s going on in medicine today is what’s called a Rodney Dangerfield joke. Rodney Dangerfield states that he goes into the doctor and says hey doctor do you have anything to stop me from aging and the doctor gives him a gun.

Jason Hartman: That’s true. I mean in that example you just made I mean there is an increased likelihood of cancer. So isn’t that being proactive and preventative?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: It’s the same thing, why don’t we take out a man’s prostate? Every man if we live long enough we’ll get prostate cancer. Some will get it at the age of 50, some will get it at 150 if we live long enough. Why don’t we take a man’s prostate out at 50, why are we just doing it to women? Plus I’m gonna tell you something which if women hear this it would shock the heck out of them. During the sexual act the spasm at the end of the orgasm is actually a lot of the uterus contracting to try to bring the sperm up. Cut that uterus out and the woman loses that spasm. Okay, so I’m not so sure so many women would want to elect to do that. And what happens is they tell the women you’re bleeding now you’re going through menopause you got fibroids you better take it out. After menopause the fibroids shrink up greatly.

Jason Hartman: I mean is this about money? Is the AMA just recommending all of these “elective surgeries and procedures” just to increase doctor’s billings to insurance companies?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: I really believe a lot of it is about money. When I went to medical school doctors were the high middle income to really low rich or something like that. Now the insurance companies have lowered the whole show, doctors have to see more patients, their income is much less, and I basically tell people that most doctors today, and when new patients come into the office they got what I call drool coming out of their mouth and a knife hidden in the other hand just in case we can find something. Procedures, they want to do procedures today for two reasons, not just to make money, but if they don’t do the procedure and something happens the lawyer will sue them.

Jason Hartman: Right so they’re covering liabilities sort of in advance.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Right, they’re covering their income, they’re covering their liabilities and then the patient comes third.

Jason Hartman: But the reason they’re covering that liability with this proactive, if you will, elective surgery, is that they’re. . .it’s mandated by the AMA’s standard of care right? They say this is the thing you should do and the connection there may be is insurance companies lobbying congress to make the AMA adopt that type of standard of care or how does that all work?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Well the standard of care I once had charges brought against me that I cured a person with an illegal means and the doctor said to me we don’t care if your patient is getting better or worse, we only care if you’re doing the work and not always scientifically.

Jason Hartman: Scary statement, yeah.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: I mean it’s frightening. And this is the control of the system it’s all. . .Right now 90% of all the literature and all the journals is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. So if you write, if they want you to write something about the drug and you write something nasty you ain’t gonna get another offer to do that again. This is what’s going on in medicine today. I liken it to all wellion, we don’t believe it, it’s factious, okay it’s controlled by the industry. But if you look up the world health organization statistics you’ll see the U.S. is ranked 37th in the world. Okay France is number 1, U.S. is 37 in the world. In cost we’re number 1, and 72nd total in delivery. Unbelievable how poor the U.S. is, and yet we hear we’re so good.

Jason Hartman: Right. So this discussion could never be complete without talking about the current political climate and Obama Care, which I think is going to be an absolute unmitigated disaster. Not saying that everything is working perfectly now because it certainly not. But you know what are your thoughts about the political situation?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Well what’s going on now I’ve been fighting things like Obamacare now since the early 80s. This is anti-trust. Healthcare is states’ rights. Now in the state of California we have MDs, we have osteopath, we have chiropractors, we have naturopaths, we have acupuncturists, all licensed as primary care. Obama Care will only pay for one of them. My daughter is an acupuncturist, okay, she’s absolutely brilliant. She’ll get paid if a doctor recommends her. So this antitrust, it’s unconstitutional they’re picking out one to pay for and that’s just not equal. I’ve been fighting that thing with attorneys for a number of years. Finally the AMA got the control that they want with Obamacare. It’s now they’re the ones, they’re the kings officially insurance will pay for them. They will pay me a quarter of a million dollars to cut your heart out of your chest, they will not pay me ten thousand to fix it in your chest, and they’ll probably report me to the local agency to try to get my license away for fixing it in a way that they don’t like.

