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Emergency Preparedness Includes Proper Investing

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emergency preparednessYour emergency preparedness is complete, you think. You’ve battened down the hatches, set in a food and water cache for a year, loaded and oiled the guns, created bug out plans for every member of the household, and prepared for any eventuality that might result from The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). But what if all the bombastic doom and gloom never materializes and there’s no KABLOOM but merely the faintest whimpering sigh of our financial system imploding?

Are you ready for the continuing devaluation of the American currency that rips wealth from your bank account, leaving you helpless to do anything about it? How about the secret villainy of stock market speculators sending Wall Street on a ride through dizzying highs, bottomless lows, only to end up right back where you started?

To be succinct, true emergency preparedness today demands you find assets that allow your portfolio to retain value and wealth even as economic conditions worsen. We can already hear the gold bugs chattering in the parlor about how their favorite precious metal is the only way to protect your wealth. In the view of Holistic Survival, we think that’s a second rate choice at best. Certainly better than the stock market, though gold trading is driven in large part by speculation also, but we believe that income property investing takes the power of gold ownership and puts an even more powerful twist on it.

The question becomes how do you improve upon an asset that is useful primarily only to stash in a safe deposit box somewhere and wait for the end of days? Income property investing provides an asset of value right now, one that people use and will always use. At what point do you expect the human race to stop needing a place to live? The answer to that question is a resounding, “Never!” Can you rent out your gold and earn monthly cash flow while maintaining ownership? Only in your dreams.

In case you never thought about it in these terms, income property investing is the best hedge against any modern survival scenario. It provides an asset that gains value as the years pass and will never fall out of fashion, plus provides a nice monthly cash flow income from renting it out. We’d say that makes it about the best financial emergency preparedness tool invented.

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