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Exposing the War on We the People

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property InvestingWherever crisis occurs, Goldman Sachs, also known as Government Sachs, can be found to have a heavy hand in it somehow. Join Jason Hartman as he talks with Sherri Kane, investigative journalist, about the disastrous BP oil spill, the Wall Street giant’s connection through their various controlled interests with the firms involved, and the media censorship that occurred during the crisis. Learn more at: www.HolisticSurvival.com/radioshows. Sherri also discusses the environmental and health impact of this horrendous event. Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist, news commentator, psycho-social analyst, and political activist, specializing in uncovering media persuasion and manipulation, conspiracy realities and women’s and children’s rights issues.

She is the Vice President of Medical Veritas Journal, has published work in various newspapers, magazines and websites, and has been interviewed all over the world including Tru Tv’s Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, The Veritas Show, BBC Talk Radio Europe, Alex Jones Prison Planet and other radio and internet broadcasts. She is the co-host of The Insight Hour on BBSRadio.com along with Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Ms. Kane is currently collaborating with Dr. Horowitz on various projects including Healthy World Organization (HWO), the alternative to the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO), HealthyWorldAffiliates.com, and advancing the power of the “528 hz” frequency of Love and Healing for a Musical Revolution and Spiritual Renaissance with 528Records.com and i528tunes.com. She most recently wrote the forward to Dr. Horowitz’s latest book, “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love.” Sherri co-produced and is co-starring in Dr. Horowitz’s latest film, the extremely controversial docu-comedy PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, winner of the 2010 Accolade Award for “Uniqueness in Documentary Filmmaking.”

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Start of Interview with Sherri Kane

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Sherri Kane to the show today. She is an investigative journalist, a news commentator, a psychosocial analysis as well as a political activist, specializing in uncovering media persuasion and manipulation, conspiracy theories, and all sorts of interesting issues also as they relate to women’s and children’s rights. Sherri, welcome. It’s great to have you on the show.

Sherri Kane: Thank you so much for having me. Glad to be here.

Jason Hartman: First of all, you did a big thing on Goldman Sachs and the BP oil spill. And we want to hear about that. But since you happen to be in Hawaii and we just had the tragic earthquake in Japan and the tsunamis hit your shore a little bit earlier a few hours ago. What is your take on that, especially as it relates to the media? Because you had some interesting thoughts you shared with me.

Sherri Kane: Well, I believe it was a complete distraction when I heard the mainstream media. I mean they went heavy with it. People are staying on this property where I am now in Hawaii and I had calls from everybody’s mother all night long “Can I talk to my daughter? Can I talk to my son?” I mean the mainstream media had people in a complete panic about this tsunami that was coming that I knew was never going to actually come here. If it was, it was going to be in small waves. They really put a lot of hype out there to create a big scare and to me it was a complete distraction away from actually what was really going on. And if you look at any of the disasters, now this one is supposedly a natural disaster – but in these times, it’s hard to believe what they’re laying out in the sky with the chem trails and how they’re poisoning people with vaccinations. It’s hard to believe that this was actually a natural disaster. And it maybe possibly could have been a manmade disaster such as something to do with HARP and there’s been a lot of research with that how they can actually create these disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. And so when you look at it, where did the earthquake occur? It occurred in Japan. That was a major earthquake. It was an 8.8 at first and an 8.9, somewhere between the two. And that really can wipe out more than a town. That can wipe out a lot of places. And so they showed you the videos and I had people that were calling me from the east coast saying that we’re constantly playing these videos on the news of how Japan was going through this and the same video over and over again of how the towns are being wiped out by this big tsunami that hit and that it was going to be coming to Hawaii and also to California. And so cable and I knew right away. I said I’m not going to drive the car up to the highest mountain and just pray for the best. I said I don’t think that it’s going to be what it’s going to be. And I have like a small little book [0:04:40.6], another island in Oahu, and the thought of losing the boat to this huge tsunami, I mean most people would have been like oh my God – I didn’t even panic. I said I don’t believe it’s gonna happen. I don’t believe that this is gonna occur. It’s just a lot of hype. And so I researched really looking at the financial status of what was happening at the time – talk about the Asian currency.

