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Doh! That is so easy!

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iStock_000003820996Small House ConstructionIs your house in need of a thousand million minor repairs? Ha! Does Dracula like to drink blood? Yes. Sometimes in our headlong sprint towards depression that we have to make a household repair, we forget to remember some very simple techniques guaranteed to elevate your status among the other primates and maybe even improve your love life.

No guarantees. We’re just saying…could happen.

1. Got a sticking door? If your door is dragging on the floor, making scraping sounds – you know the drill – it’s easy to sand it down without dissembling the entire house. Put a piece of sandpaper on top of a pile of magazines. Make it high enough that the door scrapes the sandpaper. Now shove the things under your door and use the handle to move it back and forth over the sandpaper.

2. Squeaky floor? This noise is usually caused by two boards rubbing together. Sprinkle talcum powder on the floor, then sweep it into the noisy cracks. Or you can get down on hands and knees and rub a bar of soap over the offensive seam. Basically anything that functions as a lubricant will work.

3. Need a quick mini-scaffold? You gotta dust off the top of those ceiling fan blades some time but you aren’t quite tall enough. Here’s an idea on how to construct a mini-scaffold that shouldn’t fall over and cause you injury unless you’ve got the happy feet. Get a couple of milk crates, turn them upside down, and place a length of 2 X 12 board between them. Presto! You’re taller!

Granted, these three brilliant suggestions aren’t likely to make all your wildest dreams come true but maybe they’ll help someone, somewhere, at some time. And remember the all time best handyman tip – duct tape!

The Holistic Survival Team