Jason Hartman: How would you fix it in my chest?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: The last thing you do is surgery, number one. Number two, I’ve been using a lot of stuff from Europe okay. We’re so far behind. The French are not born in healthcare, okay. They eat like crazy, they drink like crazy, they smoke like crazy, they’re thin as rails, and they’re the number one in healthcare and they live about 5 to 8 years longer than us. We’re making stem cells, we’re looking at stem cells in the future. And our stem cells we’re gonna make it what I call Las Vegas style. It’s gonna cost you a quarter of a million dollars to get someone to have a bone marrow transplant to get the stem cells to get their own stem cells and grow them. The French are making stem cells from pig embryos that you drink. And the first time I tried it I had a patient with Alzheimer’s, it pulled her out of Alzheimer’s within an hour. And it gets into the mucus membranes of the mouth, the FDA lets it into the food stuff because she can drink it. And look at how fancy the U.S. can do it. It’s gonna cost you a fortune. The French stuff cost you $100 to $300 a dose. Now you need to do repeated doses but it works, it works tremendously.

Jason Hartman: I mean you know I’ve just got to ask though. How could something so successful really be suppressed kept secret? Wouldn’t everybody just be running over to France, I mean gosh it’s not like communication isn’t so global and instant nowadays.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: How are they gonna find that out okay. Number one, most of United States watches TV. Most of the commercials on TV are basically pharmaceutical industries. You always see this beautiful girl running through the woods, okay and they tell you she got some terrible disease. But if you take this pill she’ll do so much better. But there are side effects, there’s death, there’s homicide, there’s suicide, this or that, you got 50 side effects on that. But yet you’re showing us this beautiful girl and people fall for this type of stuff. By the way there’s no such thing as a side effect. I put a pill into your mouth it’s a direct effect. It will have to happen.

Jason Hartman: Good point.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: But this is propaganda and I think there’s almost what I call a dumbing down of civilization of the United States public to believe this propaganda. You know everyone’s got to go for checkups now. I don’t have a problem going for a checkup, but you’re gonna go to a checkup with someone who’s never fixed anything? I have major questions on that. It’s all PR and propaganda.

Jason Hartman: You talk about germs and you talk about the terrain. Everybody knows what a germ is pretty much, a lot of people are germophobic. What do you man when you talk about the word terrain though? You’re talking about the body right?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: It’s the soil of the body, okay. It’s you know if you have a fertile soil, certain things will grow in you. If your soil is lousy other stuff will grow in you. This is basically what it is. It’s not the germ that’s the problem, it’s the type of soil it’s growing in. We’re talking a streptococcus is always a streptococcus, a staphylococcus is always a staff. This virus is always that. It never changes, no. Trees change, grass grows, everything in life changes, well so does a germ. That’s the big story. Germs can become equal like germs in the intestines. If the intestine swell that germ will swell an now become a candida. The germ will loft and adapt to the terrain. Algae will grow in a stagnate pond. You take still water and you put it outside for a week you’ll see garbage growing in it. You’ll see germs growing in it. Where do they come from?

Jason Hartman: Yeah you say the terrain is everything, the germ is nothing.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Right, it’s the terrain that it’s growing in, that’s the key, it’s the body that it’s growing in. We talked about it’s a germ, everything is accidental we’re gonna get hit by the germ. Things like the swine flu, people are afraid of that. The flu is not. . .we’re all worried about a pig getting ill in Argentina if the whole world’s gonna get it. Or a parent in Hong Kong and the whole world is gonna get ill. Flu only happens at the change of seasons. Well what happens at change of seasons? The weather is changing, the trees are changing, the grass are changing and adapting, well so do we. If our membranes and if we’re toxic our nose runs and we call it a flu. If we’re basically fairly healthy and the system is open we adapt to the change. But if we’re congested and toxic, the system over runs and they blame it on the germ, on the parrot or the swine that started the whole thing. But no it’s the body adapting to the change in the atmosphere.

