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Dumbing Down Our Kids – On Purpose

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property InvestingTeaching basic reading, writing, and arithmetic has been systematically replaced with an agenda-based curriculum run by government organizations, shifting America’s educational system from one of learning facts and figures to changing values and beliefs, i.e. brainwashing. Join Jason Hartman and whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt in this lively discussion about the dumbing down of America’s school children and college students. Listen at: www.HolisticSurvival.com. Charlotte explains 100-plus years of chronological history of educational reform, through the use of controversial, non-academic material, institutionalizing schools, and plans for a global economy, and how these reforms have led to American students scoring below the international average and being among the lowest of several participating nations in mathematics and science.

Material collected over a 30 – 50-year period shows the irrefutable proof of deliberate and malicious intent to bring about behavioral changes in students, parents, and society for a collective mentality. Charlotte discusses the Pavlovian and Skinner animal training methods being employed today in America’s schools that has led to a socialist democracy, and which is disguised in many ways, such as Outcome-Based Education. She also talks about how books are being phased completely out of schools, to be replaced with computers, which further emphasizes this global economic system and collectivism. Charlotte encourages parents to become more knowledgeable and informed of what their children are being taught in today’s schools.

Charlotte Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms. Iserbyt is a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000. She has also served in the American Red Cross on Guam and Japan during the Korean War, and in the United States Foreign Service in Belgium and in the Republic of South Africa. Iserbyt is a speaker and writer, best known for her 1985 booklet “Back to Basics Reform or OBE: Skinnerian International Curriculum” and her 1989 pamphlet “Soviets in the Classroom: America’s Latest Education Fad”, which covered the details of the U.S.-Soviet and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which remain in effect to this day. She is a freelance writer and has had articles published in Human Events, The Washington Times, The Bangor Daily News, and included in the record of Congressional hearings.

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Start of Interview with Charlotte Iserbyt

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Charlotte Iserbyt to the show. She is the author of the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. And I know that most of you listeners probably think just on the face of it that that title is so true. It is amazing what the institutions are doing to the population. I don’t know if we’re going to get conspiratorial at all about it, but boy it is just amazing how the education system has failed us, we have spent more and more money on it and we are seeing inferior results and just an amazing thing, whether it be the media, the public school system, whatever. There’s a lot to talk about here with the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Charlotte, welcome.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Yes, thank you so much Jason. I’m really looking forward to this interview and it’s timely. Of course it would have been timely a hundred years ago too perhaps; that’s what we want to talk about.

Jason Hartman: It would and maybe every generation thinks that, but you’re coming to us from beautiful Maine today. And tell us about the book and I guess what prompted you to write it.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Well, that goes back to the early 70s, when I returned from overseas. I’d been working overseas for about 20 years and my husband and I returned in 1971. And before I go into that, your listeners can go to my website, and there’s a link there and it says America’s Road to Ruin. It’s a marvelous PDF. Actually what it is, is the transcript of about an hour and a half interview that Alex Jones did up here on the river. He sent his guys up here and they interviewed me. And you can also look at that video; it’s on YouTube, that video. And people liked it so well that, researchers in the country, that they transcribed that video here on the river. And it’s about 16 pages; it’s beautifully done. And it gives my whole background.

When I first went overseas, I went over, my first experience was during the Korean War. I went overseas and I was stationed on Guam at a strategic air command base. And then moving all the way back to the United States, on a French freighter, meeting people coming out of Indochina who had been under the communists, and on and on and on. My foreign service experience, my department of experience being fired. That was the Reagan administration; I was fired from my job because I leaked an extremely important document on technology. And then prior to that, if you asked me what got me going, okay, when I hit the United States, we were working in the West Indies, the beautiful Island of Grenada. My husband was a charter captain and we had our own Alden Schooner. And we were down there about seven years and then we returned to the United States. And I do believe that I ended up in a town that was certainly one of the pilots for educational change in the country, and I started seeing these strange things in the early 70s.

Jason Hartman: What town was that?

Charlotte Iserbyt: In Camden, Maine.

