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Does the Kindle eReader Count as Survival Gear?

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HolisticSurvival.comWhen the talk turns to survival gear, the voices of experience in the field warn against relying upon any sort of electronic gear, which can be ripe for being zapped by solar radiation or an electro-magnetic pulse. Well, the Kindle is certainly electronic in nature and could be rendered useless by either of the above scenarios. That’s the downside. The plus side is that the Kindle 3 weighs only 8.7 ounces and holds up to 3,500 books. Try sticking that many hard copy books into your bug out bag and see how far you get.

And we’re not talking about mindless fiction with which to while away the hours without television, though that certainly has it’s place. With the ability to store that many books, consider the indispensable field guides you could slip into your electronic device. Topics like first aid, cleaning and dressing game, gardening, edible plant identification, etc. You don’t have to think too hard for the possibilities to become crystal clear.

Further consider that the paperback version of “Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook,” by James Talmage Stevens weighs in at a solid one pound all by its lonesome. The entire Kindle device with full load of 3,500 books weighs only half that. Seems like a pretty solid vote for including it in your survival gear.

The question then arises how to keep the Kindle charged. After all, it is an electronic device. For shorter term emergencies, a fully charged battery should give you two or three weeks of reading time. If your needs surpass that time frame, it makes sense to invest in something called a solar roll, which, as long as the sun shines, allows you to keep your Kindle charged indefinitely.

And there’s something to be said for having access to some stimulating, enjoyable reading to make time pass faster and give your brain something to think about besides the depressing reality of the situation. It goes without saying that a Kindle wasn’t intended to be tossed on top of your backpack and left to collect dirt and moisture. Invest in some hermetically sealed plastic bags. LOKSAK makes some good ones. 3M makes antic-static bags that might or might not protect your kindle in the event of a solar flare or EMP. You might deem it worth a try.

Our opinion is you should clear a space in your survival gear for a Kindle eReader, or whatever other brand you prefer. When the chips are down, knowledge can be the power to make it through another day.

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