Jason Hartman: That makes perfect sense because all people have germs but only a few become ill right?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: That’s correct, they blame it on the germ. But the people that are blaming it on the germ haven’t found the cause to cure anything truly in a hundred years, okay. So we’re listening to this whole concept and that concept of the germ theory was really, if you go back in history, supported by Rockefeller who dies at the age of 97 never taking a drug in his life. But you can make money the germ theory disease, you can come up with the magic bullet philosophy and therapy. So now its name the disease and now you have the magic bullet. And that’s exactly what you have on everything.

Jason Hartman: It seems as though there is almost a whole field to create new diseases and afflictions and names of things that we all should be conscientious or maybe obsessive about frankly that never had names before. Are we just getting smarter and more aware? Or are we inventing things that don’t exist?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: It’s the pharmaceutical industry that’s keeping an empty name. The name of the game is the name. Everything is the name. Everything is something’s new. We’re gonna find the germ that’s causing it, in the meantime we’re gonna give it a name. Acute and chronic garbage or whatever it is. They like to give it long names and initial things, everyone’s got initials of things. You know ADD we talked about.

Jason Hartman: ADHD, yeah right.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: The only people that don’t have ADHD are retarded, okay. We’re active, your mind is thinking – it’s here and there. Less now, we’re on a show, we’re focused, so now we’re one way. But most of the time it’s all over the place. We’re creating here, we’re thinking here, and now you’re gonna take a pill to stop that and narrow our thinking now? We’re dumbing our creativity down by doing that stuff.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, the mind is not a linear thing – it’s a very random thing. It has all sorts of random thoughts that pop in but they meld together and form new ideas, and that’s really how a lot of discoveries I think are made.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: And they call that ADD, okay they put a name on it and they can put a pull on it. They name everything and they put a pill on everything you know. You go to a doctor for a checkup, for me I tell you people the best preventive medicine don’t go for a checkup, because they will find something and they will do something. The only perfect being is the Messiah and I have not seen him or her. They will find something they will do something.

Jason Hartman: What about going for the check up and then maybe being very cautious about taking the advice.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Number one if you go for a checkup find. . .I would find a state where you have a licensed naturopath, we have that in California, they’re great. At least to looking from health point of view not from disease point of view. An osteopath learns both aspects. The MD only learns disease they do not learn health. They then learn how to stop disease by giving drugs, or surgery, okay or burning it. They do not know how to fix the person. If you go to a checkup, find yourself an osteopath that could do blood tests and stuff. At least the know and understand things are structured which MDs do not understand and it’s very important. Go to a naturopath physician. If they can do injections and stuff like that they’re much better. If I had to do it over again I’d become a naturopathic and do injections or become an osteopathic, the MDs are very very very limited.

Jason Hartman: Injections of what?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Well I do. . .if you’re scarred, you got a scar problem we call that an interference field. The Germans have been doing therapy on those scars and we inject it to loosen it up and I inject protein which is based on 2 B vitamins besides being an aesthetic. And we loosen those areas up and we work on structure. To me there were three great, what I call divine sciences that came through history. In Asia acupuncture came up which is the electrical supply of the body. In Europe homeopathy but the remedies to be noted a philosophy homeopathy how disease moves in and out of the body, homotoxicology to me is right on the money. And in the United States osteopathy chiropractic instruction came up. The founder of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still stated disease cannot exist where there are no obstructions. You have obstruction in your flows and your fluids. You will have a stagna pond and within the stagnant pond the garbage will happen. Break the stagnation and that’s the key. Structure is. . .in evolution function created structure. The giraffes drew their necks higher because the ice age made the trees higher. When you treat a person in biological medicine the law is structure proceeds function. Open the structure up, expand it through good manipulation, or break the scars, loosen the scars up because they’re concerned for the structure and now you can start cleaning the person up better and strengthening them better.

