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Dr. Horowitz: 528 Hz is the Love Frequency

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property Investing (2)Join Jason as he interviews author and international authority in the fields of public health, behavioral science, emerging diseases, and natural healing, Dr. Leonard Horowitz regarding the discovery and application of 528Hz, which is the love frequency, a vibration of energy at the heart of spirituality and also known as the “universal healer.” Dr. Horowitz discusses the need for conscious survival in an age where humanity is being indoctrinated by the most untrustworthy people in the world, who, while proposing agendas for the “good of mankind,” are prospering from humanity’s suffering. With the discovery of the power of 528Hz, many researchers and healers now use this frequency to repair damaged DNA. For more details, listen at: www.HolisticSurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/.

A Harvard University trained expert in health education and media persuasion, Dr. Horowitz has additional expertise in genetics and electrogenetics, virology, and vaccine research and development, by reason of his academic trainings, scientific publications, sixteen published books, and internationally recognized authority in these fields. Over the past 30 years, he has become a bestselling author, personal care educator, consumer protector, alternative and complementary care specialist, and by far, healthcare’s most controversial critic of the pharmaceutical cartel, especially following the release of his second documentary film, In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism. His celebrity has expanded internationally making him the second most popular alternative healthcare professional on YouTube, following Depak Chopra. Dr. Horowitz has formulated, or co-created, numerous natural remedies for public protection and remediation of diseases; and holds trademarks covering several products that compete powerfully with the drug industry’s monopoly over infectious disease prevention and remediation.

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Start of Interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Dr. Leonard Horowitz to the show. He has got some very interesting insights into Goldman Sachs. You’ve certainly heard them in the news a lot, especially lately with their big bonuses and all of the stuff they’re doing, as well as a whole bunch of other very interesting and unique connections that I find have not been made by others before, whether it relates to spirituality and how it relates to our financial situation in this country and around the world, and also the BP oil spill, etcetera, etcetera. So I think you’ll really enjoy hearing from Dr. Leonard Horowitz today. Len, welcome.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Thank you, Jason.

Jason Hartman: My pleasure. Great to have you on the show. So talk to us a little bit, if you would, about what is going on with the financial crisis, Wall Street, the most infamous player being Goldman Sachs and of course the Federal Reserve, but Goldman Sachs more specifically I think is really interesting now. What’s happening out there?

Dr. Len Horowitz: Well, the heat is being turned up. It’s kind of like we’re all frogs that are being brought slowly to a boil ultimately and horrifically. There is a de-population agenda that’s aiming to eliminate approximately 6 billion people out of 7 billion if you really look at the population controlling agents. I mean you’ve got even Bill Gates who has come out…

Jason Hartman: I saw the head speech, yeah.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Yes, I mean it’s horrific – it’s a mind blower. And it’s very sad for those who are unaware of the risks such as vaccinations, such as the environmental intoxications that are ongoing by the petro chemical pharmaceutical cartel. So if we’re not awake and aware of these issues, then we run the risk of falling victim to various scams – a lot of profit is being made. This is profitable de-population reduction. Pharmaceutical intoxication, drug addiction, promoting the plagues, promoting wars, all of this is being done, certainly with the propaganda mechanisms in the mainstream media, that is allowing this virtual emperor with no clothes and parade to keep marching, despite the fact that there are many of us on the street yelling “Hey, the Emperor’s got no clothes! Stop the parade!” But it continues to go and so, for example, we’ve got the BP oil catastrophe that happened in the last several months and we just did Sherry Caine, journalist, she was a Fox News defector and excellent investigative journalist – published with me an article that got Jesse Ventura’s attention. We were just on the TruTV conspiracy theory program exposing Halliburton, Dick Cheney, major corporations that were involved, Transocean and BP in this catastrophe that for all of the massive amount of evidence was done. It was perpetrated. It was a demolition, planned demolition, and you can look at the put options and the stocks that were created and the options to freeze the stock prices for those rich and famous inside traders, if you will, who made massive amounts of money off of not just the catastrophe itself but the cleanup. They’re still making money.

So this is kind of like the bad news. We’ve got crisis capitalism. You’ve got the creation of problems that we, you know, the people look at and we’re horrified and we go into this fear mode and that’s exactly what creates our own dysfunction and our inability to have an effect or an impact politically.

