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Holistic healing picks up the pieces when medicine fails

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Holistic SurvivalModern medicine can be a wonderful thing, except when it isn’t. Recent advances in moderating the effects of various immune system disorders like arthritis come to mind. Of course, at several thousand dollars per treatment, the price tag is hefty and the side effects often horrendous. And of course they must be administered under near hospital conditions.

But what about when the system breaks down? Enter holistic healing and the wisdom of centuries.

How will generations of Americans raised on pain and depression relieving medications function in a world where these pharmaceuticals are suddenly not available? Chances are, not well. Holistic Survival does not pretend to be a doctor and will never play one on television but, in the interests of medical preparedness, might it not be advisable to explore the options of the more naturally oriented holistic healing before the national transportation system collapses under the price of a gallon of gasoline?

Perhaps the symptoms you are currently paying a drug company hefty user fees to control could be positively treated by addressing your body’s overall health. Diet and nutrition, exercise, herbs, meditation, and detoxification therapies are just a few examples. The question ask yourself is what are you going to do if your modern “miracle” drug was suddenly unavailable?

Could your body and mind withstand the shock of cold turkey withdrawal? Can we ask for a show of hands from those who want to find out? It just seems to us that it’s worth the effort to try some of these holistic healing alternatives while you still have a chance to wean yourself off the hard drugs.

Holistic healing was around before modern medicine and will be here long after it’s gone. We suggest you get to know it.

The Holistic Survival Team

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