Jason Hartman: So those three, are those what you refer to as the divine trinity of medical philosophy is those three things?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Yes they are. You put them all together.

Jason Hartman: Let me take a brief pause, we’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: When you talk about terrain I just wanted to talk about one more thing on that subject if we could Harvey, and that is the issue of PH balance. And you had mentioned to me before we started the show talking about cancer and the PH level of the body and that kind of thing. Tell us about that if you would.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Okay the PH balance that’s really important. Cancer only comes when the venous blood to 2 alkaline and there’s not enough oxygen. Oxygen cancer lives, it’s called an anaerobic disease that lives only on pure sugar and no oxygen. So oxygenation and breathing is major, major important. We rush around here and there, but if you did good yoga breathing and you really did stuff like that, less chance of cancer. This stresses again, that makes our adrenal system work, that makes our cells acid and we’re dumping alkaline waste. So stress really pushes the PH’s around, more important than diet.

As far as diet goes, what I believe is several things. Here is the French like I mentioned before. They eat like crazy, smoke like crazy, drink like crazy, thin as rails and yet they’re born in the world of healthcare. And I think one of the reasons is that they eat over 2 or 3 hours the day is over, they kick back. Us Americans stuff packaged foods in ten minutes and then we rush to watch TV or something like that. They chew their food, they kick back, they mellow out. This is we’re rushing. You see people coming out of a McDonalds with a burger in one hand, a Coke in the other hand and they weigh 350 pounds and they’re rushing some place. That’s the United States.

Jason Hartman: The obesity in the U.S. it’s just unbelievable. I remember hearing a world health organization stat that said for the first time in human history there are more obese people than there are malnourished people.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: And I think that’s chemicals. Let me tell you why on that.

Jason Hartman: Chemicals, hormones probably too right?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: What’s that?

Jason Hartman: Probably hormones too in the meats and stuff like that.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Well the hormone is a part of what we done to the system. In acupuncture philosophy there are 5 elements: fire, air, water, earth, and metal. Now when you take these foreign pills that we’re taking, this is earth debris. The body’s gonna try to get rid of this garbage cause they’re poisonous stuff, but if it’s blocked up with [00:29:58] and can’t get rid of it, the body will then try to bring in water to try to flush it out and it will start to bloat more and more. So, to me, the more garbage we eat, they tell you these things they’ve been adulterated, the calories are low, these are low fat things, but 10 thousand chemicals in it. Those chemicals though are creating the bloat. Our bodies are trying to wash it out and we’re blowing up more and more. The healthier people are eating good fresh foods and taking their time to eat. Frankly you can’t believe the amount of food I eat at dinner, my wife goes crazy because it takes me at least an hour and a half to two hours to eat dinner.

Jason Hartman: Interesting, very different than the American way, isn’t it? How does look at a patient’s living blood give you a window onto their condition?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: It tells you everything. What amazes me is I’m only the 3rd MD in the United States to look at live blood.

Jason Hartman: Distinguish if you would live blood versus a conventional blood test maybe.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: What they do is they take a your blood and they put it on a slide and they stain it. Now the stain is a poison and will fix things for your mortality. So 10 years from now they can open up the draw and they can see the slide and look at your slide. However, if it’s not stainable it’s invisible. And if you look at my website, okay which is Dr. Bigelsen.com, http://www.drbigelsen.com. If you look it up you’ll see movies on that, there are things that are moving in the blood. When I saw that about 35 years ago it changed my entire life, because we have so many living things in the blood and we’re taught the blood is sterile. When I see so many living things it’s so important it’s got to be important. So I’ve been studying that for years, and frankly if you dropped a brick on your toe now your blood would show it. Your blood would show the shock, the injury, it would show different things about what happened. I have studies of blood and it took me years to believe this. I had two teachers that worked with me. If you give me a woman that’s pregnant, I can actually show you formations and things in the blood that are called symplasts that will be and look like the baby. And you can see that again when you look on my website. And I’ve been doing that, looking at the blood for years, like I said the early 1980s was my teachers that started me on this. Third American doctor in U.S. history that’s done that. No one else does it, it’s unbelievable to me. And you can see some of the things. If your blood is dirty you can see it. If your blood is clean you can see it. If it’s weak you can see it. If it’s dirty you have to clean it up. If it’s clean and it’s strong then I can push your button and start to open up more things. So the blood will tell me, clean, dirty, tired, etc., etc., it’ll tell you exactly what’s going on.