Jason Hartman: Oh, that was Camden, okay right.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Right on the coast. And I just couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Finally a retired teacher came to me and she said, I got out of the local board, right? I was making a lot of noise. And they hated my guts. But this retired teacher came and she said, absolutely right. I’ve taught all over the world. This is the plan. You’re identifying it. You’re looking at how they’re implementing it. And I said, well I don’t even know, I said I just think it’s so strange what’s going on. They’re not teaching the children to read, they don’t have desks anymore, they’re sitting at tables or on the floor. And we have all different kinds of math, not one. The children have three different kinds to work out. And we’ve got all these values changing programs; they’ve got survival games where the children are being asked, you’ve got a boat going down, one life boat and it carries ten people, you’ve got 15 people on the regular boat that’s going down and they have to decide who, who’s going to die.

And so I was just totally naïve, dame in the woods, had been out of my country for 20 years. I didn’t know what was happening to my country while I was gone, and then this teacher says look, I want to pay for you to go for some in service training. I didn’t know what that was. I said what’s it about? She said it’s called innovations in education. And so she paid a hundred dollars, and I went. It was just unbelievable. They had this facilitator there, nice man, looked normal. A lot of normal looking teachers, and principles and all this on the coast of Maine, at Searsport, Maine. In a lovely old church or something. This guy was teaching us how to identify the resistors in our community, and I thought what? I’m being trained to identify myself. I didn’t like what I saw. He was federally funded. This was a federally funded program which subsequently, when I went into the US department of that as a Reagan person in the office where that particular program was being funded. All those rotten programs were coming out of my office. I didn’t know that, of course, at the time. I just was in absolutely shock.

And then he taught us how to go to the resistors to try to get them on their side. And say, oh we’re really glad to have you join us. Why don’t you join this comity, because you’ve been all around the world, you understand what’s going on. We need you. So that’s how they try to get you on board, that way. And then with the very important people in the community, rotary club, garden club, historical society, etcetera, they go to those leaders and they say look we need this sex ed program or this drug ed program or this bullying ed program, whatever. We need this. And you get those people on your side and then it’s much easier to get the rest of the community to go with you on it, right? And subsequently I found out that all these programs were actually designed to do exactly the opposite of what they told the parents they were designed for. And I have proof in my book.

Jason Hartman: Charlotte, let’s get a little specific. What programs? So you’re saying during the Reagan administration, and this kind of surprises me that this would be the Reagan administration, but you worked for the Reagan administration and in the US department of education right? During the first Reagan administration?

Charlotte Iserbyt: Yes.

Jason Hartman: And so it kind of surprises me that these crazy programs were coming out of the Reagan administration of all things. I could see it under Clinton or Obama or something, but Reagan I would say less so. Although I don’t give him a pass.

Charlotte Iserbyt: That’s why I worked for him to get him elected. I’m not saying that he started those programs. Those programs were a result of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, sort of 1965 on.

Jason Hartman: Okay but what were the programs? What were they?

Charlotte Iserbyt: Well, [00:09:01] is one, and world of mankind was the one that I found in the elementary school in my school. Global education; the global education program. I had the teacher’s manual and it said right there that the focus was on a humanistic curriculum and global education and teaching the children that American History isn’t all that important, we’re moving into…all that stuff. Global education. And that was in the early 70s. But the really bad programs that I’m talking about, like the drug ed and sex ed, which I think even most Americans now realize that the results of those programs were just the opposite of what they were claimed to be, to help the children. But I always felt that that was the case. I couldn’t understand why they were using these dreadful programs where the children were asked to identify who should be thrown into the water, and who’s allowed in the lifeboat. And this is all gearing up to euthanasia, abortion, and all the importance of life.

Later on I found, and it’s in my book, in my new book, the smaller one and the big baby too. There’s a very interesting issue, a publication called The Counselor, and it’s the journal of the American Guidance Counselor’s Association. And in 1975, they did a monthly issue on the subject of death education. I was lucky enough to get my hands on that. And sometimes I wondered why they really just admit what they’re doing. It said right in there that we will use death education to change the children’s attitudes towards death and dying, the same way, and this is key, the same way we used sex ed to change their attitudes and beliefs about sex and various sexual practices.

Jason Hartman: So, what’s amazing about this is this sort of gradualism, and you talk about that in your book. I like the part where you do this little table, and by the way I’m referencing page 9 here, and you talk about…

Charlotte Iserbyt: In the new book or the old book?

