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How Dirty Electricity Makes You Sick

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property InvestingFor some time, there has been a debate about the safety of cell phones and smart meters due to high frequencies produced by these devices. Dr. Sam Milham speaks with Jason Hartman about his book, Dirty Electricity, and how anything that interrupts the flow of electricity causes dirty electricity. Dr. Milham contends that, based on his research, mortality rates increased as more and more residents of urban areas were joined to the electrical grid, including risks of cancer and diabetes. He shares some research, including an increase in cancer in a school, dairy cows not producing milk, and more that led to the discovery of high frequency electrical pollution that was causing an increase in a variety of problems and diseases. Not all electricity is dirty, but anything that produces high frequency waves, such as smart meters, certain appliances, cell phones, digital handheld phones, compact fluorescent lights, solar energy, WiFi, and more, contributes to higher rates of cancer and even obesity. Dr. Milham suggests ways to eliminate dirty electricity in the home. For more details, visit: www.HolisticSurvival.com.

Dr. Milham is a specialist in occupational epidemiology and is known as the scientist who first alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic pollution, and human disease. Dr. Milham is a graduate of Union College and Albany Medical College. He became a Senior Resident in Epidemiology at the New York State Department of Health in 1961 and then was a development consultant for the department. His experience includes Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Albany Medical College; Associate Professor, University of Hawaii School of Public Health and Medical School; Section Head, Epidemiology Section, Washington; Chronic Disease Epidemiologist, Washington State Department of Health, and more. He has received many awards and has written numerous articles on various medical issues. His mortality rate studies led to the writing of his book, Dirty Electricity, to alert people to the possibility of a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality due to high frequency radiation, and what steps to take to reduce our exposure to dirty electricity.

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Jason Hartman: My pleasure to welcome Dr. Sam Millan to the show. He is an expert on dirty electricity. So we will get into that topic today and why it’s important to you. Sam, welcome. How are you?

Samuel Milham: I’m just fine. How are you?

Jason Hartman: Good, good. You’re coming to us today from Olympia, Washington, and tell us about dirty electricity. What makes it dirty? Is it different than not-dirty electricity or clean electricity?

Samuel Milham: Absolutely. Dirty electricity is a term coined by utilities. They sell you 60 cycle sideways power, if you look at it on a soluscope. And over the years what’s happened is old electronic junk that people use like computers and other machines, they had high frequency transients to the return currents and since utilities are bumping 80% of the return currents into the ground, the stuff gets into your house and into wires. And what it does is it rides into your house on a 60 cycle and if you look at in a soluscope, it’s 60 cycle. It’s now rough, it’s not smooth, and if you separate out the high frequencies you could actually see how much of what you’re getting into your house is dirty. So the definition is, its high frequency voltage transients and harmonics.

Jason Hartman: Okay, now I want to ask you. Before we get into why this is important, when did the dirty electricity start? Did it start in the era of the integrated chip, the integrated circuit and modern electronics? Or did the utility companies start giving us dirtier electricity over the years? Was it better before? Did this change at a certain time?

Samuel Milham: It all started with Edison.

Jason Hartman: Fair enough.

Samuel Milham: He had a terrible problem with generator brush arching. Brushes are the vice that picks up the electricity. They’re called brushes because his initial brushes looked like brushes. They were stiff copper wires bent at the top. Now they’re carpenter graphite blocks. But whatever, he had a terrible brush arching problem. One of the things that makes dirty electricity is arching, or sparking or bad connections. Anything that interrupts electric current flow makes dirty electricity. That’s why the modern devices with their switching power supplies in them are so dirty.

But know that this dirt started way back with Edison. And you can see the effects of it right after the turn of the century when vital records got good enough that you could see changes in death rates. So it happened way back in 1892. The way I got onto this is I looked at… Vital records are birth and death records, and the US has had a fairly robust collection in system for counting every death. The only way out of this life is with a piece of paper being filed some place, a death certificate. The undertaker usually fills it out, but whatever. I noticed looking at US mortality starting in say, 1900 and coming forward that death rates of all causes just went up astronomically starting, you can really see it in 1920, 1930, and 1940. And the other piece of data that was instrumental in unraveling this was at the Census Bauru, you know when they come around to your house and ask who’s there. They asked in 1920…1930, 40 and 50. And those sense whether or not your house was connected to the grid.