Jason Hartman: So is that where you talk about when you say rebalancing the system of a patient?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: What I’m trying to do is trying to get the blood back to if it’s dirty I’ll clean it up. And you could actually see the treatments before and afterwards and we’ll treat a person – we’ll do what’s called neural therapy, [0:32:48.2] therapy and do osteopathic work and you’ll see the blood before and afterwards. And if it’s dirty and it’s caused by I believe the scar is blocking up and causing what’s called the interference field, and it’s creating this inflammation and we treat that and release that, the blood will show you the difference right afterwards. And you can see the difference in the blood that before and afterwards that it’s major important. Now you know you got the treatment right. Blood tells you everything. Life is in the blood, everything is in the blood. If you’re angry it’s in the blood. If you’re angry for a week it’s different, and if you’re a genetically angry person it’s still different, but it’s there.

Jason Hartman: How do you do a living blood test though? I mean you don’t stain it like the traditional blood test.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: No, I just take a drop from the finger, it’s that simple. Put it on the slide, put it under microscope and the patient sits in front of me, they have a TV screen which they can see it and I look under the microscope and we go over the blood. We have about at least a half hour, we go over it, I talk to the patient and I can match the blood to the patient. And right now I can take a drop of your blood and tell all about the patient just by looking at the blood.

Jason Hartman: It’s amazing that conventional medicine doesn’t do that, I mean is it because it needs to be preserved to be shipped off to the lab or what?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Well to me conventional medicine reminds me of frankly it’s a moron that lost a quarter on a dark night and was looking two blocks down the street cause that’s where the street lamp is. I once had the chief of hematology from Tufts New England Medical School in my clinic in Mexico. He was interested in my immune work. Now Boston is the academic mix of the universe. He’s the chief of hematology there. And he wouldn’t come and look at the microscope cause he said why would anyone look at the live blood. This is the chief of hematology at a Boston medical school, okay refused to do this. How uncurious are you. If he’d looked in that blood it would have changed his whole philosophy of what’s going on. Every time I show it to someone, any medical physician if they see these things move around they’re stunned, because we’re not taught anything about it. You’re taught the blood is sterile in medical school.

Jason Hartman: Well I do find that higher education has some big handicaps regardless of the field. It seems as though the more educated a person is, the more they become convinced of their way, and the more inflexible and closed they become. I mean obviously that didn’t happen with you, but would you agree that a lot of your colleagues in medicine are that way. I think you would.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: They believe that they are doing the best there is. But the average doctor lives 4 years less than the average person. I had a woman named Anne Kalso, she designed the Earth shoes, she was a yoga master. And I spent a year with her and she said to me do you know why the average doctor lives 4 years less than the average person, she says deep down they know they’re wrong, they know they’re full of it and it eats away at them. It really ate away at me. I mean I was really I. . .I didn’t know what to do after 3 or 4 years of practice. I’d come home, I was suicidal, I had reached the pinnacle of everything and no one was happy. I was making a lot of money. I said there’s got to be more to life than this. And it was very depressing to me until I found the answer the other way of looking at it.