Jason Hartman: The new book. You talk about the Reinventing Schools Coalition, which is RISC as the acronym. It compares the traditional versus the risk philosophy in the classroom. And in the traditional philosophy, the 20th century classroom, movement was based on time, moving ahead, whereas in risk movement was based on performance. In the 20th century students sat in rows, in this new program, it’s controlled chaos, sitting on the floor, on tables, whatever. It’s not traditional. Before it was driven by textbooks, and then it was driven by a shared vision. There was a teacher controlled classroom in the past, and now the students are the navigators. Just all of these comparing and contrast.

It used to be the there is readings and writing and arithmetic, I know that’s kind of a play…and now it’s the global curriculum. The teacher used to be the judge. Now it’s the self, the peers and people outside of the teacher who are the judge of the student’s performance. It’s just crazy. Who were some of the main culprits? If you can identify maybe some people in government or in leadership positions. You’re using a lot of names in your book. I see Jeb Bush, I see the CTO or Ebay, etcetera, all kinds of people.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Well yes, I would say it is gradual. You have to go back. If I only had 5 minutes to talk on the phone with you, I would say that it’s the taxing of foundation starting in the last century, the beginning of last century, who have been instrumental in using our money to take the American system of education, which really was an excellent system of education, envy of the world, and turn it on its head into a system which will bring about a change in America’s economic system.

A planned economy has been the goal ever since 1934 and earlier, actually. But there is this document in my book, I don’t know where it is, the conclusions and recommendations for the social studies is extremely important. If you look at page, if you go to 1934, because this book doesn’t have the index like the other one did. You go to 1934 and you will find the Curran V. corporations. Well this is the Carnegie corporation’s little blue book. And it’s probably the most important book that America is to read right now. Because we’ve having out free enterprise system ripped right out from under us due to the UN agenda 21. And it’s being substituted by a regional system. And regionalism is communism. It’s been admitted to be communism by a communist writer. I’ve got that in my book too. But anyway, talking about 1934.

The importance of this particular entry, conclusions and recommendations for the social studies, 1934, is that, not just Carnegie, but some of the other industrialists and John Dewey, and the ones that went to Russia in the 20s and 30s to study the Russian system. They came back and they decided to put the same system in here, because they want a planned economy. They want the planned economy.

And here’s a quote from it, it says right here, this is my words, of utmost importance is the following admission of the goals to change our free enterprise/representative republic. Quote now, “The commission was also driven to this broader conception of its task by the obvious fact that American civilization in common with Western civilization was passing through one of the great critical ages of history. It’s modifying with traditional faith and economic individualism, and it’s embarking upon vast experiments in social planning and control which call for large scale cooperation on part of the people. Cumulative evidence supports the conclusion that in the United States, as in other countries, the age of Laissez Faire in economy and government is closing, and a new age of collectivism is emerging.”

Jason Hartman: Scary.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Right. Okay, then the implications for education are clear and imperative and it’s very important what this book says. Well what’s happened is that it’s going in right now. Carnegie, I really owe a great debt and gratitude to Carnegie because they’ve made it very easy for me. I just followed them all the way from the early 30s to today. They’re all in changing America from a free individualistic economy to a planned economy, to changing our schools from students being taught to be individualists, work the collective, working in groups and all. No more grades; we’re copying the soviet education system, absolutely. That’s what’s going in. That’s what you’re at when you’re looking at those two columns there. It may not sound like it’s a soviet system but it is. Because the soviets have never had competition in the classroom and they’ve used Skinner, which is the computer, etcetera. So we’ll go into all this later. But anyway, Carnegie from that time on had started putting the money into all its experiments. The eight year study, which actually very interestingly enough, was the first experiment with outcome based education which is what everybody hates so much. Which uses the Skinner method. But of course the Skinner method is essential for computers. Computer software is the Skinner method. He said that’s my box.

Jason Hartman: What does that mean? Tell us the Skinner method and computer software.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Operant conditioning, okay. It’s very easy, I just try to bring it down, because folks when I first found out about all of this, I didn’t know what it was either. It’s very simple. Take your dog, for instance, if you want your dog to sit, you’re going to say sit. If he’s never been given a dog biscuit, he’s not really going to sit. So what you do is you get a dog biscuit out, you push his rear end down and you say sit. And you give him the dog biscuit. The next time you want him to sit, all you have to do is go to the cupboard and pull out the dog biscuits. Now let’s look at this in terms of human beings. This is a neurological response. There’s no thinking going on there. Now if you’re talking about human beings, go to the doctor, I don’t know if he does it anymore. You remember they would test your reactions with a little hammer with the rubber?

