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Fight or be consumed

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Whether the coming economic collapse is simply a re-creation of the Great Depression or turns into an all out “blood in the streets” sort of affair, there are mitigating steps to take. First, let’s hope the streets don’t run red. If they do, your best bet is a few guns and lots of ammunition. For the first scenario of worsening economic conditions, you should begin right now eliminating bad debt.

Notice we didn’t say ALL debt. Debt in the form of a fixed-rate, long-term mortgage on an income producing property is not a bad thing. Most other debt is. When the economy turns from stall into free fall, people with bad debt are going to get crushed.

1. Credit Cards – Have you ever stopped to figure out exactly how badly these companies are screwing you when you carry a monthly balance? It’s nauseating and you have only yourself and out-of-control spending habits to blame. Stop it! Pay down your credit card and keep it there.

2. Banks – Ask for a list of all fees and charges associated with your checking account but sit down first. All the little ZINGS and PINGS can add up over time.

3. State and Local Governments – Every time you turn around, there’s a new percentage of a point tax to raise money for something. About the only thing you can do about this is elect representatives who vote against every tax that comes around and those are getting harder to find.

4. Monthly Billing – Have you noticed how a company will do its almighty best to get you signed up on some sort of monthly service plan? The list is almost endless. Of course, utility and phone companies have been doing this forever but have you stopped to notice Johnny-Come-Lately’s like your local video rental store? It’s great. You’ll never, ever have to pay another late fee if you’ll just agree to sign up for one of the “premier” plans at a rate ranging from $7.99 to $15.99 monthly. Once you’re locked in, heaven help those who change their mind – good luck in getting the automatic billing stopped.

The lesson here is to analyze your budget and figure out which services can be cut. For many of us, they’ve been adding up over the years until we don’t even remember all the business entities electronically dipping into our account every 30 days. Why not make it a point to remind yourself today?

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