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Emergency Preparedness Expert, Greg Friese, Gives Listeners Tips on First Aid in Disastrous Situations

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Preparing for an emergencyEmergency ResponseIrvine, California – July 5, 2010 – Episode two of the Holistic Survival Show includes an interview with Greg Friese, Founder and President of Emergency Preparedness Systems, LLC. The interview, conducted by Jason Hartman, gives listeners tips and techniques on how to prepare for sudden emergencies and disasters.

“It’s helpful to take incremental steps in terms of individual and family preparedness. So for example, you’re about to become a parent for the first time… you don’t need to become a pediatrician, but you should know how to do infant CPR and that only takes a couple hours,” Friese says after being asked by Hartman on what sort of “realistic” preparation should take place in a family.

The theme of the episode, and of the Holistic Survival Show as a whole, is educating and preparing oneself for emergencies to reduce the fear and effect a disaster may have on you and your family. The episode focuses on taking an individual approach with the mentality that anyone, at anytime, could be in a situation where they may need to tend to an emergency.

In speaking about the natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina, Hartman states, “there was a complete lack of preparedness, and way too much interdependence and not enough independence.” Responding to Hartman, Friese states, “that’s why I would really advocate a set of incremental steps. Maybe you do one thing each month. You start with CPR this month and next month, you put some simple supplies together.”

Friese also advocates for ongoing emergency and first aid training. He believes education and training can have a positive effect on recognizing a life-threatening emergency when one is happening. Closing the episode, he suggests the American Heart Association and American Red Cross as great organizations to receive basic CPA and First Aid training.

Holistic Survival in Uncertain TimesHolistic Survival is about being prepared for modern survival with simple, realistic steps everyone can take to make the world a better place. It’s about turning problems into possibilities. It’s about stability and community and equipping, fortifying, perfecting, providing, and securing peace of mind. It’s about self-reliance and personal responsibility. The Holistic Survival Show, hosted by Jason Hartman, is available at https://www.holisticsurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/ and is available on the iTunes store. Other podcast shows such as the Jet Setter Show and the Speaking of Wealth Show are available by Jason Hartman and can also be found at the iTunes store.


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