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File for divorce from consumerism

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Modern society is constructed on a quicksand alliance between cars, credit cards, and television. Here’s what happens. You sit at home watching television, soaking up all those enticing commercials exhorting you to get out and spend, spend, spend on stuff you barely need – don’t need at all, to be honest.

The mind races at the possibility of owning, say, a big screen television. Can’t watch one more football game without it. This leads to step two. Leap in the car and drive to the nearest electronic box store. Cash is low. Lucky you’ve got credit. Pull out the well-worn plastic and slide it through the bottomless pit of a scanner.

Drive home and set up that huge plasma-fied sucker in your living room. Mission accomplished. Why did you just do that? Because the commercial made you feel like you deserved it, while peer pressure and the insidious retail process backed up the assertion every step of the way.

What’s the point here?

In an economic upheaval, you better learn to distinguish what you want from what you need. If you can’t learn to wean yourself from a few creature comforts now, how do ever expect to function in a situation when such things are not available? Try a book for a change. It doesn’t even need electricity.

Something to think about.

The Holistic Survival Team