Now, Japan has the best economy right now. If you look at the end, the end is the strongest and to me it seems to be a threat, although that’s what they want you to believe. It’s hard to believe what they really want you to believe sometimes cuz there’s a lot of controlled opposition going on. And I have a website where I actually have the definition of controlled opposition listed on that site. And it’s really where it’s all been mixed up to confuse people. If some information is accurate and truthful and other stuff is just put in there to confuse people, scare people, mix them up into believing whatever the agenda wants them to believe or to put them in the state of looking for some answers and getting to the point of vulnerability where they become desperate and don’t know who to turn to so they just accept anything.

Jason Hartman: Certainly, Sherri, the media sensationalizes things. The old saying, if it bleeds it leads, right? Because that certainly gets more interest in viewership and sells more copies of magazines and newspapers. However, we’ve got a much more I guess corporatized media nowadays. We used to have big networks, of course, but nowadays we see media conglomerates that have huge global reach on multiple forms of media, not just ABC or NBC. Now they’re deep into all sorts of different things. And they manipulate things of course for their own interest and their own agenda. What was going on during the BP scenario and how is Goldman Sachs involved?

Sherri Kane: It’s interesting how Goldman Sachs is involved in so many different things. I mean if you go back to 9/11 and you look at what happened with the stocks on the airlines, how they totally took out their stocks – I’m talking about Goldman Sachs actually took their stocks out of the airlines right before the disaster occurred. And then you had Larry Silverstein who took out a huge insurance policy on the buildings. Now, these people are all in bed together. And what I exposed after this was the partnership for New York City which I believe is core evil. And these people are responsible for rebuilding the World Trade Center, which never happened by the way. The money that was supposed to go into rebuilding, it was actually veered to Las Vegas. And there was two towers in Las Vegas, it’s called the City Center, and the towers are called the Veer Towers and are sort of leaning. They used to be illuminated in red, white and blue until we exposed them. Now they don’t light them up that way. But it was really a memorial but these are very high end condos in Las Vegas. And you look at the Aria hotel in the City Center and the way they built this whole complex up, this is where the money went for 9/11. This is why the World Trade Centers are not being rebuilt and it’s taking so long to rebuild them. Now, who’s behind the partnership for New York City which is also behind the BP oil spill? The people that run the partnership for New York City, if you look at it, when anybody can go and do your own research, you don’t have to listen to me – this is research that I’ve done. You can go to the partner [0:08:13.0] ForNewYorkCity.org and check it out for yourself. Actually, the chairman of that is Lloyd Blankfein along with Rupert Murdock.

Now who is Rupert Murdock? Rupert Murdock is the biggest media mogul out there. The guy has Fox. He has Fox, he has cable networks, this guy owns most of the mainstream media – a big portion of it anyway. And he is responsible for conducting the first swine flu vaccination trial in Australia at the Murdock Children’s Research Institute for little children. And basically what they did was they conducted these trials on the children and they were untested and he partnered with CSL pharmaceuticals which was a division of Merck Pharmaceuticals. And his son James Murdock is the non-executive director of SmithKline Beecham.

So this is a competitor to Merck, supposed competitor – son’s running that one, right? And then his mother, Elizabeth Murdock, runs the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. So here’s the media mogul that’s heavily invested in big pharma. And, okay, he’s running the partnership for New York City along with Lloyd Blankfein who’s running all the money. Lloyd Blankfein is CEO of Goldman Sachs. He’s also the biggest investor in AstraZeneca flu misvaccination which was shot up little children’s noses. It was a live virus that went for 24 to 48 hours. That means that if you were in the same room as somebody that had been vaccinated, a child that had been vaccinated with this or your child went to school with somebody that had been vaccinated like this, they would bring home the virus. They would either get it themselves or they would give it to you. And so this was a person that’s heavily invested in big pharma along with the money of Goldman Sachs. And also he’s the biggest funder in ABC Disney. So this guy also is funding Michael Moore which I call controlled opposition, the guy who says some things that are really, really accurate and then you look at how he speaks about Goldman Sachs and Lloyd Blankfein in his movie Capatlism: A Love Story. And you notice that he’s pointed a finger at Lloyd Blankfein as being this evildoer that’s really stealing all the pie from everybody else. And who funds Michael Moore’s productions? Well, they’re produced by the Weinstein Company which is funded by ABC Disney which is funded by Lloyd Blankfein. So he’s actually pointing at his own producers.

