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Gold – it’s not manna from heaven.

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We call them gold bugs. The term has been around at least since the US presidential election of 1896, when supporters of William McKinley took to wearing gold lapel pins and gold-colored headbands to show their disdain for the encroachment of the “silver menace” into our money supply.

Those were the days. If only silver were the problem with our economy today.

At Holistic Survival, we believe that the gold bugs (those ardent admirers of gold as an investment commodity) are half right. Their contention that the perpetually devalued dollar and shortsighted politicians will always lead to inflation is correct. They have analyzed the situation correctly but their conclusion is wrong. Gold is not the best investment for uncertain times. Gold is not an investment at all. It’s only another form of money. True, it will hold value better than the greenback but don’t pretend for a moment it’s an actual investment.

Even if some of the current expectations that gold will rise to $1,500 an ounce within the next several years turns out to be right, you’ll only be pulling in about 8% to 9% as a “return.” This isn’t a return. It’s barely keeping up with actual inflation rate.

Why not explore a real investment like income property? This packaged commodity strategy, when executed properly, is capable of delivering returns that can make you truly wealthy, even in inflationary times. The great part is it works even better in the face of inflation. Getting rich from inflation…quite a concept, isn’t it? Visit our website at www.JasonHartman.com to learn how.

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