The interesting thing about the electric grid that’s in this country is all the big cities have electricity, fairly sizeable amounts at the turn of the century. The last farms in this country didn’t get electrified until 1956. See you had half a century where you had two big populations in this country, one with electricity, one without that were both covered by the death records system.

So what I did is I looked at how the electrification percentages by state, they changed of course in 1900 from the early on to late. And as the electrification rates went up, so did the cancer rates, the heart disease rates, the diabetes rates, we’re talking mortality. Death rates. And so everything just worse. If you look at urban/rural differences, most of the rural areas in the 20s and 30s had no electricity. And some of the states like Mississippi, 21% in 1930 of the residences had electricity, where the northern states had it fairly early. So you had huge urban/rural differences. That’s how really I got onto it and proved it.

Jason Hartman: So what were the death rates caused by specifically?

Samuel Milham: That’s the [0:08:19.7]. Initially, we thought well this, epidemiology, that’s what I do. This modern epidemiology of electromagnetic fields started in 1979 with a study by wertheimer and leeper. They looked at kids who died of cancer in the Denver area and showed that if they had thick wires to the houses, which are a surrogate for high currents, and therefore high magnetic fields, that had a relationship. They looked at houses and categorized them by high current, low current, whatever. So starting in ’79, for the next 20 or 30 years people focused on power frequency magnetic fields, that’s 50 hertz and 60 hertz in the US 50 and Europe and other places. But I was never convinced that that was the critical variable because the risks were not that high. You might have gotten double or triple risks. Like 2 pack a day smokers have 20 times the lung cancer rate of non-smokers.

And so in 2004 I was at a new winter residence in California, I read an article in the paper about a cancer cluster in a school. And I followed it up and published a paper on it and what we looked at there was this dirty electricity that seems that dirty electricity, a meter to develop it was developed by, to read it was developed by Dave Stetzer, who’s an industrial electrician. And Marty Graham is a professor of electrical engineering at Berkley and [0:10:07.3] retired. They were studying sick cows. Cows weren’t giving milk in the Midwest and other places. And they tracked it to this dirty electricity, the high frequency transients in the ground that was making the cows ill, they were getting shocked, they wouldn’t milk. And basically they’re the ones who should really get the credit for the practical discovery of the bio effects of dirty electricity.

So I knew about their meter and luckily I got the California health department to measure the school that I was studying for cancer and low and behold, the reading of the dirty electricity in each classroom predicted the cancer risk of the teacher who taught in that room. So that was in late 2008, 2009 I published the paper. So since then, I’ve got some other papers in the process of getting published that show, I think the way it works is that the exogenous high frequency fields cause currents in your body that are completely foreign and your body doesn’t recognize the amounts of stress reaction to it and chronic stress over a long period of time messes up all sorts of biological functions like your immune system. And it’s not just cancers, its heart disease, suicide, it’s diabetes, they’re all tied to this.

You get [0:11:35.3] electricity, your blood sugar goes up and I just sent off a paper last week that really shows conclusively that the current epidemics of obesity measured by body mass index and diabetes measured by fasting plasma glucose are caused by this. They’re current epidemics. And I ran into a paper just 5 or 6 months ago published in 2011. Two papers in [0:11:59.7] that listed the world-wide distribution of 199 countries by fasting plasma glucose, diabetes prevalence and body mass index. The Gates foundation paid for it and they’re published in The Lancet. If you look at the list of countries, I fell off my chair when I saw it, the top ten countries, 8 are islands, little islands out in the pacific, Nauru, Cook Islands, Tonga, Somoa, Palau, Marshall Island, Kiribati, and the other three places are Kuwait, USA and another island in the Atlantic, Saint Kitts and Nevis. Well the island connection is almost certainly due to the fact that they’re off grid, and they use these diesel generator sets for electricity.

Jason Hartman: So they’re dirty, these islands?

Samuel Milham: They’re very dirty.

Jason Hartman: Okay. So those are not good places then, with the dirty electricity problem.

Samuel Milham: Yeah exactly. And I think that’s why there’s high suicide and the PSTD in our Iraq vets because they spend 20 billion dollars a year to air condition them and they do that with these portable diesel generator sets and they don’t know how to wire them up either because they’re electrocuting kids too.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so let’s go with your theory that the dirty electricity is bad. But I just want to get further clarification. So not all electricity is dirty? We can have it around us, we can have the electricity and the electromagnetic current that it creates, because all electricity creates electromagnetic current that’s in the air, right?