Jason Hartman: We’ve got to start wrapping up, but I got a few more things I want to cover real quickly. Back in 1981 you coauthored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act. What were some of its ground breaking things. I mean you said you moved to Arizona. Now you live in Northern California, but why Arizona?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: I moved to Arizona cause number one, I wanted to change everything the way I looked at things. And there was a clinic in Arizona that did Holistic medicine, it was based on the work of America’s most prolific psychic Edgar Cayce. So I went out and spent a year out there and studied Edgy Cayce stuff and it was very, very interesting. He taught me, I’d look at asthma, he have 50 asthma reads, but he taught me on every case that the human being has an electrical body and a physical body, and you treat the electrical body in Its own way and you treat the physical body in its own way, and he talked about that. And you’ve got to treat them both, okay. And he was the first one that brought up those concepts to me. And to me the structure then is very, very important. He got into the structure and the energy body relates to the emotions. He got into those aspects of it too. So you know that’s what really changed my life to the way that Cayce looked at it and it made sense. So I said I’ll go that way and patients started to get better. That was exciting.

Jason Hartman: So what were the big ground breaking things about that act that you co-authored.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: What happened is doctors were getting persecuted for practicing “alternative medicine” or non-traditional medicine like if you go into quack watch you’ll see that I got censored for legible handwriting. They were going after. . .

Jason Hartman: Don’t all doctors have illegible handwriting?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: That’s what the judge said. I had to take it to get it overturned. He said is this a doctor joke or something. But you’ll see it on quack watch you’ll see that I was censored for legible handwriting. They started to persecute the alternative physicians. So there were lay people that were trying to get a law through and the governor in legislature said we don’t know who you are. We don’t know if you’re [0:38:01.5] to what you are, we cannot say give you law. Well I went up to the governor’s office, Governor Babbott at the time, and I went to the head of the legislature and I sat down and I spoke to them and I said well we have MDs doing it, so why can’t we make it that you have to be a licensed MD first, or licensed osteopath first before you can become a homeopath, and they liked that idea. So that now gave us our own agency with our own peer review. So we set up standards to practice alternative holistic medicine where holistic was in the law and we had to define that and that became under our jurisdiction, nutrition became under our jurisdiction. So that law separated the powers and allowed the freedoms for physicians like me to practice without being worried. Now I’m very proud that there’s over 200 physicians that are licensed because they’ve been harassed in other states, they’ve moved to Arizona where they get licensed so they can practice freely.

Jason Hartman: You know this is interesting, looking at quack watch it almost seems as though this is funded by the AMA.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Oh without question.

Jason Hartman: Is it really? Everything they talk about here is just attacking everything that you hear. I did this really interesting show, a constitutional lawyer who has sued the FDA and litigated with them about how you can’t make the most basic claim of prune juice will relieve constipation, you know everybody knows this is true. Yet if you say that on the jar you will be put in jail. It’s just unbelievable how they have just suppressed free speech in so many ways.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: They have suppressed it and it’s all money controlled. And I’ll just give you an example of the suppression and money control recently. They just approved a drug a couple of days ago. $93 thousand dollars it costs for a shot. It is given to prostate cancer cases that get 4 to 6 months to live, it may extend the life for 1 to 2 months for $93 thousand dollars a shot. In 1972 they had a pill called Honvan, which was a hormonal blocker. Every Mexican doctor at a Mexican clinic knew that that worked 1000% on prostate cancer. They took it off the market in 72. It was $.50 cents a pill. Now they’re talking $93 thousand a shot, and it’s not gonna save your life even, you’re still going to die in 1 to 2 months later. It’s money, money, money. Look at the chemotherapy drugs, $100 thousand dollars, $200 thousand dollars a shot. That’s incredible, absolutely incredible and outlandish the stuff that’s going on. If it’s too cheap they won’t make the money. That one prostate cancer drug, its cured everyone, but for $50 cents a pill, off the market it went.