Jason Hartman: Sure. Your reflexes, yeah.

Charlotte Iserbyt: And your knee just popped up. There’s no way under the sun you can keep your knee from doing that. That is automaticity. That is a reaction that you can’t control. Now this is what you have with a computer. This is what you have with a lot of the curriculum going in right now. Individualized education. Even the reading instructions are using stimulus response, rewards and it’s very dangerous. I must say, this is probably this is what got me moving more than anything else in researching American education. Because what it is, they don’t believe that our children are human beings. We’re all animals. See? That’s the Darwinian philosophy. And the socialist professors and all, like Benjamin Bloom, he’s the one that put together the Taxonomy of Educational Objective. All teachers have to go through his stuff.

Bloom said that the purpose of education is to change the thoughts, actions, and feelings of students. And he defines good teaching as challenging the student’s fixed beliefs. These are some really good quotes. This is Benjamin Bloom; he’s dead now. That the whole system is based on his sick philosophy. And then of course you have Skinner who said I could make a pigeon a high achiever by reinforcing it on a proper schedule. That’s mastery learning. That’s the direct instruction that we’re using to teach reading. Because they have to get it in reading and then they’ll use the direct instruction for work force training. This works extremely well and it works for the computer. So what you’re looking at is ultimately no books in the schools. In fact, I thought Arizona had gotten rid of books, because 5 years ago I read an article about Arizona not having any books and I’m glad if they still have them because it shows that people are fighting it. But it’s going to be computer and they’ve been planning the computers really, ever since the 1950s. and I even have an article in regard to computer specialists, software programmers and all back in the 60s I think, sitting down with books. Now, we’re moving into the digitalization of the American education. Our governor, for people out there that think this woman is crazy, I don’t blame them. Sometimes I wonder myself. But for people who may wonder, our governor, who is meant to be a conservative governor, issued an executive order digitalizing all the schools.

Jason Hartman: Okay but now is that bad in and of itself? When you talk about computers and the way computers work, that’s one thing. But when you look at EBook readers like the Kindle, for example, isn’t that a different thing?

Charlotte Iserbyt: No, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the use of computer assisted instruction, individualized education, software that is developed to bring your child to a particular view point. Whether it is a skill, or whether it’s a particular viewpoint. It’s very, very dangerous and it’s very powerful. And I’m not saying that myself; I’ve got so many learned papers by the very people putting it in. In fact, by the fellow who was the director of the project Better Education Skills Through Technology in the early 80s that I leaked. I leaked that to Human Events, that project. Which was put in software, computer software, in every curriculum area into every single school in the country. And I leaked it. And a director of that particular project, Donald Ely, had twenty years before, I went down to the archives, and I found an old paper of his where he said look, if you’re going to be dealing with the development of software for the computer, you have to be very careful. If you do not agree in your conscious with a message, you don’t do it. And I have that paper. It’s in my book; you can look under Donald Ely. Then later on, just recently with the world institute for computer assistant teaching, Dustin Houston, he said something that’s even scarier. And he thinks this is great. He said wouldn’t it be wonderful when the children in the most remote county can have the curriculum, the equivalent of the work of 5 or 10 of the world’s greatest psychologist on the computer and nobody will be able to get between the child and the computer.

Jason Hartman: Right. In other words a teacher with actual judgment won’t be in there teaching your kid. It’s a computer that can be a centrally planned agenda because that software, just like the school lunch program, can be mandated by one administration, nationwide through the federal government.

Charlotte Iserbyt: It’s the UN.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, and the United Nations. Even worse.

Charlotte Iserbyt: People got to forget, often wonderful Americans doing good work in education and they’re all worrying about the common core and the standards and the this and the that. And I think don’t waste your time on it. Even if it’s a good common core, even if it’s basics. Look, all they need is one morning the teacher can go to school and the whole thing would have been changed overnight with the push of a button. What you have to worry about are your children’s souls that are being really taken away. Bloom said it. Bloom said I can take a child from here to there. From a belief from, whatever, his family to a belief that the government’s more important; from a belief to the right to life to the belief in abortion in one hour. Under the right circumstances, that’s what he said. Bloom is all involved with computer’s curriculum. This is mastery learning, it’s B.F. Skinner, it’s Pavlov. And originally it came over from Leipzig, Germany.

