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Get Extra Spending Money Quick

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While we all know from Jason Hartman that the best method for saving money is to borrow it on a long-term, fixed rate loan for use in purchasing rental property or other valuable commodity, sometimes we just need to save a few extra bucks. The best immediate way to get extra spending money is not by earning more, but by spending less.

Here are some great quick ways to immediately cut your spending, freeing up some extra cash:

· Coupons: Your grandma had the right idea when she sat with her scissors and the Sunday paper, but with today’s coupons, it’s a lot easier. Many online sites allow you to print coupons directly from the Internet. Some stores even offer non-clippable coupons with their loyalty cards. Simply visit the store’s website and click on the coupons you want to use. They will automatically be added to your card. The discounts will be applied at the register when you scan your loyalty card.

· Rebates: Most people forget to follow up on rebates and never take advantage of this simple money-saving method. Be sure to file your paperwork and keep a copy of your receipt. Also mark on your calendar any deadlines, so that you can follow up if you don’t receive a check. Remember that many utility companies offer a rebate on purchases of new, Energy-Star appliances. Check with your local energy company to determine if they have a rebate program, some of which offer online forms for an easy application process.

· Change plans: Whether it’s your phone plan or your television programming, you can quickly and immediately lower your bills simply by changing plans or bundling. Be sure you don’t get caught up in purchasing more to “save” when in reality, your bill will be higher. Settle for the bare minimum of what you need. Phone companies such as Magic Jack and Vonage have set the price level low; however, in some cases quality is affected. Walmart offers a low-cost Straight Talk plan, which is through Verizon, yet involves only a small monthly fee.

· Conserve: It’s not just good for the environment; it’s good for your pocketbook. Try a month of using less and notice the difference it makes in your bills. Take shorter showers. Shut off the water when you brush your teeth. Instead of pouring out water that isn’t consumed, try using it to fill pet bowls or water plants. You will see the difference in your water bill. To see a similar change in your electric bill, turn off the light when you leave the room. Change the thermostat just a degree – warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter – and note the difference in your next statement. (Top image: Flickr | Bramus!)

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