Jason Hartman: Unbelievable. I’d like to close, Harvey, with some talk about the role of attitude. Back when I was, oh gosh I think I was about 17 years old, maybe 18 years old. I became interested in Norman Cousins, who of course you know he wrote anatomy of an illness, a very famous book. And the story is he basically cured himself of a rare blood disease that wasn’t curable at the time through attitude. Through laughter and watching candid camera reruns and Groucho Marks and stuff like that. Psycho sematic medicine, I very much believe that there is something to that. One’s attitude affects certainly one’s place in life, how far they will go, they’re level of success and they’re business or career, they’re relationships, of course attitude is vitally important, why wouldn’t it apply to health?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Oh 1000% applies to health. Attitude sets the whole ballgame up.

Jason Hartman: But if you go to the AMA they won’t acknowledge that will they?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Well the AMA is a failure. Well you know they failed at everything. They’re always gonna say no it’s a virus or this is something in your genes. They’re gonna tell you stories like that. But attitude sets you up everything. Every disease has a very specific emotion. There’s a fellow named Hon in Germany, who came up with HAMAR, he came up with concepts of different emotions and different diseases, I totally agree with him, I’ve come up with similar concepts. You’ll find every left breast cancer case, a psychological profile will basically be the same psychological person person. Different than a right breast cancer case, every open case we know is worrying a hole in themselves.

Every disease has an attitude behind it. Every single disease. Hamar’s work is probably the best talking about that and how it affects you. The attitude sets you up. I’m a give you an example. A mother yelling at two children. One gets asthma and the other one walks away saying mom’s having a period. Okay it’s how it affected them and how it was gonna take, but the attitude sets you up without question. But I don’t quote psychosomatic, I quote psychogenic.

Jason Hartman: What’s the difference?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Psychosomatic is if you think it’s gonna happen. PsychINogenic is no, you keep that emotion it will definitely physically happen. It will physically change your genes, it will physically change your physical body. Psychosomatic is just in your head, no. . .it reflects on your physical body.

Jason Hartman: Very, very interesting. Well Dr. Harvey Bigelsen thank you so much for sharing this with us today. The book title is “Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs: How Surgery can be Hazardous to your Health and What to do About it”. I tell you the book is well referenced, it’s just fantastic. So really thank you and keep up the good work, that’s a very interesting topic. Do you want to give up your website again?

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Okay it’s www.drbigelsen.com. That’ll explain a lot of this. This is one of the books that’s out now. But I think people get that, look at the website, look at the book over there. And start to be. . .take care of yourself and start to be wary of what’s’ really going on out there cause we’re really being programed. We can take care of ourselves, it’s not that hard.

Jason Hartman: Yeah absolutely. You know one more thing. You wanted to do a call out to people listening for them to have their providers contact you. Tell us about that if you would.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: Yes, what I would like is I want to set up a network of providers. I’d love to have their providers contact me because I can help them get the patients better. What goes on right now is providers are like the Dutch boy at the dike, just putting their finger in stopping the leak. The traditional physician is using a pharmacy, the alternative is using vitamins. I want to talk to these providers and teach them how to rebuild the dike and make it much stronger. That’s a whole different ballgame. There’s a lot of things in Europe to regenerate the system. I tell people if you ran a 4 minute mile today I can get you running a 350 mile by maximizing your performance. I want to get providers involved in it. I want to talk to them because everyone’s got creative ideas. I feel like sometimes I’m out there on my limb by myself. I want to get other physicians to talk to us, to communicate with us, and set up almost like an international network of providers that are communicating for this. And to me a microscope is a cheat, cause no one looks at the blood live, when you look at the blood live there’s so much you can see in there and I’d love to get that spread around.

Jason Hartman: Very interesting. Okay so it’s drbigelsen.com, that’s the website where providers could contact him. Thank you so much Harvey, great talking to you today.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen: It’s been a great show. Thanks a lot Jason, you have a good one.

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