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Going Off the Grid

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Jason Hartman, like most survival preppers, is aware that our massive deficits and crushing debt – both nationally and personally throughout the country – are leading to years of inflation and a stock market that will continue to flail. Preppers around the country are learning more about homesteading and getting off the grid completely, and Jason Hartman’s policies of investing in “packaged commodities” points towards this ingenious preparation for a dim financial future of the nation. By investing not only in the real estate for your own homestead, you invest in the building materials of home construction which are neatly packaged in a residential home.

For many survivalists, small is the new big, and less ultimately results in more. Solar and wind power systems can be installed to power and heat living spaces, particularly those that take advantage of a “tiny home” floor plan. The savings – both financially and on the environment – are ideal for use in other survival preparations.

Consider the following energy efficient, off-the-grid additions to any residence:

· Install a solar composting toilet: This structure can dispose of human waste without the use of water or energy. A composting toilet produces dry, odor-less compost that is ready for immediate use to maintain a healthy garden without the effort of typical composting.

· Drill a well or harvest rain water: Experts recommend a two-week supply of water be stored in case of an emergency. However, concerns about the future quality of our water supply may cause us to store greater quantities. Water is needed for everything from drinking, watering plants, cleaning, bathing, tending to animals or pets, and so much more. Be sure you have what you’ll need.

· Plant a garden or raise chickens or other farm animals: Anyone who tried to buy a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread in the Northeast during the pre-hours of Hurricane Sandy can attest to the benefits of planting your own garden and even raising farm animals. Tutorials can teach you how to skin and prepare animals, whether farm-raised or wild-caught. Websites and books divulge information on canning vegetables for longer-lasting rewards.

· Build a greenhouse for winter plants: Grow your plants and harvest your food year-round for an even greater benefit.

· Create a compost: A compost will help your plants to grow and produce greater quantities of produce.

· Build and install a wood stove: Being off-grid means no electrical or gas sources, and therefore, a wood stove is ideal.

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