Jason Hartman: Right. That is fascinating. So controlled opposition is a really interesting concept. If you can create, in other words, in this big plan, your own opposition that won’t be that bad, kind of like when the US props up a dictator that is more friendly to the US than the alternative that the unfunded dictator might be or the unfunded guy that may be even a democrat might be – I don’t mean a democrat – politically party-wise I mean democratically thinking and ruling. So they’re doing it for their own purposes so that it fills the vortex where opposition would normally appear with their own guy and their own message, right?

Sherri Kane: Exactly, exactly. And they confuse people this way. And you look at the people and you believe they’re on your side. You really, really believe in these people. And what they’re doing right now, I mean the mainstream media, and I’ll go back to them in a second because this is really, really important what their new agenda is, but when you look at the partnership for New York City and you see these two guys running it, and then you look at who’s on the board of directors, well you have Thomas Glocer who is the CEO of Reuters. He’s also the director of Merck Pharmaceuticals. So this guy’s got his foot in big pharma and he has his foot in the mainstream media. So there you go. Those are the two. And you can look down the list and almost every single person on that list is a media mogul involved in big pharma. And with the BP oil disaster, if you look at BP, who the director of BP is, the director of BP his name is Peter Sutherland and he is also the director of finance for the Pope. He’s actually the accountant for the Pope. People don’t realize that. I mean why is that?

Jason Hartman: Right, right.

Sherri Kane: So this is BP. And so you have the director of Reuters, it’s also the director of Merck, you have Rupert Murdoch and Lloyd Blankfein and then you look at all these other people on the list and what we uncovered was just unbelievable. And you can find all of that again on my website. I have all of the links to the articles on there. But why do they do this and the reasons why is it’s all about money. And I always said at the highest level they all sit at the same table and they decide on how they’re going to manipulate everybody and how they’re going to create these wars because at the highest level there’s no such thing as I am republican, you’re a democrat, you’re a Christian, you’re a Muslim, you’re Jewish, you’re this, you’re that. No, they’re whole worshiping is about power, about getting more power about getting more money. And how are they gonna actually create this depopulation agenda so they can control the masses? Because with smaller populations, it’s gonna be easier for them to control everybody. And that’s why they’re doing it through new vaccinations as Bill Gates said.

Jason Hartman: That is unbelievable how nobody except the alternative media, Alex Jones, etc, exposed that. I mean I watched that myself. I watched it a few times. And I think it was about 27 minutes in to his talk he said exactly that. And he didn’t even really, Sherri, try and correct it or cover it up. It was just sort of we can control the populations with vaccines.

Sherri Kane: People are still getting them, hello!

Jason Hartman: And his foundation is delivering them.

Sherri Kane: Right. And how do people continuously decide they want to get vaccinations? Where does their mind go? Well, first of all, again, if the mainstream media owns these pharmaceutical companies or has huge shares in them and then of course they’re promoting their own products. So they’re out there any other – I’m on a radio, you’re a radio host, and we have sponsors. My sponsors are not big pharma, but a lot of people do have big pharma as their sponsors. See, these people not only have big pharma as their sponsors, they are big pharma. They’re using their own companies in order to create their own agenda and that’s how they spread it to the people. And they do it through television shows. If you look at Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz had a show, and this guy is funded by Oprah – she’s the one that gave him his show and now people look at Oprah for advice. Meanwhile, if you look at her magazine, every other page along with Rachel Ray which is another person that she funds for a TV show, a chef, you look at her magazine and every page is about the HPV vaccination that they give the young girls and supposedly it’s supposed to cure cancer, cervical cancer. But in reality what it does is it causes sterility, it causes death, it’s been unproven. It’s just the worst thing you can actually give to your child. So they heavily promote that in Oprah’s magazine, so you know who sponsors her. And you know where her money is going or what shares she’s buying and then you look at Dr. Oz who says to everybody on his television show “Hey, everybody! You’re gonna get a flu vaccination today!” So they’re on the show and there’s an applause, everybody’s clapping, we’re gonna get the flu vaccination today. And next thing you know, it’s like he’s getting injected oin his arm with the vaccination, and you know it can’t be a real vaccination because this is the guy that wrote the book You On A Diet that tells you that you need to look at every single ingredient on a label of food before you put it into your body.