Samuel Milham: Right.

Jason Hartman: Okay. So we can have that, as long as it’s not dirty, right? It’s not all bad, it’s just the dirty kind that’s bad.

Samuel Milham: The animal study…people studied the EMS business for like 40 years now and a lot of experiments where they just expose them to pure 60 cycle sign waves didn’t show much of anything. When you get the high frequency stuff, that’s when you get the problems. So there probably are safe and clean waves to electrify but the thing that’s really concerning my terribly, last summer or last winter down in California I got involved in looking at photovoltaic solar, and wind. And boy, are they filthy.

If you use your solar cells to charge batteries and use the DC system, that’s fine. I find that the evil part of that is the converters that tie it go the grid that change the DC that’s generated to AC so it can match the 60 cycle in the grid. Those things are uniformly dirty and they put out a whole lot of this stuff. I measured dozens of houses and a couple big commercial solar operations and they’re horrible. We’re talking 20 thousand units of dirty electricity when 50 gives some people symptoms.

Jason Hartman: So how do we know which electricity in our house is dirty and which is clean? And then I want to ask you what do we do about it.

Samuel Milham: Well in my book, okay I’ve got a book about this if people are interested. It’s called Dirty Electricity and you get it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble for about 8 bucks. And in the book I say what you should do is get down to radio shack and get a cheap AM/FM portable radio, turn it to an AM station or tune it to an AM off-station, we ordinarily get a little bit of static. Now walk around your house. For a test, put your microwave oven on and listen to how far away the radio will howl. Anything that’s putting out dirty electricity or high frequency transients will make that radio static. Like dect phones are super bad. The base of those puts out bad dirty electricity 24-7.

Jason Hartman: Dect phones? Is that the brand name, you mean?

Samuel Milham: D-e-c-t. That’s a type of portable phone. Its digital enhanced cordless telephones. You couldn’t [0:16:08.8] big box stores, that’s all you could buy. They don’t sell [0:16:10.2]

Jason Hartman: So those are a big offender then?

Samuel Milham: Yeah, big offender. Compact fluorescent lights are a horrible offender. Every one of those just puts out a mess. It interrupts the current flow 20 thousand times a second.

Jason Hartman: So there you go environmentalists. You use these compact fluorescent bulbs and you increase the cancer rate, and how much damage does treating cancer do to the environment, right? Just unintended consequences everywhere you look.

Samuel Milham: Another big source of it lately is these smart meters that they’re slapping on houses everywhere. Every one’s a transmitter and all transmitters have switching power supplies. Like the cell towers have them too. And they all put out dirty electricity and it makes people sick.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so what do we do about it? How can we clean it up in our house?

Samuel Milham: In a house, you can do two things. The best thing is removal. If you have a baby monitor that’s putting this out, you get rid of it. You put incandescent in for the compact fluorescents. You wire your router instead of a wireless router. If you still have dirty electricity in your house, it might be coming through the earth, through your ground rods, through your water pipes and gas pipes. You could purchase capacitor filters from Stetzer Electric. He markets a meter that measures this. You plug it into the outlets, you read it. And you try to get all your outlets down to 50 or less. And I’ve had dramatic success in people who have had remarkable diminishing symptoms. The kind of symptoms these give you…

Jason Hartman: Wait, wait. Before you go into symptoms, I’m not understanding what do you do about it though? How do you fix it?

Samuel Milham: Well you fix it by, you remove the offender if you can. If you can’t remove it, it’s filtered electricity in your house after you get rid of all the gizmos that make it, then you can plug these capacitor filters in. they’re called, He makes them, Stetzer makes Underwriters Lab approved filters. They’re little plastic boxes that are capacitors. You plug them in at the outlet and they short out the dirt, the high frequency stuff. And they let the other stuff come through.

Jason Hartman: How much do those cost by the way?

Samuel Milham: I hadn’t bought one, but about 25 bucks I guess, I don’t know.

Jason Hartman: But you need one of these potentially for every outlet in your house?

Samuel Milham: Well potentially, but my house, both houses, I got by with under ten. Because my houses were fairly clean. I got rid of all the junk.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so that device is available from Stetzer, right? S-T-E-T-Z-E-R, I’m looking it up now as we talk.

