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Financial Survival – It’s simple; They Want Your Money

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financial survivalIf you’ve ever sat back in exasperation and silently wondered, does the government want all my money, the answer is simple – of course they do. Why would you think they wouldn’t? This ain’t your grandfather’s America and your financial survival just may depend on how well you can hide your assets from Uncle Sam and the rest of the world. Especially insidious is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Ah, yes, another one of those New World Order-ish sounding names that immediately makes us reach for our wallet to make certain it’s still there.

The OECD is, of course, based in Paris, France, a black hole for freedom and civil rights. Their goal is to create a global automatic exchange of tax information. The current method for achieving their end is to twist the arm of known tax havens in order to get them to sign what is known as a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA). By maintaining a white, grey, and black list of those who have cooperated and those who haven’t, the OECD is turning the screws on international banking centers to lower their privacy standards.

Lower privacy standards is the way free citizens lose rights and governments become oppressive. Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein have all bowed to international pressure and weakened their formerly high standards of bank secrecy, sacrificing the financial survival of their customers in the process. The Republic of Panama is still standing firm against sacrificing integrity for political expediency, partly due to the fact that recent elections catapulted Ricardo Martinelli, self-made grocery store chain millionaire, into power.

New World Order or power-grabbing yahoos? Doesn’t matter. Your financial survival is at stake. It is your duty to yourself and family to keep your privacy just that – private. We’re not suggesting you mount a one man crusade against France, though they’d probably surrender if they heard you were on the way, but rather to arm yourself with information. Know what’s happening around the world and take advantage of those tax havens that will hold your private information closely.

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