Jason Hartman: Let me take a brief pause. We’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: So I want to make sure that people really understand that point because that’s a good point that you made Charlotte. The point of the computer is that the computer is very easily centralizing the thought processes of our children. Because whenever there’s an agenda they want to push, they can just push it through the computer and there’s no intermediary that is interpreting. It’s so efficient to change the beliefs of an entire population because it can be centrally planned. And that’s what’s dangerous about it. And I want to touch on something just to give this whole thing kind of a pretext, if you will, or maybe a context is a better word. And that is what you talk about in your book. At the very beginning you talk about the devil’s seven pronged fork, and this consists of, and I’ll outline them Charlotte and I’d like you to maybe just touch on the ones you want to.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Right. I’m glad you’re bringing that up. I love that. It’s one of my favorite things.

Jason Hartman: And you already have mentioned it. This is right in the beginning; you talk on page 9 about the way this is done. Number one way is through gradualism, number two is Hegelian dialect, number three is semantic deception, number four 100% conservative and liberal media control, and number five the endless supply of money through the federal reserve that can print money until there’s no end. Grant funding, non-profit foundations, which are basically sanctioned by our government to go and promote an agenda because they get special tax status. Number six, brainwashing in schools and communities using psychological techniques, Pavlov, Lou and Skinner, Bloom, etcetera as you talked about. And number seven, keeping the public unaware that both political parties, republican and democrat, basically espouse the same values. And that’s a very good point because people, occasionally I’ll get somebody criticizing one of my shows saying you’re too libertarian or you’re too right-wing or something. And the point is that that whole thing is a sham in and of itself. They’re cut from the same cloth. Yeah they have slight differences. It’s made to distract us. It’s just more bread and circuses, really. It’s like watching a wrestling match. It’s a fake fight, largely.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Divide and conquer.

Jason Hartman: Yes, exactly. Exactly. You want to touch on some of those the devil’s seven pronged fork there?

Charlotte Iserbyt: People can also type that into their computer, Google it: The Devil’s Seven Pronged Fork. You’ll have it right there in front of you on the computer. I love it. Let me first of all tell you how it happened. I was doing a lot of radio. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years now or so, maybe. No, almost 30. 20. Let’s say 20. And I became really tired of myself one day. I think I hung up and I thought, I am so tired of beating up on these poor people. Saying come on folks, get with it. Don’t you understand what’s happening? Please tell your friends, tell your teachers. Get fliers out. We’re moving in an international socialist system, they’re using the schools to brainwash our children so they won’t object to it. They don’t teach the constitution, all this stuff. And please, please do something. Call me if you want. Blah, blah.

I got off and I went, oh, I’m so tired of doing that. I feel sorry for these people. I said you know what, it was like a message from God, just all the sudden it was like boom in my head. It’s not their fault. And then I broke it down. And then to these things you just mentioned, we’ve been through it; we’ll go through it again. These different subjects of gradualism, Hegelian dialect, create the problem, people scream and pose the solution, money and all this stuff. You were just talking about it. Look, who, what normal human being could possibly go up, no matter how brilliant, you could have the mind of ten Einsteins. You could not possibly go up against that agenda. That, I thought, I’m going to write this article. I understand what’s happened to the American people. I understand, this is the most evil, diabolical agenda that was ever created. And I still truly believe this. But you can’t tell me that the American people, had this not been done to them all at once in all the different aspects, the different prongs, they would have caught on. They could have caught on. But generation after generation, the frog in the cold water heated up slowly, that’s probably the most important part, the gradualism.

Jason Hartman: Yup. How do you boil a frog? You turn up the water, slowly give him a nice warm Jacuzzi, and he’ll just sit there.