Jason Hartman: So let me ask you a question because, Len, I don’t want to just let your initial statement go because a lot of listeners may turn off and say here’s another wacky conspiracy theorist. Okay, so let’s just drill down on that a little bit. So you believe that the powers that be, whether they be the elitist, the secret societies, whatever, whoever it is, wants to reduce the population. I mean it’s really interesting when you look at the Georgia Guidestones – I’m sure you’re familiar with those. They say maintain global population around 500 million I think. First of all, why would someone want to do this? Is it in the name of the environment? Because what’s really interesting to me is this sort of Marxist environmental movement oddly enough. And they take a good cause but then they have seemingly a very evil endgame with it. People are the scourge of the earth according to the environmentalists, so they want to reduce the population and Bill Gate’s Ted speech that you referred to, he casually says “Maybe we can reduce the earth’s population through vaccines.” And then his foundation is vaccinating Africa. First of all, why would anybody want to do this?
Dr. Len Horowitz: Well, it’s very clear. The answer is in the history books under the term eugenics. You see, back in the 1900s where really this whole population control through vaccinations and intoxications started was with…before it was called racial hygiene, it was called eugenics. Here in the United States, it was funded by the Rockefellers, it was funded by the Bush family Prescott Bush, top corporate industrials, multi-national corporate chiefs were concerned about the burgeoning populations of immigrant workers that would unionize. Today, in the United States right now, there are major issues that the powers that be have with the, again, organization of these worker unions. So back then, back in the early 1900s, this whole eugenics protocol was established for reducing populations insidiously, covertly through the use of biological and chemical weapons.

And so this is now prior to World War II, where Hitler got his racial hygiene program was from the Rockefellers and this eugenics movement. And so the issue was the threat caused by people waking up to what’s happening, literally to not only ourselves and our children and our children’s children because the future of our generations are really at risk. Humanity literally is on the verge of extinction. Numerous species are going down – what makes us think that after the carry dies that we’re not gonna be ourselves, suffering the same risk.

You look at the bee populations – all of these crises have been generated chemically. And who runs the chemical companies? Are the petrochemical pharmaceutical cartel. If you really want to expand it, you look at it as the military, medical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical cartel. They’re run by literally the Goldman Sachs in the United States, working with JP Morgan, Chase here in the United States. They got their money from the Rothschild banksters of Europe. This runs Germany, it runs Britain9, runs France, the top bankers. And if you look over the millennia, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a conspiracy reality. They funded every war, every side of every war. They didn’t lose. There were countries that lost, there were people that lost fortunes. But the big bankers that funded both sides of every war, they loaned them money and those loans are due just like they are today. So this is what’s happening. They’re concerned about we the people waking up in masks and doing what happened just the other day in Egypt where we’re going to take it to the streets, we’re not gonna put up with this anymore, and we’re gonna have a change in administration whereby we advance values that are consistent with who we are as loving, capable, worthy human beings of having health, peace and freedom.

Jason Hartman: So, Len, I find that it cannot be defined this way, but I’d really like to get your take on it. Is this a right wing or a left wing thing?

Dr. Len Horowitz: I love that question. Jason, that’s a really vitally important question and we’re just…As a matter of fact, Sherry Caine, I want you to know I applaud her because she’s probably saved my life literally. I won’t go into it, but she just released a great exposé on how Cointelpro, that’s the counterintelligence program of the CIA/FBI., how they infiltrate every single right wing and left wing organization. Every act of this organization and movement gets infiltrated and that in the process they all become discredited one way or another. So it’s really not so much about whether this is a right wing thing or a left wing thing. They’re both flipsides of the same corrupt coin. The coin itself is manufactured and flipped by the illuminati if you will, the global bankers, the banksters, and that the reality is that we the people are literally indoctrinated, our culture, the American culture is about like virtual Hollywoodism. We’ve taken on the American dream. What is the American dream? Where did it bring us? How did we get to this concept? In fact, if you really look at history, it was the Rockefellers back in the 1950s that decided that we would have as our American mission – the purpose of America, the purpose of an American would be to meld guns and butter in a national security state. That’s how we got our ideology about who we are as Americans, nationalistic and freedom loving. We took it on because we were indoctrinated. In essence, we were mind controlled by propaganda.

