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‘Holistic Survival Show’ Guest, Karen Varner on the Importance of Food Preparedness during Uncertain Times

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Bulk food items stored in pantry for emergenciesIrvine, California – July 10, 2010 – Food preparedness consultant, Karen Varner, joins the Holistic Survival Show with Jason Hartman on episode four. During the interview, Karen engages listeners with some tips on how to prepare a food supply, store food and water supplies, and know what quantities are needed for a family during an emergency.

Opening the interview, Varner speaks on food storage kits and the contents that ought to be included, which are, rice, beans, grains, fruits. As an example of what humans can live off of, Varner states, “Ethiopians eat nothing but wheat three times a day. Many third world countries survive on rice and beans… the cheapest way to go is to just buy whole grains, and we can survive on bread and water.”

When asked about how to develop a sufficient food supply for a family, Varner responded, “Buy a case if you can, and a can if you can’t,” meaning that buying extra items each time, as bulk items are on sale, will help gradually build the family food supply for emergencies.

Once speaking about shelf-life, host, Jason Hartman asked about the move from “Best By” dates to “Sell By” dates, and why most manufacturers no longer use the “Best By” label. Karen clarifies that manufacturers are planning for worst-case scenarios and that they are really “covering their own butts.”

Water is extremely important in the first 72 hours, more so than food during this period of time. Varner states that each person should have at least one gallon a day per person just for cooking, and suggests a good filter to purify the water.

Concluding the episode, Hartman asks, “Anything on catching rainwater? Do you deal with that at all?” Varner responds, “I live in Utah – they were prosecuting someone for catching their own rainwater… they caught it and were using it. The city said that water runs off and down into the drain and they were stealing it from the city!”

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