Charlotte Iserbyt: And then the education goes down, down, down. My grandparents, my parent’s education was far superior to mine. There’s a really good test on…I’m just averting a bit, but it’s important to do so. Someone gave me this, I was speaking in California about 10 years ago, this test. It’s about 8 pages on the US constitution and it was given in a public school in central California in the mid-50s. Well, Kenny got 99 on it, you know A+. Really good. I looked at that test and I thought good grief, I couldn’t possibly pass that test. This is the mid-50s. Really go there. My son who has the website Americandeception, he says that one particular entry in his website that he posted there has had more hits from all over the world. Because this shows that something really happened between. After World War 2, the UN came in, the UN is behind all of this, whether it’s agenda 21 or whether it’s [00:31:11] based education or school to work, or strip kids of all their values instilled in the home. That’s all the UN. Evil as can be. This happened after ‘45. So Kenny Hignite, he was just lucky. He was 1955. What’s that, 11 years later? It hadn’t seeped through.

Marvelous teachers across the country, across the United States of American, have hated every single bit of this new agenda. Many have gotten out. I remember when they put the behavior science teacher education program in to turn teachers into little psychiatrists. That came out as 1965, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. When that thing came out and they were retraining all the teachers in all the different universities to be little psychiatrists, I saw the original doc volumes in the basement of a friend of mine, who lived in Lansing, Michigan. She was a very good researcher. She got the whole pile, somehow she got the volumes. And in the beginning it said that something like 60% of the superintendents in schools, men back then, got out. They said we’re not going to do this. This isn’t education. This is performance based. This is Skinner. This is back in 1965. This is what happened. They changed education from what you know in your head to what you can do. Now doesn’t that make sense when you go back to the Carnegie paper? Wanting to put us into a planned economy? It’s not what you know in your head. It’s what you can do. Can you perform?

Jason Hartman: it’s really interesting what the change has been. Well Charlotte, we’ve got to get wrapping up here, but one thing I wanted to touch on before we go. And that is that some of the results of this highly agenda oriented system we have now, rather than teach people reading, writing and arithmetic as the old saying goes, it’s an agenda. It’s an agenda to change the culture and it’s an agenda toward thought control, 1984, central planning, socialism, communism, varying degrees of all that. Tell us about agenda 21 if you would. What is that and how are things like this being foisted upon people who are just not thinking stuff through, they’re just quick to believe these sort of crazy half-baked theories and ideas and they’re just promoted in our school system. It’s just crazy what people believe in nowadays.

Charlotte Iserbyt: There’s a really good article in the back of a big fat book. We don’t have it in the new version. It’s called big bad cows, I think. The cows are doing their thing when they do their thing it makes a large smell and bad stuff, right? But the agenda 21 right now, as I said to you earlier, I’ve been on education for almost 40 years now. That’s my subject. Because they use the schools to destroy our children’s values. Traditional American values. I’m not getting into a religion, different religions, or anything. What I’m talking about is you don’t lie, you don’t steal. This is all values clarification over the past 30 years have told our children sometimes it’s okay to steal, right? And this sounds normal, doesn’t it? Say your grandmother’s dying and you don’t have money to buy medicine. Well they’d teach you in that situation that it’s okay to steal. And it goes on and on and on.

Of course I was telling you about the survival games, the boat is going down, there’s only enough room in the life boat for ten people. But you have to get rid of the other ten; who goes? They tell the children to decide. Who? You’ve got a minister on board, you’ve got a pregnant woman, and you’ve got a teacher, whatever. And you’ve got to decide who’s going to be allowed in the life boat. It’s a complete shift in thinking from our traditional way of looking at life, an understanding of the constitution which they never teach anymore, and my feeling is if somebody doesn’t know their own system of government or doesn’t understand the constitution, how on earth are they ever going to recognize when someone steals something from them they didn’t know they had, right? That makes sense. If I didn’t know that I owned something, a really nice whatever, and someone comes in at night and steals it from me, am I going to scream and yell?

Jason Hartman: Well I think the example of that is that people don’t know anymore that they own the right to their own life; that they own the right to their own time and production that is the result of their life. Now they’re being told that the collective owns the right to their time, that the collective owns the right to their labor through inner taxation and regulation and their land. You don’t own your own land anymore because there are so many restrictions on how anyone can use it nowadays.

Charlotte Iserbyt: It’s very serious and ordinarily, as I said I deal with my own book and I hope everybody will get my new abridged version which is absolutely a delight to read. And what’s been taken out of it can be accessed free at my website. So you don’t have to worry about what’s been taken out, it’s just a user friendly little book. But what I’m going to do right here, I’m going to promote somebody else’s book. Because people have got to wake up to what’s happening, having our land taken from us. You know the old saying you’ll know it’s true when it happens to you?