Jason Hartman: Well, can you explain that? Is there something wrong with the guns and butter? What do you mean by that? Just explain that if you would.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Well, the concept is that you have an economy that’s instead of it’s based on commonality and cooperation it’s based on competition, it’s based on fear of either failure or, in the military sense, being taken over. And so the concept that we would need to develop our strength to lead the world and to be the virtual guns for the British new world order – it’s actually British-German – Hitler called it the new Ordinaunc or the New Order. President George H. W. Bush, retired president in his national State of the Union message stated that the new world order was going to be so kind and wonderful for everyone. Well, it’s not that way. It’s not kind and wonderful for everybody. Look at the economy today. You’ve got 1% of the wealthiest of all the wealthy whacking the middle class even right now, let alone the poor.

So you’ve got this agenda that is being advanced for really a few. And the question becomes is that the paradigm that we loving, capable, worthy beings, virtual spiritually divine family people – I mean were supposed to be really thinking about how can we really make peace on earth a reality? How can we have sustainability? And it doesn’t involve me picking up a gun and shooting you because you’ve got more than me or you’re threatening me. That is really an old idiotic paradigm. It’s inconsistent with, including the specific is inconsistent with everything that’s in our hearts in love, and right now with the book of 528, prosperity key of love, we’re advancing the solutions to this madness. We’re showing you the physics and the hard mathematics and the science that speaks to how all of the universe is in harmony. All of nature is celebrating some of the most fundamental music or mathematics of harmony and that is a reflection of divinity. Yet we, the dumbed down mind control slaves of the illuminati can’t operate interpersonally without getting angry and fearful and going to battle. So there’s a real serious risk in who we think we are, what we think we stand for, our basic beliefs and attitudes that we’ve taken on because of the media mostly. We’ve been indoctrinated into this ignorance or maya if you will, and ultimately this system is caving in, like Babylon is falling. America is falling. And the reality globally of this economy, this global economy, all hinging on what the banksters do – that has got to be a change.

There’s got to be now a transition into sanity and rationality and harmony versus disharmony, irrationality, and this whole fear mongering mentality.

Jason Hartman: So would you say then that it is not a left or right wing thing? Because you kind of alluded to it just a moment ago in saying that the media has set up this battle. And, to me, looking at it at the higher level between the battle between left and right, it almost seems like that’s a distraction. I had G. Edward Griffin on my show a while back. Yet he wrote of course The Creature From Jekyll Island – I’m sure you’re intimately familiar – and he said watching the democrats and republicans fight things out is like watching one of those fake wrestling matches on television. It’s for show, it’s a distraction, it’s bread in circuses. And that’s just meant to keep people occupied while the real powers that be play out their agenda on a much, much larger and significant scale. Would you agree with that?

Dr. Len Horowitz: Absolutely. That’s exactly what’s taking place. It’s all a distraction. We have bought into a “cult”ure that is degenerative, it is demeaning, it is fear inducing, it is stress obviously and disease inducing. And the reality is it’s not sustainable. We’ve got to think about what’s taking place at every aspect of life, and particularly what I think is important is how we’re gonna feed ourselves. Where’s the water gonna come from? We’re not gonna be able to pay for $7 or $8 a gallon of water like we’re already starting to see. This is absolutely insane, particularly when you realize water is collectible. I mean we know the technologies of plenty. There’s plenty available. There’s resources everywhere. Why are these shortages being created? Because ultimately it’s the same reason that the Tesla technology was suppressed. We’re looking outside and we’re seeing telephone lines now carrying electricity. That is extremely expensive for what reason when you have geniuses like Marco Roden and Powell and based on the work of Tesla and Keely and others, we could have free energy. The reality is this is in position, literally genocide – we’re being taken out. We’re being sprayed with chem trail sprays and poisons, our foods and additive that are promoted by the FDA that serves the illuminati ultimately are poisoning us. It’s genetically manipulating not just virtually every species – we included our children and our children’s children are having genetic defects more than ever. Cancers are hideously off the scale now and this was predicted 30-40 years ago.
The reality is it’s time to wake up for those who have ears to hear this kind of message. And those people, again, it’s like survival of the fittest. In this case, it’s survival of the most conscious. Those people who are awake and aware are already avoiding vaccinations, they’re already really checking out the labels on the food that they’re bringing into their homes. They’re already beginning to think how can we develop sustainable communities? How can we grow our own food? How can we be sure that our food is safe for our children? Because we are rational, we are intelligent, we are loving people. And we want to have a better way than the system, the indoctrination, and “cult”uralization that we’ve literally been raised up in. Doesn’t make sense.