Jason Hartman: And nobody looks at the ingredients of what’s in the vaccine, right?

Sherri Kane: Exactly, all the deadly ingredients. So he doesn’t list them on the television set. He doesn’t say, oh by the way, this is what’s in them. What he does is he fakes a vaccination, he has the audience get vaccinated, he promotes back to the public viewers on primetime television, and then the next day his wife gets on cable television like CNN and says “I would never get my o vaccinated”. And you have Dr. Oz chime in saying some of the side effects aren’t good for everybody. No, you didn’t say that yesterday, Mr. Oz, when you promoted it. So this is what I mean by control opposition. It’s also how they manipulate the public. They didn’t put that on primetime television – you had to search to hear his wife say that information. And if more people would have heard that, they would have thought twice about getting their child or even themselves vaccinated. And so this is how they manipulate people. And you look at Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs has got to be the most evil company in the world. I mean they are just horrifically evil, along with Bush and Cheney’s Halliburton. And these people were involved and the gulf oil disaster was actually again about money. They put a put option on the stock, and basically what it did was they did that the day before it happened because in Europe the timezone is different. And what they do is they put a put option on the stock. And this happened right before. And they also bought Boots & Coots, a cleanup company right before the disaster occurred – actually we just did a show on conspiracy theory, which is also funded by big pharma – we didn’t know until we got there, they were very nice, they edited out whatever they needed to edit out to support their sponsor, and you can go on my website.

Jason Hartman: How convenient.

Sherri Kane: It’s actually on my website, too, where you can see Dr. Hardwicke and I where we need the story of Jesse Ventura going out into the gulf and trying to figure out what’s really happening. And I mean that was a really heavy, heavy show to put on television, on regular television because you never hear them talking about such horrific depopulation anytime. And why is it happening now? Why is a show like Conspiracy Theory really getting popular? You can see the video – I have it on my website, a YouTube video of that clip of us on that episode.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so Sherri, I want to ask you a question, though, about the BP thing because a couple of the things sound a little farfetched here and I just want to ask you for a little more backup on them. So you’re saying that Goldman Sachs as well as the Cheney Bush cartel, they purchase these put options on BP. First of all, how do you know they did that? How do we know they did that? And how much did they purchase? Would it be a normal transaction?

Sherri Kane: I have all the links.

Jason Hartman: Oh, okay. You do have all the links?

Sherri Kane: Yeah, I have all the reference links that talks about it. There’s no hiding what they did. It’s all out there. It’s just really digging for the research. And it’s in the article I have actually on my website which people can go to. It’s a link right on my website and it’ll really actually clarify everything if anybody has any questions about really what I’m gonna tell you. It’s called War on the World: Rothschild League’s 30 Facts Evidencing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned. So I give you the 30 facts and I give you references where you can actually do your own research. I always say don’t believe what I say – please do your own research. Don’t believe what anybody says for that matter. The euro stock exchange and the Eurex Clearing AG, on April 14th they introduce an equity option on shares of Transocean. And it was effective the day of the explosion. So inside traders had a full day to dump the uninsured stock in Transocean. And they did have the highest price possible. And that was before Wall Street decided to dump their stock.

Jason Hartman: What I wanted to ask you, though, Sherri, and I think you just alluded to it, is are you saying that the BP oil spill was actually planned? That was intentionally called?

