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Greatest invention EVER?

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That’s a pretty bold statement but who could argue that the classic Stanley stainless steel thermos is, quite possibly, the greatest invention in the history of civilization. You’ve got a better idea? Anesthesia? Piffle! The wheel? Pure silliness! What’s better than a thermos designed so well it is basically the same as it was 90 years ago? What’s better than a beverage container that keeps your drink not warm but HOT for 8 to 12 hours?

Yes, this is the same clunky gray/green thermos with the stainless steel lid your father might have lugged to work all his life. Use it correctly and you can’t go wrong. Believe us, in the midst of a harrowing survival experience, it might be nice to sit down with a hot cup of coffee whilst pondering your immediate fate.

It works like this. To keep your beverage hot for the maximum length of time, fill the thermos with boiling water 30 minutes prior to use. When you’re ready, empty the water out and put your hot beverage of choice in. To keep drinks cold, place the Stanley thermos in the freezer until cold. This simple technique works wonders for temperature retention.

The Stanley thermos consists of an inner and outer bottle separated by a vacuum and insulated with ground charcoal dust. Now you’re talking real survival gear!

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