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Feuding for fun

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Holding grudges and seeking revenge are the norm in many cultures. There is a certain mindset that you may run into from time to time where a person perceives themselves as having been wronged.

Whether it’s a problem neighbor or common street thug, they are not happy unless they are feuding. Feuding gives him something to do. What is the best way to react in this situation? Is there any way to stop the situation from escalating? Sure, if you are dealing with a sane person – chances are, you’re not – but how do you handle a crazy living next door? You’re not going to resolve the feud then and there. The best you can hope to do is de-escalate a confrontation.

1. Insults – refrain from a string of profanity-laced sentences lobbed in his direction. This never helps. A violent person perceives an insult as aggression and you can guess how that will end.

2. Challenges – a direct challenge is a bad idea, unless you have a death wish. Your problem neighbor might decide to come over that fence after you with a pistol or chainsaw. Challenging a street crazy is like calling his bluff. He is left with no choice but to act or lose face.

3. Denial – recognize that a confrontation is imminent. If you don’t, you’re going to 1) freeze 2) walk right into or 3) get splattered in a fight. None of these are a welcome outcome.

4. Offer an exit – give your opponent an opportunity to back off while retaining some pride and there’s a good chance he will.

This advice isn’t all you need to know to avoid getting your head cracked open in a confrontation but it’s a start.

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