Sherri Kane: Yes, it was.

Jason Hartman: How would they do it like mechanically? Any thoughts on that, how they actually did it?

Sherri Kane: Well, I mean they control it. Deep Water Horizon which is owned by Transocean, directed by Goldman Sachs, it actually exploded on Hitler’s birthday – I think that’s interesting.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, I know. I heard that too. 4/20, right? Wasn’t that his birthday?

Sherri Kane: Yeah. And the cement job that supposedly was a bad cement job was done by Haliburton. So Goldman Sachs, they bet millions of dollars, 4.6 million dollars, 44% of their stock they dumped 3 weeks before the disaster. So in order for them to know that information, they created it. I mean how would you know that you need to dump that much stock right before a natural disaster like that happened?

Jason Hartman: Well, there is a famous quote about that. The best way to predict the future is to create it, right?

Sherri Kane: Exactly, exactly. And UBS which is the wealthiest Swiss bank, it’s part of the Rothschild league of bankers, they dump their BP stocks massively too. I mean these people knew what was happening. And then on Tony Hayword, who is the CEO of BP oil, he sold 1/3 of the BP oil stock shares one month before the explosion.

Jason Hartman: So we can’t just chalk this up to having incredible insight then, right?

Sherri Kane: No. It’s just putting facts together. It’s just being understanding. The same thing happened with 9/11 with the airline stock. If you look at what happened with the airline stocks, they knew that this is going to create a huge down on their stocks and they removed their stocks from there too. And Goldman Sachs is behind all of it. You see where the whole finger points. These people are manipulating everything.

Jason Hartman: That’s unbelievable. Let me take a brief pause, we’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: So when you talked before, not in this interview but I’ve heard you talk about it, the 12 families that really control the world, and I love the thinking about how this democrat/republican stuff is largely just a big distraction. I had G. Edward Griffin on the show. I’m sure you know who that is, the man who wrote The Creature from Jekyll Island. And he put it so well, Sherri, because he said these fights that we see in the media, they’re like watching a wrestling match on TV. And we know that those wrestling matches are largely basically fake, they’re basically stage, they’re for entertainment purposes or in this case distraction purposes. It’s back to the old days of the bread and circuses concept where back then it was entertainment and distraction and certainly we have more than enough of that in America and in the world today, but this is seemingly serious, seemingly serious political stuff about what the two parties are doing and how they’re battling it out. But at the highest level, they’re way above this, aren’t they? They don’t care. These little battles are just for show, largely, because there are much greater forces behind the scenes that are really benefiting and controlling, aren’t they?

Sherri Kane: Exactly. And you see the wars that are happening right now. The wars that are happening are not our wars to fight. I always say that to people. Don’t get wrapped up into politics. Don’t get wrapped up into I’m a democrat, you’re republican, or vice versa. Don’t get wrapped up into that. Because these people at the highest level, that’s not what they follow. That’s what they create to divide and to concur everybody.

I like the thought that we are all connected, we are all brothers and sisters. We all come from one, that we all should really have respect and love for one another, and they’re out there creating these wars. Now there’s people in the middle east that hate the westerners, the westerners hate the people in the middle east, and then they have the country in Israel that they have, okay, that country we’re gonna label them and say they’re gonna hate the Muslims and the Muslims are gonna hate then Jewish people there. It’s like this is not our wars to fight. These wars were created.

I mean when we say that, there’s people in the middle east that know this among we the people there as there are we the people here that are woken up and realize the truth. But we’re constantly fighting these battles. And that’s what I’m saying to divide us up. So they have us out there killing each other in these wars that really shouldn’t even exist because we’re fighting for people that are these evil people that had this agenda. And this is what I wanted to come back to is why the new world order has actually changed, it slipped. What they want to do right now is create, and that’s why Jesse Ventura’s show on TruTV is so popular right now, what they want to do is they want to basically get everybody to hate the government, everybody to hate the banking system, hate your doctors, so everybody say okay we’re gonna go for one world banking, we’re gonna go for a one world health care plan, we’re gonna go for a one world government. That’s the new world order agenda.

