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Fighting Back Against Biological Warfare

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Last time we discussed the use of biological warfare throughout history. Creative delivery systems like poisonous snake catapults and tossing dead animals into water wells were all the rage. These days, the process of exposing large numbers of people to deadly agents has been refined a bit.

While there are more than 1200 biological agents capable of causing widespread illness or death, only a few are ideal candidates, mainly because of the following characteristics:

1. Easy to acquire, process, and use

2. Small amounts needed to kill/incapacitate hundreds of thousands in urban areas

3. Invisible, odorless, tasteless, and can be spread silently.

Is there anything you, as an average citizen, can do to combat this hideous threat? Thankfully, the answer is yes. Don’t get freaked out and don’t panic. Instead, like Jason Hartman says, get prepared. You might not be aware how effective a few simple solutions are against biological hazards.

• Masks – both the military gas mask and civilian air filter mask used in tuberculosis cases are very effective at filtering out most biological particles delivered through the air. However, it’s vitally important you have them fitted to you personally. Face seals are generally where leaks occur.

• Clothing – most biological particles will not penetrate unbroken skin or stick to clothing. After an aerosol attack, throw your clothes away and take a good shower. These simple actions will remove 99.99% of contaminants.

• Antibiotics/vaccinations – Protective vaccines are available against anthrax, plague, Q fever, botulinum toxin, and others. Antibiotics can be given orally or by IV even before the specific threat is identified.

See? A biological attack is not going to end all life on earth. There are simple, effective ways you and your family can prepare yourselves to survive an attack.

The Holistic Survival Team