Samuel Milham: He also sells the meter that you plug in just to see how dirty each outlet is. I’ve been to some houses where every outlet needs them. Usually most houses you need, he marks the plug strip for the computer and your computer’s a major source for this. I’ve got two of these capacitors at my computer…

Jason Hartman: Yeah, and by the way folks, I just wanted to let everybody know, those are $35. I just looked them up. Okay go ahead. Yeah, not bad.

Samuel Milham: Well you got on the website. They’re made in china and everything’s expensive nowadays. It’s a small price to pay.

Jason Hartman: Well, actually they’re less on Amazon.com. Well used, they’re 25 bucks on Amazon.

Samuel Milham: But anyway, that’s the one tool we have at this point in time, to change or fix your residence up. What we’ve really got to do as a society is to get the utilities to stop dumping electricity into the earth for the return currents. When the grid was built, an electrician that came to your house went back to the substation on the wires and with the advent of computers and other electronic gizmos that made to start electricity, they started getting house fires and office fires because the neutrals couldn’t handle the high frequencies.

High frequencies don’t run in wires as well as the low frequencies do. So called skin effect, it runs on the skin of the wire and so you need thicker wires. They changed the building codes to require houses to have thicken return and neutral wires. They’re connected at the service box to the ground. And the ground is connected to the ground rods and also to the neutral zone on the utilities poles. You go out now and look at these, the transformers and the poles, those great pots. The center tap, there’s three taps on them, there’s a wire running form that to the earth at almost every pole and every transformer. So they send 80% of that stuff back to the substations through the ground. So what happens is people who live around the substations, their ground is getting hotter and hotter. I measured a house out in the sticks, 5 volts in the ground at almost any time. At some places it’s up in the 20s.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so you buy the Stetzer meters, well you buy the Stetzer filters and it looks like a Stetzer meter is $99, right? And this is a device, this device is not working through the air, the meter, it’s something you actually plug into the wall, right? And then you plug it into each outlet and it tells you how clean it is, is that how it works?

Samuel Milham: That’s how it works and it’s just an ingenious device. No batteries or anything. It operates on utility power. But it measures, what we’re really concerned about is how much dirt do you have in the wires of your house? You see, your electronic junk puts electricity into the wires and they circulate throughout your house. Like a plug an offending…I’ve got a halogen light I plug in here in my living room. It makes all the other outlets in my house hot through violent wires and the stuff goes out into the grid and into the ground.

Jason Hartman: So, is it possible to have a Wi-Fi wireless network in your home and a cell phone? Or are those all dirty too?

Samuel Milham: I own a cellphone and I keep it in my pockets. It’s always off and I’ve never used it against my head. It’s always on a speak phone. I wouldn’t let kids use them, I’d never put one up against my head. No wireless networks in your house or in your office. Those are just bad news.

Jason Hartman: So you can’t have Wi-Fi? Boy…

Samuel Milham: No, you can’t. you can have it if you want, but they’re putting it in schools. It’s making kids terribly ill. In Canadian schools they’ve got these cardiac defibrillators around because the kids are getting heart problems. So no, wireless is just an anaguma. And the cell towers are a terrible problem in neighborhoods because it’s not the radio frequency coming off the transmitter. All transmitters have switching power supplies. Especially the cell towers. They take the AC from the utility and they change it to DC to charge the batteries that they use for emergency backup and to power the transmitter.

I studied the school in California, which is in my book, and showed that most of the kids in the school had ADHD from that transmitter and I could get rid of it just by filtering the outlets in the classroom. Teachers also had cancer, a lot more cancer than they ever had. And it was due to the dirty electricity from that tower, not the radio frequency coming off the top.

Jason Hartman: So really the problem with dirty electricity is coming from the utility company, and so we can solve that with the filters. First meter, then filter. And then the other things, cell phones and Wi-Fi networks. Once we get past the filter, though, if we plug in a compact florescent bulb, we’re going to create our own. See, one issue is the dirty electricity you get from your utility company, and the second issue is the dirty electricity we create on our own, correct?

Samuel Milham: Absolutely.

Jason Hartman: Okay, so let’s assume we solved it from the utility company. We bought the meter, we metered things, we filtered what we needed to. That job is done. Hopefully we got away for three or four hundred dollars and we achieved that in our home. Then what do to avoid creating it? We don’t use compact florescent bulbs or maybe any florescent bulb, I hate florescent lights by the way. And we don’t use halogen either?