Jason Hartman: Let me take a brief pause. We’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: Okay, so before we get into really the action item list as to what to do about all this stuff, and yet you’ve kind of alluded to it there but I know there’s more, talk to us a little bit more about understanding the Goldman Sachs scenario. I mean it is so complex and so few people are really privy to what is going on at the highest levels of our financial system. I mean give us some more background on Goldman Sachs.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Well, they’re called Government Sachs too because if you look at who has been the major directors of the Federal Reserve and also who are the major leaders in the federal government in the United States today, most of them are graduate lawyers and bankers that evolve through Goldman Sachs.

And I’ll give you a great example – again, Sherry Caine’s work is outstanding – people can get some wonderful archives of these several articles that we’ve written to expose these connections. The films, by the way, Pharma Whores, the Showtime Sting of Penn and Teller we did, you can go to PharmaWhores.com and you can get that film that exposes. For example, Lloyd Blankfein, who is the CEO of Goldman Sachs, is also ABC Disney/Miramax mover and shaker. He created that whole merger, and in the process became a major shareholder, stockholder. He is also co-chairman for the partnership for New York City. That is a virtual biotechnology, major drug cartel trust. It’s like the major global drug ring that’s operating out of New York City. So you’ve got the director of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, heavily involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

Remember the H1N1 swine flu, well guess what, he put together the merger for AstraZeneca and Medimmune. That gave us the flu mist that was shot up our children’s noses that carried live viruses that spread and mutate rapidly to give us what we have today. It was predictable. If you notice, everybody’s sick. People are sick not just with the normal flue – they’re sick with something just really whacking people. We have the solution to that. I highly recommend oxy silver. But most people, A, are not aware of the solutions. B, they’re not aware of what created it. And ultimately you’re looking at Goldman Sachs. So you look at Goldman Sachs and they’re intimately involved in every aspect of profiting off of humanity suffering.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so Len, look, I’m just trying to like be the devil’s advocate here. Isn’t that just okay capitalism? Now, I know you’ve given some examples where they’re actually creating the suffering, and of course that’s disaster capitalism for sure, but if there’s need and someone needs something and the marketplace is willing to provide it, I mean that isn’t perfect capitalism. It just seems to be the best thing so far. You’re not saying there’s anything inherently wrong in that are you? Just creating the problem and then solving it.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Well, I think that there is something inherently wrong in the justice department that only provides injustice and turns a blind eye. Again, I just look at what happened the other day – I was on Coast to Coast with George Noory dealing with the issue of the supreme court, legislating, mandating, indemnification against vaccination and toxication damages so that children and families who are damaged from vaccines cannot even sue – can’t sue anybody, so giving license to kill to the max.

Jason Hartman: They’ve got carp launch. They can just do what they want, huh?

Dr. Len Horowitz: That’s exactly right. So there’s something inherently wrong. If that’s capitalism, then we the people should not have any part of it. I’m not a communist, I’m not a socialist, I’m nothing. I’m simply somebody who looks reasonably rationally at things. If you want to find out what my expertist is, I’ve got three doctorates, I’ve got a master’s in public health from Harvard in behavioral science which focus on media and how media is used to persuade people and that’s why I’m telling you as an expert we are indoctrinated by the least trustworthy people in the world, people who could literally blow up an oil rig in the gulf and make billions, not just millions, make billions of dollars off of the catastrophe and in the process intoxicate a mass amount of people along the gulf coast and decimate the environment. This level, if you call that reasonable anything, I can’t even consider it as reasonable.

