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Facebook and Survival

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survivalYou can almost hear the FM DJ radio voice reading the tag line to Hollywood’s latest attempt to mine an idea anywhere except their own heads: “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” So maybe Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can lay claim to half a billion compadres but what does this social media network giant have to do with survival if your only two friends on it are your mother and her cat?

Actually, in that case, we can’t claim Facebook would help your chances at all in a survival situation, but for others who have built up a network of connections to family, friends, and like-minded survivalists, maybe there is a point to the whole social media thing besides posting the most mind-numbing minutia from your day.

Maybe Facebook could be used to keep in touch with out-of-state relatives or nearly grown kids away at college. Maybe instead of regaling them with the bad egg roll experience you had at Mr. Happy’s Chinese Garden last night, you could put together an emergency plan for rendezvous in the event of a societal meltdown. Instead of simply having a emergency escape route from the house planned, why not have a larger scale emergency plan to bring the whole tribe back together? After all, these are the people you care about and would like to protect, right?

Thought so.

Facebook, Twitter, and their buddies offer an unprecedented way for extended circles of families and friends to stay in touch, pool resources – maybe Uncle Bob in Indiana has a well hidden shack in the woods with a generator and food storage room. Might be a good place to aim for when survival becomes utmost in your mind.

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