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Garage Sale Your Way to Prepper Supplies

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Prepping often involves steps that you never considered. Such as going to garage sales. But garage sales are the perfect place to find key survival items on the cheap. Keep an eye out for the following items at yard sales and even on Craigslist, so that you’ll be prepared while still saving cash.

· Camping equipment: Many people sell these types of items after the kids grow up or some people purchase a lot of equipment only to discover that they don’t really like roughing it. You can often find tents, sleeping bags, canteens and utensil sets, lanterns and other useful items.

· Fishing gear: Similar to camping supplies, fishing equipment is often sold in relatively new condition. Plus, it could come in very handy for catching dinner. Look beyond the pole. Remember to seek out lines, nets, spare rods and reels, flies, and bobbers. If you live near the coast, you may also luck into some great traps for crabs.

· High-quality tools: Look in particular for sturdy older ones from estate sales. New isn’t necessarily better, particularly with tools. Also stock up on gardening tools.

· Hunting supplies: Sometimes you might find a garage sale with hunting supplies, including camouflage clothing, gun cleaning kits, and decoys. You might find a bow with a quiver of arrows, a good quality knife, and even ammo. If you see lots of hunting supplies, you may wish to ask if the individual has any firearms for sale, as well.

· Books and guides: Medical reference books, cookbooks, survival-related books, including those that offer step-by-step instructions on homesteading, gardening, canning, wilderness survival, plant recognition, prepping wild animals for cooking and storage, and other similar skills. Without electricity, all of this information will need to be easily accessible in print form.

· Homeschooling supplies: Preppers should be prepared to educate their children and grandchildren, so stockpile workbooks, textbooks, flashcards, and other educational materials.

· Clothing: Remember to purchase clothing in various sizes to plan ahead for your children as they grow. Buy winter wear, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves. Get hiking or work boots and make sure that they’re comfortable. Consider purchasing bolts of cloth and excess thread and needles as well as patterns for various sizes of simple clothing, shorts, shirts, pants, and other clothing that you may need to create in the future.

· Kitchen supplies: Search for items such as non-power food dehydrators (like the hanging kind), a grain mill for wheat, canning jars and other canning supplies, and manual kitchen supplies, such as a hand mixer, flour sifter, even a campfire toaster.

Thankfully, you won’t need to find financial advice at a garage sale. Jason Hartman doesn’t offer second-hand tips. His Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing educational weekend will be all you need to learn how to make money efficiently through the use of conservative but effective real estate strategies. (Top image: Flickr | Eastlaketimes)

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