Jason Hartman: I don’t call that reasonable at all because that’s really a false flag. They’re creating the disaster and then profiting from solving it. That’s Naomi Klein’s disaster capitalism idea, which I certainly agree with you there that’s of course very, very wrong.
So what can we do about this stuff? Is there anything the little regular guy can do? Or is this just the way it’s gonna be? The forces are far too powerful and there’s nothing that can be done.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Actually, I’m celebrating because we have discovered our only hope and our greatest hope in 528 music, 528 Hertz. So people can go to I528Tunes.com or 528Records.com. Musicians can go to Love528.com. And people generally speaking who don’t know anything about what I’m now telling you about as a solution can go to the book of 528.com because that’s the solution. It’s in love. Love is the universal healer and we now know that that warm, fuzzy feeling you have in your heart when you’re in love is a vibration, it’s an energy, it’s a spirituality. That is a now identifiable purchase frequency of 528. That’s 528 cycles per second. It’s like music when you turn into your radio dial – you turn to a certain frequency channel for the broadcast. This 528 is the clear channel broadcast of love. So if we look at what the greatest geniuses and philosophers of all time and the prophets Jesus spoke about, and it’s about love, and for us to get out of this insanity, this hypocrisy, this intoxicating reality, we’ve got to come to love. We’ve got to love each other as one people all over the world. We’ve got to realize it’s time to lay down our arms and pick up our musical instruments and play and sing and harmonize. And that’s essentially what we’re doing.

Jason Hartman: So I’ve got to ask you, though, this sounds great if you’re sitting on the lawn in front of Cal Berkley, but the guys at Goldman Sachs aren’t gonna care about this, the illuminati doesn’t care about this. This is not a way to stop them, is it?

Dr. Len Horowitz: You know, that’s the beauty of what I’m proposing. Supposing I were to tell you that 528 hertz frequency, if you were to play that music, that energy would go out and would probably touch the hearts and open the hearts of people who maybe had closed hearts before. That’s the reality. And those with closed hearts, as the energy builds, and it’s building really generally not just on this planet but cosmically. This is a long time prophecy that’s unfolding right now. In the Judeo Christian census in the old and new testament that says in the end times a key, that’s a musical note, a key to the house of David that opens doors that no man can close and closes doors that no man can open. We’re talking about spiritual portals being opened and closed that the illuminati cannot do anything about. They have their space-based weaponry. Sure, they’ve got their electromagnetic frequency generators, but it can’t touch what we’re talking about now because this is universal. We’ve now tapped into the knowledge of how the creator creates.

Jason Hartman: So are you saying that we should use this? Is it music?

Dr. Len Horowitz: Yes, it is. That’s exactly what it is.

Jason Hartman: So use this music and play it on big speakers out in front of the white house the way they got Noriega with country music?

Dr. Len Horowitz: That’s exactly right. That’s what we could do. We’re calling it the 528 Love Revolution.

Jason Hartman: You do realize, Len, this sounds a little bit wild and crazy, right?

Dr. Len Horowitz: Tell me about it. Do you have a better solution than something, an energy frequency of music that’s uplifting, healing, miraculously healing when you play it, and will go viral because essentially it is something that is in everybody’s hearts inherently to have love expressed? Can you think of a better way than to solve the world’s problems? Because, frankly, like you’re saying, there’s no reasonable way for us to impact this out of control system. It’s got to come to a spiritual renaissance. It’s gotta come through some sort of a meta-physical miracle. And that’s what we’re heralding. We’re heralding the revelations for this.

Jason Hartman: What is this? Why does it work? Just give us the real quick science behind it a little bit. Is this music that you’ve created because it has this 528? I mean explain that a little bit if you would, 528 frequency.

Dr. Len Horowitz: No, I didn’t create it. I’m just heralding it. I’m the guy who is at the forefront of promoting it. The original music is actually the third note of the original musical scale. You remember it was oot rae mi or doe rae mi today. The third note mi stands for Mi-ra gestorum in latin or miracles in English. This is the original Sostegio scale miracle note. This is the miracle note of the universe.