Samuel Milham: It all depends. I’ve checked a number of lights. I’ve got one little halogen light here that puts out, it’s so bad I use it for demonstrations. It’s got a little automotive DC 12 volt bulb in it and it takes the 120 volt line current, has a little black box half the size of a pack of cigarettes in the lamp base, it makes the change. And it just puts out a terrible AC harm and it begs the Stetzer micosearch meter instantly. In fact, I had to have Dave make me a special one that goes up to 20 thousand and when you guy from him, it pegs out at two thousand units. The other problem is, I was in an office building for a deposition a couple weeks ago, 40 floors, every light in the place was a contact florescent light, every office had a computer in it and the place was just fiendishly hot. Workplaces, that’s why secretaries and office people have these high cancer rates and high mortality rates. It’s the dirty electricity. Hospitals are just about the worst offender I find. Isn’t that a paradox?

Jason Hartman: It is a total paradox. It really is. Okay so, what about the issue here with fertility rates and dirty electricity?

Samuel Milham: I noticed when I was doing the death studies, on the same page in [0:26:11.1] you get birth rates and death rates. I noticed they were connected. Any time the death rates went up the birth rates went down, by state, by place. So I checked into this and there’s a large literature that economists put together when they electrified third world places. In every single case the fertility drops like a shot. And they’ve shown in this country if you use a laptop on your lap or put a cell phone in your pocket, your sperm counts go down and I think the explosion of fertility clinics in this country is due to this dirty electricity and other electrical pollution in our environments.

Jason Hartman: Sam, to be fair though, this isn’t a control group type of study. You’ve mentioned several things and I believe you, okay? But I just wanted to kind of present a little balance here. There are so many other factors, like when you say, well they’ve electrified these third world countries and then the birth rate drops. Well, the birth rate also drops because of prosperity. Generally speaking, when there’s less infant mortality and there’s more prosperity, people have fewer kids. It’s just a sort of natural evolution of things, if you want to call it evolution. Right? So it’s not just this is all happening in a vacuum. Like the suicide rates of Iraqi and Afghanistan vets and just other people in general, and rates of depression, and certainly diabetes. Look at people’s diets and their lack of exercise. You say secretaries have high cancer rates. Well, they’re also sitting around all day on their rear end. They should move and get some exercise. There are a lot of other factors here to be fair.

Samuel Milham: Yeah, you’re absolutely right on. But with the third world countries, their fertility rates dropped way too quick for it to be a social thing. And they happened within months of turning the switch on. And with cows, I’ll tell you a little story about the cows. Stetzer cleaned up a bank somewhere in the Midwest, and about 2 weeks later this dairy farmer looked him up and said what the hell did you do? This guy had a dairy farm with a big herd about a mile away from the school. Stetzer filtered the school with 500 filters and he cut down the dirty electricity in not only the school, but it was running down through the ground to this guy’s farm. And the day he filtered the school, his cows each gave 10 pounds more milk a day. That’s a lot of milk. And that’s how it goes.

So there’s an instantaneous control on, it’s not just the milk, the cows were aborting. And they stopped aborting. And here’s my control group. The Amish have lived in this country since the 1700s. 1737 they came over here with their Mennonite sect and the old order Amish shun electricity. They think it’s evil. When they buy a house out in the country or a farm, they rip the wires out, that’s the first thing they do. They don’t use cellphones, any electronic junk, no electricity. They’ve had a life expectancy of over 70 years since the 1700s when people in New York City, which was electrified were dying in their 40s. They don’t have any ADHD in their kids. No childhood obesity in their kids. And this is published; it’s going to be in the second edition of my book. The other thing…

Jason Hartman: You know what also I’d say? They’re not taking all these stupid prescription drugs either in this over diagnosed, over prescribed society we live in where the pharmaceutical companies are just trying to make a buck. That’s another thing I’m just really convinced of is that all of these drugs…it’s just unbelievable.

Samuel Milham: The big fat greasy diets, a lot of sweets and pies, and yet no obesity in their kids. Their kids do exercise but no ADHD. This one group of pediatricians that take care of a bunch of these people over in the Midwest have never seen a single case of ADHD. 7% of kids in this country take Ritalin for it. The other thing about them is their diabetes, their blood sugar rates are about 40% of ours, their cancer rates are less than half of ours. Look at them side by side with us. The only thing that they don’t use is electricity. But unfortunately, the ground currents are starting to get them because their cows are suffering too out in the country from the same problem that the non-Amish farms have out there. My friend Stetzer tells me that.

