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Enjoying Armageddon – The Survival Mindset

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survival mindsetNo matter how much money, time, and discipline you put into preparing a survival toolkit, something will get left out. It’s that simple. Don’t sweat it, though. Surviving The End Of The World As We Know It is going to require a more than having the biggest cache in a four state area. Surviving is about getting your mind right. There are some serious questions you should ask yourself now and do some soul-searching to find out what the answers are.

Can I turn away starving neighbors and strangers to protect my family’s provisions?
This is a big one. Sure, you had the foresight to stock up for a year’s worth of food and firewood but not everyone around you did the same. In a survival situation of open-ended length, can you stand firm and turn people away who desperately need the help? Is that the right thing to do? Tough questions and each situation is different but don’t be surprised when the crap hits the fan and only 1 in a 100 is ready for the aftermath.

What gear am I trusting too much?
Is your GPS the only way you could navigate to your cache in the woods. Flashlight waterproof? Combination to the gun safe committed to memory? Plan for the unplanned and have a backup answer. Remember that men navigated around the world and back with nothing but primitive charts and a knowledge of the sun, moon, and stars. When gear goes bad, don’t panic. Simply find a way around it.

What simple tools should I include?
Yes, you can use your Leatherman to open cans of food for months on end but what if it breaks? Same with a cheap can opener. Get a hardy, non-electric model. Follow this: your cheap opener falls apart so you use a knife to open cans – until your hand slips and you stab yourself through the palm, causing an infection that takes forever to heal and causes you to become such a liability to the tribe that they put a bullet in your brainpan to end your (and theirs) misery. Maybe that’s a little severe but you get the idea.

Now you’re ready to kick back on the porch of your cabin in the woods – cup of coffee and fifth of Jim Beam in hand – and watch the world burn. Ain’t it great to be prepared?

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