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Food Coupons Beat Inflation

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HolisticSurvival.comInflation is here and hyperinflation likely on the way. Since the only people who can print more money for free work for the Federal Reserve, how is an average citizen to combat the steady deterioration of the value of the dollar, especially when it comes to putting food on the table and in the food cache? One simple, boring and highly effective answer is food coupons. The Internet Age makes the process even easier. If you’re the one in the grocery store line scoffing at the little old lady up front digging through her stash of cut-outs and print-outs, don’t look now but the joke’s on you.

When it comes to stretching your money as far as it can go, you need a different shopping mindset. The normal, mindless American reaches into the cabinet one day and finds nothing but bread crumbs and stale crackers. Time to go to the grocery store. Problem is that the items you need were discounted yesterday. Today they’re back at full price.

Some grocery stores, Publix is an example, put common food items on sale on a rotating basis. One day bread is 2 for 1, which is essentially half price on an item that you constantly use. The next day certain brands of lunch meat are 2 for 1…and so on. By timing your buying sprees to coincide with local grocer’s discounts and coupons you can save a lot of moolah.

Need food coupons? Get in the habit of buying the Sunday paper. The sales circulars and coupons make it easily worth the price. Get creative and you might not even need the paper. Ask friends or relatives to save them for you. Go online and visit your grocer’s or food manufacturer websites. Chances are good you’ll be able to print out their current coupons.

Heard of stacking? That’s when you take a manufacturer’s coupon and apply it to an in-store coupon or discount on the same item. Say your grocer is offering one dollar off a Red Baron pizza and you’ve also got a manufacturer coupon for a dollar off. Put them together and you’ve just saved a chunk of money on that particular delicacy. Though it might sound like double-dipping, it’s a normal operation in most grocery stores.

The point here is not to induce coupon craziness but to save legitimate amounts of money on food products that are only going to get more expensive.

Happy clipping!

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