Well I happen to believe that Americans will not do anything until somebody comes and says look, in a very nice way because they’re all professionals; they’ve been highly trained, these change agents in our state capitals and in the university. They know how to carry on with the Delphi technique. They have these meetings, they’re all controlled meetings, nobody’s really voting the way we’re used to voting. It’s all being taken out. This is what you know as original government, and it’s comprehensive planning and it’s the UN agenda 21, and I read you before that horrible quote from the big guy, Maurice Strong, want me to read it again?

This is the mindset, Maurice Strong: secretary general of the UN environment program, agenda 21. Don’t forget, it’s all being done under the environment. And I know why they did that. I had a paper that dealt with it for about 30 years and I lost it. It was a communist party meeting where they were talking about how they’re going to get Americans to give up our form of government. How are they going to get us to go into a world system? And they decided they would have to find an issue that both conservatives and liberals would both agree on. And they decided the environment. And that’s so true. Because none of us, I don’t know anybody that doesn’t want to keep green spaces. But the private sector should be in charge. The government should never be in charge of private property.

So here we go, here’s what Maurice Strong, secretary general of the environmental program said, “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high [00:38:28] intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances…” That’s like the smart meters. I won’t allow that in my house. “home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing, are not sustainable. ” that’s all got to go, folks. Right? And he goes on to say, “The United States is the greatest threat to the global environment. It is guilty of environmental aggression against the planet. Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?”

Jason Hartman: Unbelievable. That is scary. Green trees have red roots. And that’s exactly what that is. And you know what’s interesting? None of the elitists who promote at espouse these ideas are living it themselves, certainly not the most famous one of them all, Al Gore, with his $1,200 a month electric bills. This is complete hypocrisy. Arianna Huffington, Al Gore, they’re telling all of us to live lesser lives while they’re even bigger lives that have huge carbon foot prints. It is unbelievable in its hypocrisy. It really is.
Charlotte Iserbyt: And what about communist China? How come he picks on the United States? Think of all the other countries that are affecting the environments far more than we are. But anyway, there’s this really good book. And it’s written by a democrat. Her name is Rosa Koire. And you can get the book, it’s called Behind the Green Mask; UN agenda 21. And you can buy that book at her website, which is, I love this, don’t you love it? Wait until you hear this one. I love it: DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com. This is to me, I’ve been happier I think ever since I read Rosa’s book than I’ve been in about 30 years because what I see is democrats and republicans are coming together. They’re not going to divide us any longer. Divide and conquer.

They, up there in their ivory towers, like Maurice Strong and Al Gore and all of them, the top educational change agents, these evil people, they are not going to be allowed to divide us any longer. We’re all Americans. I don’t care whether white, black, pink, green, gay, what. I don’t care. We all have a right to our constitutional protections. And we’re having them taken away. And that’s why really we’ve got to get Rosa’s book and go to YouTube and look for what’s going on under the Bay Area in California. The demonstrations there; the people are really mad. You’ve got people. You’ve got blacks, you’ve got whites, you’ve got gays, you’ve got a lot of people, you’ve got older people; they’re having their land taken away by these regional planners. Of course, the people, they got us all so busy. We’re not paying attention when Sacramento passed these horrible laws to control them birth to death. That’s what Arnie did, huh? So now they’re dealing with the problem and they’re very unhappy and there are 4 or 5 YouTubes there that you can look at. Some very eloquent people speaking. I’ve didn’t used to think Californians were all that much intellectual; I thought they were all for wind surfing and surfing and skiing, and this and that, and having a good time.

Jason Hartman: No, some of them are. Some of the Californians have their head together. It’s not the major way it is out there. There are some very smart Californians still, that have not fled the oppression of the socialist California yet. But they’re on their way out. They’re leaving.

Charlotte Iserbyt: You left, didn’t you?

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I left. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Well Charlotte, thank you so much for joining us today. And give out your website once more if you would.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Okay, it’s DeliberatedDumbingDown.com and I hope people will also go to Amazon. My book is at Amazon.

Jason Hartman: And it’s got some great reviews on Amazon. And it’s really quite a comprehensive book. The newest edition, the paper back addition is 461 pages. So keep up the great work getting the message out there Charlotte. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Charlotte Iserbyt: Well thank you very much. Bye-bye.

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