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Free Emergency Preparedness Mobile Apps

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Being prepared in the face of disaster is necessary not only as a way to help you physically during the crisis, but also to mentally strengthen you to cope with the stress of the situation. Here are some mobile apps Jason Hartman recommends that will be of assistance during times of emergency.

FEMA – This helpful app includes information on preparing for various disasters, how to plan an emergency meeting location, an interactive checklist for 72-hour emergency kits, and a map listing the FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers and Shelters.

iMPrepared – This free app includes RSS feeds of disasters and a flashlight, compass, and S.O.S. signal.

Hurricane – A hurricane-tracker app that offers much more than just tracking. It monitors conditions to warn you in advance and can let others know that you are safe in a power outage.

MyMedList – Electronically track your prescription medicines for use as a reference to doctor’s offices or hospitals during an emergency.

Get A Game Plan – Created by the Governor of Louisiana’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to inform the public of what to do in the event of a natural disaster or a security issue. Evacuation information is available and you can report suspicious weather activity.

Reunite – This app is intended for relief workers to reunite families after a disaster; however, it can be used by anyone not only to report missing family members, but also to search the site for those who have been found.

Disaster Alert – Find updated information on disasters worldwide. Hazards are available in an interactive map or a list.

American Red Cross: Shelter View – This app will help you locate the closes shelter in times of evacuation or natural disaster.

• bReddi – This free app uses trusted sources – both public and private – from various social media sites to provide a people-powered emergency information center.

• ubAlert: Disaster Alert Network – An informative disaster app that provides updated information that is ranked according to the credibility of the source.

• BuddyGuard – This resource sends a message to your contacts with your GPS location in case you are separated, being evacuated, or during other emergency situations.

• Pocket First Aid – This medical health guide could be your only line to first aid support during a crisis. It includes illustrated, step-by-step instructions to provide care and comfort until professionals can arrive. It even offers “Get Well Soon” ecards.

Be sure to check with your state for any emergency apps that they may offer for state-wide preparedness. For instance, Georgia offers Ready Georgia and Virginia has Arlington Prepares. Sometimes you can get even more localized information, such as LeeEvac in Lee County, Florida or JaxReady in the city of Jacksonville. (Top image: Flickr | ilamont.com)

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