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Genetically-altered food – welcome to the freakshow

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As we head into the brave new world of the 21st century, genetic modification of food kicks into high gear. Modern survivalists should care that some estimates put the amount of food on our grocery shelves with genetically engineered ingredients at 70-75%. In this case, ignorance is not bliss. Studies over the past decade have uncovered human health risks such as toxicity, allergenicity, antibiotic resistance, immune suppression, and cancer.

Hmm, immune suppression. That strangely coincides with increasing number of human diseases being traced to the immune system.

And now Big Food has lobbied for the introduction of “food disparagement” laws into 13 states. That means you can’t insult a food product, even if what you say is true, because it might endanger the profits of a corporation. Profits are more important than truth about how food products impact our health?

The following is a small sampling of how “creative” the food scientists are becoming.

1. Potatoes with bacteria genes.
2. Pigs with human growth genes.
3. Fish with cattle genes.
4. Tomatoes with flounder genes.

Part of the problem (besides the fact that the genie escaped the bottle a long time ago) is the mish mash of eight federal agencies attempting to regulate biotechnology using 12 different sets of statutes written before biotechnology existed.

Can you say “engineered chaos?”

The only entities benefiting from this are the food companies rushing unlabeled genetically-altered food products to your local grocery store. Now is the time for holistic survivalists to find out where their food is coming from.

The Holistic Survival Team