How do you get people to buy into that? Well, you have what’s going on right now in the middle east which has happened in Egypt, now it’s happening in Libya, how these people are uprising against the government as an example of, okay, now America, it’s your turn. We’re gonna go and rebel against the government. So then everybody’s gonna be really hungry for something new. They’re gonna be wanting to change and they’re gonna offer the solution.

So this is the change, this is the flip. Because shows that have a conspiracy nature were never able to get popular on mainstream television. And now, since their agenda has changed, and of course they’ve been heavily exposed – I mean I know I’m out there among with other activists exposing really what they’re up to and how they operate, and so with all of this people are just gonna wake up to the truth. Now, whether they’re gonna go to this thought that we need the one world government, if they’re not listening to the work that we’re doing because the mainstream media of course is squelching it, then they’re gonna buy into what they say. And if they don’t listen, then they’re gonna wake up. But who’s to say what’s gonna happen tomorrow? I can just tell you what their agenda is and I can’t tell you which way the masses are gonna go. I can tell you that I pray every day that people are gonna wake up more and more and they’re not gonna buy into what they have to offer.

Jason Hartman: Yeah. It’s really quite a deal going on out there. I mean it’s a complicated world in which we live. Well, Sherri, the website is SherriKane.com. Just in closing, are there any other thoughts you have for people or action steps people can take? Certainly listening to alternative media and reading alternative media would be a good step. People need to think on their own and understand that things may be certainly manipulated, the messages they’re seeing. And I love how you really explain the concept of controlled opposition today. But any other thoughts or action steps on this topic?

Sherri Kane: Well, I want to ask your people to always do your due research. Look at my website, look at what other people have to say. You can even listen to the mainstream media and listen to what they have to say, but don’t take it it’s the law because what they do is they manipulate everything. What you can do is when you listen to the mainstream media is you can read between the lines. You can see who the main players are. And then you can see really what is their agenda because what the mainstream media is telling you is not really what the true agenda is. And that’s what I’ve learned. I’ve learned that it’s always been a distraction. It’s always been something different than what the true facts are or why the reason are they doing these certain things in the world. So that’s how I do my research and I collect all of this data and then I start researching names. I look up different people, how they’re connected to different people and what they’ve been doing in their life and how they are part of this and how they contribute to either creating the war or creating the peace. And so you have to really look at that.

And also we have the solution, I know you spoke with Dr. Harlitz but the best solution is the 528 frequency of love. I mean there’s no other better solution than love. And he wrote a great book and I wanted to tell everybody about it. It’s the book of 528.com is that website. And that really is definitely I feel a solution if you can get into peace, into healing, into realizing that we don’t need our doctors for cures and we don’t need to take these meds to cure us, that we can have these natural remedies, and good drinking water to keep us healthy and keep our minds clear. Because right now what we need is to have that clear mind. We don’t need all of these toxins clogging up our brain and especially with all the chem trails that are being laid out in the sky to lower our immune system and weaken it so we can get sicker easier. We just need to keep healthy and the best thing is to have a good diet and also exercise and drink really good water and stay healthy and do your research and know that there is another truth out there and truth is definitely I believe in love and realize that that’s something that the illuminati, new world order agenda is not about. It’s not about love.

But thank you so much for having me on. And if anybody wants to help partner with us in any way, we have a website. It’s HealthyWorldAffiliates.com. I don’t know if you are part of that yet, Jason. But if you aren’t, I would definitely want you to be a part of it and put the banner up on your website so people can sign up with you and we can partner with each other. But it’s a great way – it’s a collaboration just being able to get our newsletters out and spread the news about great, healthy products where people don’t need to take these pharmaceuticals and make them get off these horrible drugs that are really poisoning us.

Jason Hartman: Excellent. Well, very good advice. Sherri Kane, thanks so much for joining us today. We appreciate the insights and having you on the show.

Sherri Kane: Thank you so much, Jason. Have a great day.

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