And love is the universal healer. Music is the universal language. And we now know how creation happens is through hydro sonic water – it’s the universal solvent. You put the universal solvent together with the universal language and the universal healer, and you have the solution to what ails humanity today. So that’s what we’re doing. The third note is 528. This came from bible code decryptions. We now know, the many scientists worldwide, that 528 resonates DNA back to its normal structure. And how it does this, the answer to your question, it is phase locking. It phase locks humanity, our hearts and our resonating energy in our body to the creator, literally to the core creative frequency of love. In other words, again, it’s a clear channel broadcast between the creator’s heart and your heart. And when you’re listening to that music, it is so powerful in its healing and its restoration that literally it produces miracles.

Jason Hartman: And you sell this on your website? Do they download it? Is it an mp3 download? And then people just start listening to it? I mean how does it work?

Dr. Len Horowitz: Yeah, well first of all musicians worldwide are retuning their instruments. The book of 528, prosperity key of love – again, you can go online to TheBookof528.com and you can learn that musicians worldwide are now retuning their instruments to what’s A444 hertz. Come to find out, a lot of people don’t like today’s music, a lot of people find today’s music stressful. The principal thing that’s causing people to have stress experience when they’re listening is the fact that the standard tuning was instituted by the Rockefeller Foundation back in 1939. Literally, in Britain the Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister for the Third Reich was working with the Rockefeller foundation to promote what they adopted. And instituted was this universal standard tuning or the western world tuning for musical instruments became A440. Again, instead of A444 hertz, it was 440 which was the most dissonant and stressful frequency that they could have created. And they did that out of military research how to induce psychosocial stress and even “mass hysteria”. It was brought in because of acoustic war research that was done at Princeton.

When Manhattan project was ongoing, this acoustic warfare research was likewise ongoing, and as a result of it, actually we have implemented this in our modern music. So if you’re a musician and you just retune your instrument 4 hertz up, which is a big difference if you think about what I shared as a metaphor, you’re listening to a radio station, if you tune to even 1/10th of a hertz difference you don’t get the clear channel or the music any longer, you get static. This is 40 times that. So 4 hertz is 40 times 1/10th of a hertz and now you’re beginning to see that, when we tune now to 444, which brings you into the C Note, being 528.
So, tuning, when you understand musical tuning, you usually start with an octave, C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. You start to tune a human body similarly with its shocker systems being associated with frequencies and colors. 528 is not only the miracle note of the universe. It’s the heart of everything. That greenish-yellow color that you’re looking at in the botanical world, chlorophyll, resonates in 528. It’s the heart of the rainbow, greenish-yellow. We now have recordings from the sun – we know the sun, the core frequency that’s output by the sun is 528 hertz. So, literally when I say we’re dealing with a cosmic energy that when we then get in sync or phase-lock to, miracles are gonna happen, and that’s what’s happening right now. So humanity’s only hope and our greatest hope and our last hope is in essence going home to where the heart is, going home to love, and that’s where we were created – we were created with that energy, with that blessing, and ultimately our destiny is to bring this back.

Jason Hartman: Great. Now, where can people find out more? Give out your websites if you would.

Dr. Len Horowitz: Yes. Again, the best place, and to further answer your question, you could upload any mp3 file – let’s say you buy something on iTunes, it’s in A440, you want to transpose it to 528, go to 528records.com or I528tune.com and you upload it, it’s a free service – it’s by donation and it’s a free service completely to upload it, we’ll send it back to you. At the same time you’re agreeing to donate your property, what you paid for, into the public library that gets transposed. So then it’s by donation. We asked for a donation of 98 cents per track if you would like to download an already transposed and already donated album. For the musicians and vocalists out there that are composing, we ask that you upload it already in created music in 528. And if you are concerned about royalties, we ask you to simply sign up. It’ll take you two minutes to create your own albums online and you get a 60 percent royalty on anything that anybody donates for your work. So it’s a way that we’re literally taking over the music industry, literally because what they’re putting out is intoxicating, it’s stress inducing, and we’re putting out love and healing.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Well, Len, thank you so much for joining us today. Appreciate the insights – this is some amazingly interesting stuff. And you’re one of the few people that have really tied in sort of the real world side of it with the spiritual realm, so that’s been very interesting. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, thanks for joining us today. I appreciate having you on the show.

Dr. Len Horowitz: It’s a pleasure, Jason. Thanks much for the opportunity.

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Transcribed by Ralph

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The Holistic Survival Team



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