So I’m actually convinced, and you talk about the suicide rate; I’ve got this one paper, it’s called Historical Evidence that EMF Caused all These Diseases. Why would the suicide rate be 5 times higher in the urban area in the same state where the rural areas are 1/5th the suicide rate? Why would the state’s suicide rates go up in sync with their electricity? And childhood leukemia was the first disease I studied and I showed that there’s a peak at age 2-4 of the most common type of leukemia, common acute lymphoblastic leukemia. That peak didn’t exist in this country until the 20s. and it still doesn’t exist in places like sub-Saharan Africa where they don’t have electricity. And as we electrify, here comes the peak and it shows that about 80% of leukemia is attributed to electrification. Nobody’s done anything with that. That’s 15 year old stuff.

Jason Hartman: One final question I want to ask you about on this subject is economic booms and depressions and dirty electricity and health.

Samuel Milham: There’s been a paradox that the economists have been writing about for 70, 80 years. They’ve noticed that the health indicators, the death rate goes down, the calculated life expectancy goes up during recessions, during depressions. They noticed that in World War 2 for example, when Nazis occupied northern Europe, that hey the death rate went down. They attributed it to the fact there was caloric restriction, that people weren’t getting enough food.

But I just sent a paper out, it hasn’t been accepted yet but it’s a good one. It shows that for every recession in this country historically, every time you get a recession, you get a death rate drop and for every boom you get a death rate increase. And you get just the opposite with life expectancy. The thing that’s really exciting about that is it puts a light to the law of latency because it happens right away. People say it takes 20 years to get cancer. well the cancer rates change within a year, so do the heart disease rates and suicide rates. All the causes of death change dramatically within a year. And I looked at Cuba when the Russians pulled out. Their electricity went into a tank and their indices of health and wellbeing improved dramatically right away. And I showed the major correlation was industrial electricity utilization. That’s what gets dropped off; the motors industry stopped turning when you get a depression. And that really controls the electricity flowing under the grid because most of the uses, half the electricity used is for turning the wheels of the motors.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, but the problem is that nobody wants to give up prosperity. Everybody likes to have their stuff and their conveniences and all of those things have consequences I guess.

Samuel Milham: There’s smart ways of doing it. And the biggest thing we could do is somehow get the government to force utilities back to the old rules. I can show you California public Utility Commission rule, and I could send it to you if you want, saying thou shall not use the earth as a primary neutral return. And it’s not done in Europe. It’s not done in UK or the Netherlands.

Jason Hartman: And when you talk about the earth and the neutral return, is that the ground? Electricity needs to be grounded, right?

Samuel Milham: It’s the stuff you walk on.

Jason Hartman: No, but I mean the ground that avoids shock, like there’s three prongs on a plug. There’s the ground plug on some of them, is that what you’re talking about? Is that the neutral return?

Samuel Milham: What I’m talking about is the neutral or the ground. If you look at the electric plug, it’s got the two high vertical slits and it’s got the ground. Now that’s your fuse box to the little green plug, or the green contact that’s usually the screw, that’s painted green, that’s your ground. Now that is attached to the utility, neutral and also to your earth ground rod. Now what the utility has done, once it gets out onto their wires, they dump it into the ground. So what happens is when you stick your finger into the neutral…
There’s some devices for example this guy markets and earthing blanket. You plug this blanket into the ground at your house and it’s supposed to discharge the bad juice in your body. Unfortunately, it’s putting all the dirt that’s in the utility neutral right into your body. It’s just like going out and hooking yourself to the neutral wire on a pole. So sure, they’re all the same and to prove that it works, in rural places they used to have these single wire earth return systems. They’d put one wire with all the electricity going out to the load and all the returns would come back through the earth. So it worked and it was very efficient. You don’t know where it’s going but it all gets back to the substation.

Jason Hartman: Well, hey. Thank you for joining us today. This is a very interesting topic. Give out your website.

Samuel Milham: My website is www.SamMilham.com and the book is called Dirty Electricity. Amazon’s got it for 8 bucks and Barnes and Noble has got it on the shelves.

Jason Hartman: Dr. Sam Millan, thank you for joining us today.

Samuel Milham: Thank you very much.

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Transcribed by Ralph

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